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Private Half-Day Guided Tour of Tallinn from Port or Hotel


Half-Day Private Guided Tour of Tallinn from Port or Hotel

Enjoy a private shore excursion of picturesque Tallinn, featuring convenient port or hotel pickup and drop-off. Immerse yourself in the charm of the Old Town through a guided walking tour enriched with historical insights. Relish free time for shopping and exploration, making this half-day adventure unforgettable.

Timing: 3 pm – 5 pm
Duration: 5 hours
Cost: € 531 (Group of two)
Guide language: English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese
Pick up: From the cruise port or hotel
Vehicle Transport: 4×4, air-conditioned vehicle

What to expect on this tour

This exclusive half-day guided tour from Tallinn’s port or hotel begins with a convenient private transfer, viewing the scenic parks and the majestic 13th-century Toompea Castle en route to Upper Old Town. 

Your exploration starts with a visit to the Estonian Parliament and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, highlighted by a private walking tour through the Old Town’s cobblestone streets and historic sites, including the Dome Church.

A highlight of your journey will be the climb to the Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform, where you can see the panoramic vistas of the Old Town against the modern city backdrop. 

Descend to the Lower Old Town to admire the gothic merchant houses and the Town Hall Square, home to one of the world’s oldest pharmacies.

The tour includes two hours of free time to discover more, grab lunch, or shop. Please note that you’ll have to pay extra for food and meals.

Conclude your half-day exploration with a worry-free private transfer back to the port, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience of Tallinn’s architectural beauty and historical depth.

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Key places you’ll visit on this private tour

Embark on a journey through time as you explore the majestic castles, historic churches, and breathtaking viewpoints that define Tallinn’s rich heritage.

Tallinn Upper Old Town

On this private half-day guided tour, discover the historic charm of Tallinn’s Upper Old Town. Marvel at medieval architecture and enjoy personalized insights from your guide, panoramic city views, and the serene beauty of this UNESCO site, all with the convenience of round-trip transportation from Tallinn.

Toompea Castle

Within Toompea Castle, visitors are treated to a blend of architectural styles reflecting its lengthy history. Key sights include the pink Baroque façade of the Parliament building, the medieval Tall Hermann Tower, and stunning views from the castle walls. It’s a vivid journey through Estonia’s political and cultural evolution.

Estonian Parliament

Housed within the historic Toompea Castle, the Estonian Parliament is a beacon of modern governance amidst ancient walls. Visitors can admire the elegant pink Baroque exterior, explore the intricate interior during guided walking tours, and witness democracy within its sophisticated chambers, offering a unique insight into Estonia’s legislative process.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an exquisite example of Russian Revival architecture that dominates Tallinn’s skyline. This orthodox cathedral, adorned with onion domes and rich mosaics, is a testament to the Russian influence in Estonia. Its interior is a spectacle of iconography and religious art, attracting visitors from around the world.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

From there, visit the Virgin Mary Cathedral, also called the Dome Church. Tallinn’s oldest church boasts a history that spans several centuries. Its architecture is a mix of Gothic, Baroque, and Classical styles. Visitors can marvel at elaborate tombs, historical coats of arms, and a serene atmosphere of reverence.

Tallinn Lower Old Town

Tallinn’s Lower Old Town, a labyrinth of medieval streets, is a treasure trove of history and culture. Here, ancient buildings house charming shops and cafes while the Gothic spires of St. Olaf’s Church loom overhead. The bustling Town Hall Square and historic Viru Gate embody the city’s vibrant past.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, a striking example of historical architecture in Tallinn, stands as a beacon of spiritual heritage. It was originally built in the 13th century and showcases a blend of Gothic design and religious art. Today, it functions as a museum and concert venue, preserving its rich spiritual and cultural legacy.

Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

The Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform, perched on Toompea Hill, offers one of the most breathtaking panoramas. It presents a sweeping view of Tallin’s medieval rooftops, church spires, and modern skyline against the backdrop of the Baltic Sea. It’s a must-visit spot for photographers and anyone seeking a memorable vista.

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Town Hall Square

The Gothic Tallinn Town Hall is Northern Europe’s only fully preserved medieval town hall.  Tourists explore the historic Town Hall Pharmacy, one of the oldest continuously running pharmacies in the world. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, seasonal markets, and the charming array of surrounding cafes and shops.

St. Catherine’s Passage

Visit St. Catherine’s Passage, a hidden gem in Tallinn’s Old Town, offering a glimpse into the city’s medieval past. This narrow alleyway, lined with ancient buildings, is home to artisan workshops where traditional crafts are still alive. It’s a picturesque spot that captivates with its historical ambiance and unique shopping experiences.

Viru Gates

The Viru Gates, marking the entrance to Tallinn’s Old Town, herald your arrival to a world steeped in medieval charm. As the tour concludes at this historic gateway, take the opportunity to savor lunch in a nearby café and browse local shops for unique Estonian crafts for two hours.

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