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Prague River Cruise – tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect

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If you’re looking for a unique way to view Prague, you should take a cruise along the Vltava River which runs through the city.

With a cruise, you can squeeze the most adventure and fun into your trip. 

Live music, delicious food, and outstanding views in the open sky is what make the cruise so memorable. 

The best part about the Prague cruises is that they let you sit, relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Take one of Prague’s many river cruises to unwind, escape the crowds, and enjoy stunning city views.

This article covers everything you should know before booking Prague River Cruise tickets.

What to expect at Prague River Cruise

The Prague River boat cruises take you up and down the Vltava River, offering brunch and dinner onboard. 

Various Czech and International cuisines are prepared with the right recipe and flavors to tantalize your taste buds.

On the cruise, you can view the following iconic attractions from the windows and deck.

  • Prague Castle
  • Dancing House on the Rašínovo embankment
  • Charles Bridge
  • Kampa Island
  • Rudolfinum
  • Vyšehrad
  • Petrin Hill
  • Devil’s Channel
  • Grand Priory Mill
Cruise Cost
Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet €49
Sightseeing Evening Cruise €14
Sightseeing Dinner Cruise €59
Vltava River Lunch Cruise €40
Sightseeing Cruise to Devil’s Channel €18

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Where to buy Prague River Cruise tickets

You can buy the Prague River Cruises tickets at the ticket office or online.

However, we recommend booking your tickets online because it provides various benefits.

– You get a discount on booking tickets online, which means you can save money.

– You don’t have to travel to the ticket office to buy tickets and stand in long queues. 

– You can book your tickets in advance and plan your tour accordingly.

– Sometimes, the tickets get sold out quickly. However, if you purchase tickets online, you can avoid last-minute disappointments. 

– You can select a date and time at your convenience. 

How online ticket works

You can reserve your entry to the Prague River Cruise by booking online tickets.

On the booking page, select your preferred date, time slot, and the number of tickets and buy them right away. 

Tickets will be immediately emailed to your registered email address, so there is no need to print them.

On the day of the cruise, you must present the e-ticket saved on your phone at the entrance.

Cost of Prague River Cruise tickets

The cost of tickets for a Prague River cruise depends on the type of cruise booked and the seats chosen.

Sightseeing Evening Cruise tickets are priced at €14 for all visitors aged 12 years and above.

Tickets for a standard table on a Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet costs €49 for all visitors aged 12 years and above. Children aged 3 to 11 years get a discount of €17 and pay only €32. 

The window seat table is priced a little higher – €59 for guests over 12 years and above. Kids aged 3 to 11 years get a discount of €17 and pay just €42.

On almost all cruises, infants up to two years get free admission. 

Prague River Cruise tickets

If you’re planning a river cruise in Prague, we have many cruises to suggest. 

On the Vltava River Night Cruise, you can admire the historical monuments, such as Prague Castle and the Dancing House, illuminated at night. 

Go on a night cruise with your partner to make your date all the more special and romantic. 

Sightseeing Evening Cruise will help you admire Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Kampa Island, and other landmarks of Prague from the water. If you time it well, also see the sunset from water.

On a Sightseeing Dinner Cruise along the Vltava River, you can have a buffet dinner with a Czech and International cuisine selection.

From the Vltava, take a trip to the center of Prague and have a delectable buffet lunch while taking in the city’s sights with the Vltava River Lunch Cruise.

Sightseeing Cruise to Devil’s Channel will help you discover the enigmatic Devil’s Channel up close and observe the ancient buildings that seem to emerge from the water.

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Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet

Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet
Image: Prague-Boats.cz

View the spectacular landmarks of Prague on the Rašínovo embankment and feast your eyes on the illuminated sky on this 3-hour Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet.

On this cruise, you will enjoy a hearty and delicious Czech and International buffet and a complimentary Welcome Drink along with live music.

Other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase. 

A maximum of 6 guests can sit on a window table and a second row close to the window. 

The cruise starts at 7 pm daily, and you must arrive 15 minutes before the departure.

Ticket Price

Category Standard Table Window-Seat Second Row
Adult (12+ yrs) €49 €69 €59
Child (3 to 11 yrs) €32 €52 €42
Infant (up to 2 yrs) Free Free Free

*Standard tables are in the middle of the boat, window-seat tables are next to the windows and the second row tables are close to the windows.

Sightseeing Evening Cruise

Sightseeing Evening Cruise
Image: Prague-Boats.cz

Indulge in breathtaking views from the Vltava River with Sightseeing Evening Cruise

See and understand the elegance of one of the most famous towns in the world with the audio commentary, which comes with the ticket.

This cruise usually starts around 5 pm and last for about an hour. 

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €14
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €8
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

Sightseeing Dinner Cruise

Sightseeing Dinner Cruise
Image: Prague-Boats.cz

With a 3-hour Sightseeing Dinner Cruise, admire the illuminated Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, Old Town Prague, Dancing House, and Vyšehrad.

Explore Prague on a beautiful open-top boat at night while dining on a delicious assortment of traditional Czech and international dishes from the onboard buffet.

The sightseeing dinner cruise starts at 7 pm daily. 

The Grand Bohemia, Bohemia Rhapsody, or Agnes de Bohemia will be the vessel for the Cruise. 

Ticket Price

Category Essential Premium Exclusive Deluxe
Adult (12+ yrs) €59 €69 €79 €99
Child (3 to 11 yrs) €39 €49 €59 €79
Infant (up to 2 yrs) Free Free Free Free

Essential: Seating will be in the middle of the boat
Premium: Second-row seating from the windows with a maximum of six guests
Exclusive: Window seating with a maximum of six guests
Deluxe: Front seating near the window, with unlimited drinks

Vltava River Lunch Cruise

Vltava River Lunch Cruise
Image: Getyourguide.com

On this 2-hour Vltava River Lunch Cruise, you can view Prague’s historic charm from the deck of a riverboat. 

Savor a delicious buffet lunch as you sail the Vltava River and visit the city’s famed locations.

Vltava River Lunch Cruise starts at 12 pm daily. 

Ticket Price

Category Regular Window Seat
Adult (12+ yrs) €40 €50
Child (3 to 11 yrs) €28 €38
Infant (up to 2 yrs) Free Free

Regular: Second-row seating from the windows
Window Seat: A table next to a window

Sightseeing Cruise to Devil’s Channel

Sightseeing Cruise to Devil's Channel
Image: Prague-Boats.cz

On this Sightseeing Cruise, you will travel through stunning landscapes and unique sights on wild streams that branch off the main road.

You can also examine Prague’s most well-known Grand Priory Mill, still in operation, and view the mysterious Devil’s Channel.

Sightseeing Cruise to Devil’s Channel starts around 10 am, with the last departure around 8 pm. 

A maximum of 10 participants can go on this cruise. 

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €18
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €11
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

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How long does Prague River Cruise take

The duration of the Cruise on the Prague River depends on the type of Cruise you are booking.

Type of River Cruise Duration
Vltava River Night Cruise with Buffet 3 hours
Sightseeing Evening Cruise 1 hour
Sightseeing Dinner Cruise 3 hours
Vltava River Lunch Cruise 2 hours
Sightseeing Cruise to Devil’s Channel 45 minutes

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What to see on Prague River cruise

The Prague river cruise sails through marvelous bridges, renowned historical centers, incredible islands, and legendary forts. 

On the cruise you can expect to see the following sites:

Čech’s Bridge

Cech’s Bridge is the starting and ending point for Sightseeing Evening Cruise. 

It is a stylish arched bridge that crosses the Vltava River. 

You can see how this bridge connects the two districts of Prague- Holešovice and the Old Town. 


Rudolfinum is located in Jan Palach Square on the Vltava River and has a neo-renaissance architectural architecture. 

Rudolfinum has been linked to music and the arts since 1885.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge in Prague spans the Vltava River and features a medieval stone arch. 

Two Gothic towers magnificently defend the city’s main Bridge, Charles Bridge.

Kampa Island

One of the most gorgeous islands in the world is Kampa Island. 

Kampa Island’s naturally charming environment is great for picnics and strolls with loved ones.

Prague Castle

The most prominent monument in the Czech Republic, Prague Castle, is also one of its most important cultural institutions. 

Prague Castle is a long-standing symbol of the Czech State.

Štvanice Island

Štvanice Island is located in the Vltava River’s Holeovice bend. 

Štvanice Island presently houses a renowned tennis center and is set to expand its sports center.

Dancing House

The most recognizable modern structure in Prague is The. 

Like many of his earlier creations, co-architect Frank Gehry’s the Dancing House is designed like a dancing man and woman.


The oldest residence of Czech princes is Vyehrad which provides breathtaking views of the city and is perched on a rocky promontory above the Vltava River.

Petrin Hill

The Petrin Tower, the observatory, and other notable structures may be found on Petrin, a wooded hill in Prague’s Lesser Town.

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What to wear for Prague River Cruise

On the Prague River Cruise, wear casual attire, like t-shirts, tops, cargo pants, shorts, and comfy shoes.

To prevent sunburns and tans, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen and a hat are essential.

It’s best to have jackets and hats because it can get chilly and windy in the evening, especially if you’re traveling with children.


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