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Nassau’s 6-seater Beach Buggy Rental


Nassau’s 6-seater Beach Buggy Rental

Explore Nassau in style with our 6-person automatic beach buggies. Feel the rush of the open road as you discover historical sites and scenic views at your own pace. The Bluetooth stereo allows you to customize your adventure and jam to your favorite tunes.

Timing: 9 am to 1 pm
Duration: 6 to 24 hours
Cost of tour: B$367($368) to B$647($648)
Host Language: English

What to Expect on Nassau’s Beach Buggy Adventure

Embark on a unique exploration of Nassau with the beach buggy rentals, offering flexible periods of up to 24 hours for an unforgettable island excursion. 

You can choose from rental durations of 4, 6, 8, or 24 hours, allowing you to tailor your adventure to your schedule and interests. 

Discover Nassau’s rich history as you visit iconic landmarks such as the historic Queen’s Staircase, with its 65 steps representing each year of Queen Victoria’s reign. 

Drive to the Water Tower, a 1928 structure designed to maintain water pressure in the capital, or venture to the charming Arawak Cay, named after the indigenous West Indian inhabitants. 

Visit Fort Charlotte, constructed in 1789 and named in honor of the wife of King George III, to dive deeper into the island’s past. 

Explore the ancient cave dwellings of the Lucayans, the original inhabitants of the Bahamas, and look for the elusive Buffy Flower Bats that call the area home. 

With the beach buggy rentals, your Nassau adventure promises excitement, discovery, and endless possibilities.

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Places explored during the adventure

Embark on a journey through diverse landscapes and uncharted territories, from Queen’s Staircase to Lucayan’s Cave Dwellings, revealing hidden wonders.

Queen’s Staircase

Delve into Nassau’s colonial past at the Queen’s Staircase, featuring 65 limestone steps representing each year of Queen Victoria’s reign. Ascend to admire its craftsmanship, offering insight into the island’s royalties. This architectural gem invites exploration of Nassau’s rich heritage, promising a memorable journey through history amidst picturesque surroundings and intriguing narratives.

Water Tower

Explore Nassau’s historic Water Tower, a pivotal structure erected in 1928 to bolster the capital’s water pressure. This iconic landmark is a testament to the island’s dedication to modernization and development. Offering a glimpse into Nassau’s past and ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure, the Water Tower is a must-visit destination for those seeking to understand the city’s evolution over the decades.

Arawak Cay

Discover Arawak Cay, a charming spit named after the indigenous West Indian inhabitants, offering a taste of authentic Bahamian culture. This vibrant area boasts an array of local eateries serving delicious seafood dishes and traditional Bahamian cuisine. Explore the bustling streets lined with colorful buildings, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, and savor the flavors of the Bahamas while soaking in the island’s warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage.

Fort Charlotte

Explore the storied past of Fort Charlotte, a historic stronghold constructed in 1789 by Lord Dunmore and named in honor of the wife of King George III. This imposing fortress offers captivating insights into Nassau’s colonial history, featuring impressive ramparts, dungeons, and panoramic views of the surrounding area. Wander through its atmospheric corridors, uncovering tales of battles and intrigue, and admire the strategic architecture that has stood the test of time in Nassau’s ever-evolving landscape.

Lucayan’s Cave Dwellings

Delve into the ancient history of Nassau at the Lucayans’ Cave Dwellings, remnants of the original inhabitants who lived on the islands before Christopher Columbus’s arrival. These fascinating archaeological sites offer a glimpse into the daily lives and customs of the Lucayans, with their well-preserved cave structures providing insight into their unique way of life. Explore these historic dwellings, marveling at their simplicity and ingenuity, and connect with Nassau’s rich indigenous heritage amidst the serene beauty of the caves.

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Rental Period Flexibility

With our rental period flexibility, you can tailor your Nassau adventure to your schedule. Whether you’re looking for a quick exploration or a leisurely journey, choose the rental period that suits your needs. Cruise ship passengers are not allowed to rent for four hours. The cost varies depending on the option you select and the start timing.

For 4 hour rental, you must select a 9 am and 1 pm start time. For a 6-hour rental, you can choose between 9 am, 10 am, or 11 pm. For 8-hour and 24-hour rentals, the start time is 9 am.

Reasons to opt for Beach Buggy

Beach buggies offer an exhilarating way to explore coastal landscapes, blending the thrill of off-road adventure with the tranquility of the beach.

Here are some reasons you shouldn’t miss the Nassau’s Beach Buggy.

Open- Top Beach Buggy

Experience the ultimate freedom with our Open-Top Beach Buggy rentals in Nassau. Let the warm Caribbean breeze sweep through your hair as you cruise the scenic roads, soaking in the island’s stunning vistas and vibrant atmosphere. With an open-top design, you’ll feel connected to the surrounding beauty, whether exploring historical landmarks and cultural sites or simply enjoying the thrill of the journey. 

Scenic Road Trip

Embark on a picturesque journey with our Scenic Road Trip adventure in Nassau. Navigate winding roads and coastal routes, immersing yourself in breathtaking vistas and natural beauty at every turn. Whether winding through lush landscapes or tracing the shoreline, each stretch of road promises awe-inspiring views and memorable moments. Discover hidden gems, historical landmarks, and charming villages as you explore Nassau’s scenic wonders by beach buggy.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Uncover the rich tapestry of Nassau’s history and culture as you explore its fascinating historical and cultural sites. Each site offers a glimpse into the island’s diverse heritage, from colonial-era landmarks to vibrant street markets. Delve into Bahamian culture at local museums, art galleries, and craft markets, where you can admire traditional craftsmanship and vibrant artwork. If you’re a history buff or simply curious about Nassau’s storied past, the island’s historical and cultural sites provide a captivating journey through time and tradition.

Freedom to explore

Embrace the spirit of adventure and discover Nassau at your own pace with the Freedom to Explore. With our 6-seater beach buggy rental, you can chart your course and explore the island’s hidden gems on your terms. If you’re drawn to the historical sites of downtown Nassau, the tranquil beaches of Cable Beach, or the vibrant culture of Arawak Cay, the choice is yours. Feel the thrill of the open road as you navigate scenic routes and take in breathtaking views while enjoying the flexibility to stop and explore whenever and wherever possible. With the freedom to explore Nassau’s diverse landscapes and attractions, your imagination limits your adventure.

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