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List of things to take for Honeymoon

List of things to take on your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the most important journey you will ever take with your spouse, so make sure you have all the things required to make it a great honeymoon.

You have done all the right things. You have found a spouse to get married to, you have successfully conducted your wedding, you have identified a honeymoon destination and you have also got an excellent deal with a resort. After doing so many things right, you do not want to mess up on the list of things to take for a honeymoon.

Before we share the list with you, do note that you need to give yourself a lot of time to pack for your honeymoon because you may not always have all the things you should take for your honeymoon – which means you may have to source and/or procure them.

1. Travel documents

While packing for your honeymoon, the first things to be kept inside the bags are – passports, tickets, travel insurance details, hotel reservation details etc. Carry two copies, one in your check-in baggage and another in your handbag, which will always be with you.

2. The Money

Pack your money safely because you will need every bit of it for a great honeymoon. While packing your cash for your honeymoon it is better to be safe than that be sorry – break it into at least 3-4 parts and pack them in different places.

3. The medicines

Carry all the prescription medicines you may need on your honeymoon. Please don’t restrict yourself to what you consume now – look at the possible requirements in future as well. This honeymoon medicine box of yours can also contain – Band-Aids, Aspirin, Antacid, Antihistamine, Diarrhoea medicine, Motion sickness medicine etc.

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4. The contraceptives

You are on a honeymoon for a reason – to have fun with your spouse. This fun will be both indoors and outdoors, and some of this fun may require birth control pills and contraceptives. 😉 Don’t be miserly. Take a lot more than you think you may need. You don’t want to be wandering around the honeymoon resort looking for a shop that sells contraceptives.

5. Make up & beauty items

It is your honeymoon after all and you need to look your best. We are sure, you look the best when you are natural but makeup and beauty items are definitely worth their weight in gold. Getting ready for a late night party or getting into your skin for the pool etc may require your make up kit. So don’t forget it while packing for your honeymoon.

6. Seasonal clothing

You know the weather at your honeymoon destination, don’t you? If no, please find it out right away. If you do know, carry appropriate seasonal clothing along. You don’t want to land up at your honeymoon without the things you need to keep you dry, or warm or things that can keep you safe, or secure.

7. Shoes & walk wear

If you are heading to a city for your honeymoon, the most important thing required is your walking shoes. This is especially true if your honeymoon is in any European city. It is worthwhile to carry two walking shoes if you are going to place where the rainy season is on. Don’t forget your high heels, if you expect to attend parties or your slip-ons for other honeymoon-related occasions.

8. The Camera

There is a school of thought that dissuades a camera on a honeymoon – this school believes that if you are capturing the memories why do you need a camera. But we strongly advocate the use of a camera during your honeymoon. So pack one…preferably with a zoom. A selfie-stick has nowadays become a necessity.

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9. Electrical adaptor

If you are traveling outside of your country, it makes sense to get an electrical adaptor. For reasons known only to God, every alternate country uses different plugs and it helps to be prepared.

10. Special accessories

These are the special accessories, which make a lot of sense when you are newly married and as the years roll by they slowly start fading away. 😉 Don’t forget your Bride & Groom Swimsuits, Mr & Mrs Towels, Mr & Mrs Bath Robes, Just Married Sandals, White Luxury Spa Robe etc. Whatever you can do to look like a couple in love.

11. Romance Enhancers

Agreed you don’t need anything else in between to enhance the love, but a little experiment on a honeymoon didn’t hurt anybody. So, take along liquid chocolate if you want to get naughty during your honeymoon. You can be a little adventurous as well with massage oils, pleasure enhancers etc. Your call.

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