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Inside Casa Batllo – interior pictures of Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

Antoni Gaudi is a renowned Catalan architect known for his beautiful buildings in Barcelona, Spain.

List of Gaudi’s masterpieces is endless – Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Pedrera, Casa Batllo etc. Together they attract more than ten million visitors every year.

Of these masterpieces, Casa Batllo is special for being the most beautiful residential building Gaudi built.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, don’t forget to add Gaudi’s masterpiece Casa Batllo to your must-see list. And if it already tops your list, we aren’t surprised. After all, Casa Batllo is beautiful both inside and outside.

What is Casa Batllo?

Casa Batllo is a house located on street Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. The building gets its name from its 20th-century owner, Mr. Josep Batllo y Casanovas. It is also known as the ‘House of Batllo.’

It is also known by its nickname Casa dels Assos or House of Bones. The building is so called because of the bony and skeletal architecture of the façade. So, if you are a gothic lover or a horror and supernatural freak, the façade is your place for a selfie.

One of the popular theories about this place is the symbolism of the street on which the building stands. The House of Batllo is located on Manzana de la Discordia which means the Apple of Discord.

During the period of its construction (1904-1906) all the local architects competed to win the best urban house award hosted by the Barcelona City Council, hence the ‘discord’.

Unfortunately, despite all its architectural charm, Gaudi’s Batllo failed to win the contest. Surprised? We are too. Read more such interesting facts about Casa Batllo.

The defeat must have been terrible for the Batllo family and Antoni Gaudi. But had Mr. Batllo and Gaudi been alive today, they would have been happy. The sheer number of tourists flocking to see their house is a testimony to the architect’s immortal rendition.

Once, a normal residence on a normal street, the building is now Spain’s cultural asset and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Inside Casa Batllo – the interior

The compliment ‘you’re beautiful from the inside out’ holds true for Casa Batllo. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a sneak peek into the interior of the house.

1. The Entrance Hall of Casa Batllo

Entrance hall of Casa Batllo

The main entrance of the building is divided into two sections – one for the rented apartments and another for the Batllo family. The entrance hall that leads to Batllo family’s private hall evokes an underwater experience.

The walls are vaulted and curved in shape with skylights that represent turtle shells. The banister of the wooden staircase that leads to Mr. Batllo’s study is shaped like animal vertebrae.

2. The Entrance of Noble Floor

Entrance Noble floor in Casa Batllo

The Noble Floor was the residential area of the Batllo family and is the most creative space. It has three interconnected sections – Mr. Batllo’s study, the living room and a secluded area for courting couples.

The oak doors leading from Mr. Batllo’s study are crafty. You can see the organic shapes carved into it along with colored glass panes. Well, it is one of those locations you have seen in the movies where the oak doors are dramatically thrown open, and the protagonist steps in. What an entrance!

3. Living Room of Casa Batllo

Living room Casa Batllo

The only word that shall escape your mouth once you step into the living room is “Whoa!” If you visit this place in the morning, you can see the entire room illuminated by the sunlight streaming in through huge tinted windows.

The size of these windows varies from big on the top to small in the bottom to allow more passage of sunlight. The topmost portion of the windows mirrors the colored glass panes design as seen on the oak doors.

Now imagine yourself reading a book or sipping your cup of tea, all the while taking in the view of Paseo de Gracia. Doesn’t the very thought make you cheerful? Perhaps, that was Gaudi’s intention as well.

And, when you lift your heads to see the ceiling, you’ll notice that they spiral down like a whirlpool. The chandelier in the center makes you feel as if you are looking into the eye of the sea.

Loving it so far? Find out everything about Casa Batllo tickets, their price, discounts etc.

4. Courting Area inside Casa Batllo

Mushroom fireplace inside Casa Batllo

We don’t know whose idea it was to include what we call now a ‘dating room’ but it is a romantic one. The room is so designed to provide the couples all the privacy they need. The major attraction of this room is a mushroom-shaped fireplace.

5. Patio of Lights, Lighting up the Interior

Patio of lights Casa Batllo

It is a fundamental structure of the house. Gaudi wanted light and air to travel to all the rooms through the main skylight.What is picturesque to note is the shades of blue tiles that he used for this portion. To ensure the uniform distribution of light he installed darker shades of blue at the top that faded down the bottom.

We know what you’re thinking after seeing the picture – Does the house ever cease to amaze? No.

6. The Loft inside Casa Batllo

Loft inside Casa Batllo
Andrei Dan Suciu /

You wouldn’t believe that this marvelous section of the house functioned as a service area for the tenants. It accommodated storage areas and laundry rooms. Now you can have a romantic dinner with your date here! Isn’t that alluring?

The design is quite simple. Gaudi has used the color white for this section. There are sixty Catenary arches that give an impression of the ribcage of an animal.

Casa Mila, another Gaudi’s masterpiece near Casa Batllo, also has similar rib-cage like attic. Find out which is better Casa Mila or Casa Batllo.

7. Indoor Garden in Casa Batllo

Indoor Garden inside Casa Batllo

Gaudi was a nature lover and he wanted the Batllo’s to enjoy some peaceful time in their own private garden. This is attached to their dining hall and contains glass-coated flower pots.

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