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How to convince your partner, husband or wife to travel with you


How will it be if your partner, husband or wife denies an awesome trip because he or she doesn’t like traveling?

It will be heartbreaking for sure if you have to miss your much-desired holiday because of this, right?

We won’t suggest you change your life partner. To be honest, to choose a vacation or a holiday above your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is stupidity. Well, almost 🙂

To persuade someone to start traveling, continue reading –

Allow us to give you some effective ideas on how to convince your partner, husband or wife to travel with you on a holiday.

The duration of the travel – long or short doesn’t matter once they agree to travel with you.

Once you read these tips, head straight out to Tripadvisor or AirBnB or Expedia to book your holiday.

How to convince partner to travel

1. Talk About Each Other’s Interests

You must talk to your partner, husband or wife about their interests. These inputs will help you decide which holiday to suggest.

You should also place your traveling dreams before him or her. I am sure your partner wouldn’t mind helping you realize your dream vacations since they love you.

Without knowing about his or her interests you stand no chance of convincing your spouse or partner to travel with you.

2. Stretch His or Her Comfort Zone

My husband is an idiot - funny travel cartoon

Help your partner understand that traveling will change his or her mental status.

Let your partner know how relaxing and peaceful traveling is.

You need to convince him or her that travel is the only thing that makes us richer even if we have spent money on it.

Now, what is the one sure shot way of persuading them to travel with you?

The trick is to ensure that the holiday is an extension of their comfort zone.

If they are comfortable with something location or surrounds, identify a holiday in similar settings.

For example, if your partner lived in a city with a beach, suggest a beach holiday.

3. Make Them Aware Of Cheap and Best Holiday Packages

The only way of finding out why your partner doesn’t want to travel is by talking about travel a lot.

Sometimes it may be as simple as the cost, which your partner may find prohibitive.

But he or she may never say so in open for fear of being judged.

This happens often when you aren’t married.

At this stage the financial status is still hidden, often.

If you think your partner is worried about the finances, speak to them.

Explore travel desires that won’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Show your spouse traveling options with discounts and offers on tour packages.

If cost is the reason, you both need to discuss it in open.

Only then you will have any chance of prevailing over your partner and convincing him or her to go on a holiday.

For cheap holiday packages check out Expedia, Thomas Cook, Last Minute, Cox and Kings etc.

4. Talk Of Friends’ Recent Vacations

Convince partner for travel

Many people need an outside stimulus to wake up the sleeping interest inside them of them.

Facebook news feeds of your friends’ vacations can act as great stimuli. You can talk to your husband or wife about friends who are back from a successful vacation. This, if used well, can be a great way to convince your spouse to start traveling.

Are you a bit reluctant to show your friends’ travel photos on Facebook to your spouse? Then, there is one workaround. You can comment on your friends’ travel updates as a habit. And your partner will start getting them in their news feeds. That must do something, right?

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5. Take Your Spouse On A Romantic Date

It doesn’t matter where you are going to travel with, it’s who you are traveling with that’s important.

A romantic date at an exotic, well-decorated restaurant will generate new vibe in your spouse’s inner self.

And, they will love the idea of spending more time with you.

Drop a hint during the date and leave the rest to your partner.

For all you know, he or she may decide to start traveling and plan the whole vacation for you.

Make this romantic date a teaser to a lovely vacation.

6. Let An Image Tell a Story

As I said earlier, one needs an external stimulus to wake up the sleeping traveler within.

Even if your partner isn’t keen on traveling, you can go all out and search for images of exotic places.

That too, while sitting right next to him or her. This act will be like the devil trying to tempt the sinner.

Be ready to beg, borrow, steal to brainwash your partner to start traveling with you.

You can even pick up brochures of holiday packages.

Collect them from travel agents and show it to your husband, wife or partner.

This is bound to make them curious and excited.

7. Be Willing To Plan Everything

Chances are your husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend just isn’t into planning. This may be the reason he/she hates traveling.

This is where you take charge and assure them that you will handle everything.

Let them know that you will take care of all the travel planning involved for the vacation.

This may be the single most important thing you can do to convince your spouse to start traveling with you.

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8. Mitigate Your Partner’s Fears

Does your spouse have a fear of height, water or any other such fear?

You need to find this out and mitigate them before you even speak to them about travel.

For instance, if he or she fears water a beach holiday may not be a good idea.

Or if your husband or wife has a fear of heights, traveling to a hill station doesn’t make sense.

9. Let The First Travel Together Be To His Place

There will be lots of memories attached to one’s birthplace place because of all the time spent.

Plan a trip to the city he or she grew up in and re-kindle all his or her memories.

Even if it won’t be an exciting trip for you, you may open the travel bug in your partner.

A comfortable vacation to a familiar place will do the trick for you in this case.

This is an excellent travel suggestion.

This can almost always help you convince your partner for future travels together.

10. Start With Short Intra-City Trips

Start slow by traveling a bit within the city.

Adventure travel or spiritual opportunities within the city which can act like ice-breakers.

I recommend intra-city adventure or spiritual travel as these are the ones with the greatest pull. Such trips can help your spouse say: ‘Why don’t we do it more often.”

11. Plan a Few Staycations

If your partner or spouse isn’t agreeing to the adventure or spiritual intra-city traveling, recommend a staycation.

A Staycation is where you decide to walk into a nice hotel in your city itself and spend a few days. No traveling at all!

It’s just not being at home. Simple. This is something your husband or wife can never refuse.

12. Plan Short Breaks On Weekends

Persuade spouse for holiday travel
Image: Minitime.com

Once you have done a few intra-city trips or staycations, you can start with weekend breaks.

If you notice, we all become tired by end of the week. That’s a great time to suggest doing nothing over the weekend.

You can plan a small trip with your partner to give him or her a much-needed break.

It would bring back the lost charm in the relationship as well.

He or she will spend time in a different world – far from their work life.

If you are lucky after a weekend break, your spouse will get convinced to start traveling with you often, and further.

13. Plan A Step-By-Step Vacation

Once you had a 2-day weekend trip, you can extend that to a week.

Then, you can try a two week or a month or two long holiday.

If everything goes well, you may move to another country for six months.

Update: From our readers, we have understood that it is almost always the husband who is not willing to travel with the wife.

And almost always it is the wife who ends up searching for information on “how to convince my husband to start traveling with me.”

Well, let us assure you ladies, our suggestions mentioned above can do wonders.

Do leave a comment or share our tips with your friends if they have helped you.

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