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How to choose honeymoon destination

Choosing the Right Honeymoon Destination

Choosing your honeymoon, the moment you decide on getting married is the smartest thing to do. Choosing and eventually planning it ahead of time helps you get the best resorts and the best deals.

What are the things to keep in mind when you choose honeymoon destination? Here is our advice for choosing and eventually having a great honeymoon:

Identify your level of travelling expertise

Figure out what is your travel level – do you have passports? Are you beginners? Do you have at least one travel to a developed nation against your name, or do you have a few stamps on your passport already or are you the travelling guru? You need to select your honeymoon destination basis your level of travelling expertise.

Figure out the duration of your honeymoon

Newly engaged or newly weds believe that identifying the honeymoon destination is the most important part of honeymoon planning but that’s not true. Knowing how many days you can afford to be away on a honeymoon is a much important question to answer. Generally, this isn’t the same for both the partners – so the first thing to do is discuss and agree on the number of days your honeymoon will last.

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Does your partner have a dream destination?

Before you even start planning your honeymoon holiday check with your spouse if they always had a dream honeymoon destination in mind. If one of you have always nurtured a dream honeymoon destination, it is better to give place the preference. You don’t want your life partner to start a life with you on a regret.

What couple activities do you want to do?

Find out what kind of activities your partner would prefer during the honeymoon – besides staying indoors. The various options are: Do you want your honeymoon to be a series of late night parties? Or do you want your honeymoon to be full of adventure – zip lining, sky-diving etc?

Or do you want to mingle with Mother Nature and wildlife on your honeymoon? Or do you want it to be beach and nothing else? Depending on what both of you want, book your all inclusive honeymoon package at the best resort. If you can’t decide what kind of honeymoon holiday you want, the best choice is a cruise.

Identify the season of your honeymoon travel

Identify the season in which you will be traveling to your honeymoon destination. This will go a long way in you having a great honeymoon or not – for many of us don’t check the weather in the country of our travel and suffer thereafter. For example, if it is winter you know you will end up spending time indoors – but is that what you want? If it is extreme winter, you may even end up spending money of extreme winter clothes etc.

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Research about the eventual honeymoon destination

Once you have chosen your honeymoon place, read up on travel forums and travel websites on what are the local traditions and cultures. For example, in certain beach holiday places you can’t enter a restaurant without a jacket. If you don’t check the finer points of the location where you are planning your honeymoon, it can hurt you in more ways than one.

Remember a honeymoon is the start of your married life together and it has to be at a real high. Take all the care before you choose honeymoon destination. Our best wishes for having a great honeymoon!

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