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How to choose best family friendly resort for holiday

Family friendly all inclusive resorts

Before you choose the best family friendly resort for your holiday, first define the family that will be accompanying you on your holiday. The best family friendly resort for you will depend on various factors such as:
– Do you have any infant travellers?
– Do you have any elderly travellers?
– Are you honeymooners with kids?
– Are you an older couple with teenager kids?
– Will you be travelling with your elderly parents?
– Is there somebody traveling in a wheel chair with you?

These and many other questions need to be figured out before you move forward to choose the best family friendly resort for your family holiday. Whatever be the composition of your family, it is best to choose an all-inclusive resort and bring everybody there. Just make sure all the family members want to visit the destination before you choose a reasonably priced, well-appointed resort that makes every family member happy.

Five very important things make any resort the best all-inclusive family resort for a family vacation. Here is what you need to look at to identify the best family friendly resort for holiday:

Tip #1: The destination & resort should address everyone’s needs

If you have infants, you may want to relax on your all inclusive family holiday so ensure the resort has some baby sitting services. If you have children in 3-10 years check with the resort if they have children programs or entertainment teams which can keep the kids engaged over a long period of time. Hotels plan their activities around kids, and sometimes even have “time away from parents” planned in which helps the adults to relax. If you have teenagers, you may want to check if the resort is family-friendly enough to have teen activities inside the resort itself. Some of the teen activities include the teen disco, teen sports activities etc.

Tip #2: Choose a resort that can give you rooms together

Resorts or Hotels are flexible with guests who bring in more business – and it makes sense too. So, plan your all-inclusive package deal first and book everything together so your concerns of connecting balconies, all rooms in same floor, connected rooms, etc are handled at the same time. Staying close to each other makes a lot of sense for it saves a lot of logistical trouble.

Family friendly all inclusive resorts
There are various family friendly all-inclusive resorts, one just needs to look for them.

Tip #3: Choose resorts with multiple restaurants

Since yours will be an all inclusive package deal, chances are you will be having your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same resort. To avoid getting bored after 2 days at the resort, choose resorts which have two, three or four restaurants. The various options will keep the dining part of the vacation exciting.

Tip #4: Choose resorts with a good location

Agreed that all inclusive package deals means the whole vacation of your family can happen inside the resort. Yet, we would recommend that you keep the location of the resort in mind so that you can walk out of the resort whenever you want and see some external sights as well. If you are lucky you may find options at walking distance, else a small drive should be enough to visit some place exciting to mingle with the locals. The best family vacation is when you also get a feel of the locals.

Tip # 5: Choose a resort, which offers child care

Most family friendly, all-inclusive resorts will provide you child care but do compare what they mean when they say they have child care. Needless to say, please do this only when you have children which you may want to put under the care of the resort entertainers while you are holidaying.

After all, a family that holidays together stays together. Trust me, the memories you will take back home will be worth far more than what this all inclusive package deal with the resort would have cost you.

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