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Horse riding holidays in Russia – horseback expeditions and tours


Horse riding holidays in Russia are popular because they give the travelers an opportunity to face the challenges that the tough Russian terrain throws at them and come out smiling.

Just in case you didn’t know, horse riding holidays are vacations you take on horseback, usually in groups.

These guided horse riding holidays help you explore unspoiled territories of the world and provide you an opportunity to tame the untamed.

In major parts of Russia, with extreme weather and remote terrain, horseback riding is normal practice. The Russians have been doing it for thousands of years.

All group equestrian holidays are planned in such regions so that riders get a first-hand experience of traveling on horses, like ancient explorers.

Such locations are unsuitable for hiking on foot. In fact, some of the locations in the Eastern European countries like Siberia and Russia are so extreme and challenging that there is no other option but to travel by horses.

Horseback holidays in Russia
While booking your horse riding tour in Russia, do inform your travel agent your skill – beginner or an expert rider. This will help your operator plan the riding group and the trip route better. Image: Blog.redletterdays.co.uk

However, the tranquility of such places is so alluring that an adventurous traveler cannot suppress his/her wanderlust and avoid taking a ride on a horseback.

Horses are available for rent from riding stables and now with the growth of riding tourism, more and more travelers are signing up for such adventure tourism over leisure based travels.

Despite the sordid backaches and risks associated with the travel, the popularity of equitrekking has only increased in recent times. More about Russia

Horse riding holidays in Russia

Starting from horse-riding tours in the coastal areas bordering the Black Sea to riding vacations in dense forests lining the Altai Mountains, Russia covers a vast area of unpopulated territory for its travelers.

Check out the best horseback tours in Russia.

Best spots for horse riding tours in Russia

Russian Putin riding a horse
Horse riding is an ingrained, cultural thing in Russia. In pic, Russian leader Vladimir Putin rides a horse in southern Siberia’s Tuva region. Image: Thesun.co.uk

Russia is certainly a country to travel on horseback, purely due to its varied landscapes.

Starting from the freezing borders of the Arctic Circle to the blazing heat of the southern beaches, Russia will titillate your adventurous spirit and tempt you to conquer it on horseback- a feat, which even the great Napoleon couldn’t achieve!

However, in your case, you will conquer by exploring and not by combat.

Being the largest country in the world, Russia does not lack enchanting equestrian destinations.

Hunting holidays on horsebacks are famous in the country. You can take a trip down the rocky roads connecting Moscow to Dressage on your trustee stallion companion, guided by the several qualified instructors.

One of the top spots for a horseback holiday in Russia is the treacherous Altai Mountains, which can throw insurmountable challenges at unsuspecting riders on a pleasure trip.

However, no matter how unpredictable the mountains are, the horses you ride will be as loyal as they know the resolve needed to master the Russian terrain.

They will carry you on their robust backs through the dense forests, and narrow mountain passes as you enjoy your guided horse riding trip in Russia.

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You can trot past the serene lakes like Lake Baikal at the foot of the Mt Belukha, which is the highest mountain range in Siberia.

Then you can also gallop past the luxuriant river valleys along the Ural Mountains and get lost in the tranquility of the place.

The spectacular view will tempt you to set-up a camp and spend the evening under the night sky.

This will help your horses to get the deserving rest as well.

The travelers on their horses can witness a wide variety of natural beauty while riding pass these mountainous terrains.

The trips are usually a week or two weeks long, depending on the route and the entire plan.

Do explore horse riding tour options at Farandride.com and Hiddentrails.com.

Russia is not only a place with bottle-green forest ranges and tough mountains-the country also has its fair share of sea.

Apart from the rivers and lakes, Russia has its narrow strip of the famous Black Sea.

The coastal area of Russia is spotted with equestrian centers allowing people to take day trips with the temperate wind on their back.

You need not need superb horsemanship prowess to master this terrain.

It is much more humble and manageable terrain than the steep mountainous land.

The trek will lead you to the foothills of the Greater Caucasus.

What is included in horse riding tours?

Guided horse riding tours Russia
The charm of riding all day long in large groups and stopping by in the midst of nature, far away from all the technology is a temptation few can resist. If you love riding and adventure, we recommend you book your horse riding holiday tour package for Russia immediately. Image: Pixabay.com

The horseback-riding tours include three meals per day.

However, the meals are cooked by the participants themselves, adding to the fun of the guided tour.

It also helps the group to bond and spend time at the mercy of nature and away from technology.

Accommodations are provided to the travelers on first and the last night of the horseback tours.

The tired riders can spend the last night together at the tourist center.

At their hotel, they can get a well-deserved Russian sauna bath.

Otherwise, the rivers and the lakes can come handy during the summer time as most riders take bath in the lakes and change as they travel.

What to pack for riding holidays in Russia

Riding boots for horse riding holidays
If your horse riding holiday is going to last more than a week, we suggest packing two short riding boots. Image: Horseandhound.co.uk

During your riding holiday in Russia you will need lots of things – some will be brought along by your instructor/guide while some you must bring along yourself.

Do check with your travel agent organizing the horseback tour to give you a list of items to bring along.

Here is a list of things we think you should carry with you during your equestrian holidays in Russia –

1. An approved riding hat suitable for the Russian weather
2. A woolly hat to keep you safe from the Russian cold
3. Two pairs of short riding boots
4. Two pairs of leather, suede or synthetic short chaps
5. An effective (as well as stylish) bandana
6. Two pairs of cotton riding trousers (the numbers will depend on duration of your riding holiday)
7. Two long-sleeved shirts (here also the numbers will depend on duration of your riding holiday)
8. One waterproof windbreaker jacket
9. Warm fleeces, thermals, and jumpers, a warm jacket
10. Sarong, bathing costume and flip flops
11. A few pairs of socks (numbers depend on the duration of your trip)
12. Appropriate number of shorts, T-shirts for the start and end of the tour (you won’t be wearing these during the trip)
13. Sunglasses on string
14. Riding gloves
15. Sunblock, lip salve, talcum powder, and insect repellent
16. Any medications you use regularly
17. Torch with extra batteries and binoculars
18. A camera with a strong shoulder strap
19. Appropriate rain gear (check with travel operator on chances of rain)

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