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Happiest countries in the World

Happiest countries in the World

The world is full of happy people and places, you just need the right pair of eyes and a heart at the right place.

There is a World Happiness Report, which ranks World’s happiest countries basis a lot of parameters. This is not the World Happiness Report, but an article on what we think are the happiest countries in the World.

If you happen to live in one of these countries, you are more than lucky and if you are not living in these countries, you can visit them whenever you want and obtain happiness. If you need any information for any of the “happy countries” listed below, try searching for it on our website and we assure you that you will find plenty of information.

Presenting the list of happiest countries in the World  –


Tucked in the Himalayas, Bhutan is isolated from the modern world or first-world facilities and yet is one of the happiest countries in the world. People of Bhutan are different from rest of the world – in fact, they measure their citizens’ Gross National Happiness. Anything that ‘causes’ unhappiness is banned in Bhutan. The best thing about the people of Bhutan is that they live a very balanced life. If you needed more reasons to be happy, then you may be interested in knowing that 50% of the country is protected as a National Park, so plenty of natural beauty.


Lot of beautiful beaches, all the sunshine and a big smile on everybody’s face – that’s what you will get in Australia, one of the happiest places in the world. Some people also argue that booming economy is the key of happiness of Australia. It can be true as well. Some would say it is because of the booming tourism. Either ways, a visit to Australia to chill in the happiness is due.


Iceland is the home of very hardworking, sane, cheerful and self-confident people who make Iceland one of the happiest countries in the world. Armed forces were banned in Iceland around 700 years back – do we need any other reason to be happy? Not only this, people of Iceland buy the most books in the world…perhaps the books keep them happy.


In almost every poll that gets conducted, Switzerland ends up being the in the world. Nobody knows why – is it the chocolates, the wealth, the scenic beauty, intelligence of the people or the super-awesome democracy. Whatever it is, it’s making the Swiss happy, very happy. One of the reasons we can think of is that this beautiful country last took part in a war in 1847.


Denmark is one of the happiest countries to not just live but also to visit as atourist. For more than 30 years Denmark has been constantly beating rest of the world in the happiness stakes and it’s hard to figure how and why. Studies say that being happy is in the genes of the Danes. Some argue that people of Denmark are born happy or born to be happy. An extremely modest and friendly young generation could also be a reason (13% of the population).


Rapidly raising standard of living, booming economy, and emerging tourist destination are all working together to make Panama one of the happiest places in the world even though it is one of the poorest countries in the world. Panama has a culture of celebration and dance for every occasion. Sometimes, they don’t even need an occasion to dance and celebrate – in my view, their key to happiness and becoming the 5th in the World. People who visit Panama almost always return to spend time in the happy land.


It isn’t without reason that Colombia is seen as the fourth happinest country in the World. After all, “No problem” is the national attitude of Jamaica. Jewel of Caribbean tourism, Jamaica is one of the happiest places in the world. People of Jamaica are carefree, and similar folks are difficult to find in other parts of the World. If you don’t trust me, listen to Bob Marley… his attitude towards life it’s nowhere less than awesome. Go to Jamaica to experience the real meaning of being alive.


In our list, Colombia comes in as the third in the world. Colombia also has the second highest number of national holidays and maybe that’s the reason for the happiness of people of Colombia. One could also blame their coffee – for they produce the best coffee in the World. Or perhaps, we can blame Salsa dance, which keeps them happy. To be honest, I think fine coffee, lots of holidays and salsa dancing is enough for live happily ever after.


In spite of the war, rebellion and colonization Vietnam has emerged as phoenix from the ashes. This incredibly beautiful country is one of the happiest places in the world. People of Vietnam have a very positive approach towards life and they appreciate what they have. Quite, small beaches, unspoiled natural beauty, booming economy, emerging hot spots for tourists, cuisine to die for and very humble and lively locals make Vietnam one of the happiest places worthy of multiple visits. Why don’t you visit in 2015 itself?


Mantra of living in Costa Rica is, “Life is good” and once enter this happy country you will realize that life is good enough to celebrate every moment. Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country. It seems like people of Costa Rica have got the life right or the right life – nothing else can explain their high life expectancy of 79.3 years. Along with beautiful beaches, dense rainforests, and countless varieties flora and fauna going as a tourist can also get you happiness.

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