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Nowadays traveling has become an inseparable part of people’s lives. Some people love solo travel while the others love to travel in groups.

According to group travelers, trips become more memorable when they are done in large numbers. Whatever be your preferred type of travel, there are some inherent risks involved.

Traveling in a group is exciting but in case of sudden accidents, losses or change of plans the holiday can turn into a nightmare!  

We cannot control such things neither can we forecast about them. The least we can do is be prepared for any kind of eventuality. And this is where a Group Travel Insurance plan comes into play.

Instead of purchasing single travel insurance plan for everyone, buying a group travel insurance plan is economically beneficial. In short, a group travel insurance plan helps you in saving money.

What is Group Travel Insurance

It is the type of travel insurance plan best suited for a group of people traveling together to the same destination. Group travel insurance plan gives cover for unwanted events and medical injuries to the insured group. This type of travel insurance plan is relatively cheaper than an individual insurance plan.

Traveling involves a great number of risks in it, so to have a memorable travel as planned, you are highly advised to purchase a travel insurance policy for your group. Group travel insurance plan would be an ideal and most economical choice.

What does it cover?

Group travel insurance usually covers the same sort of risks that standard travel insurance does but here the coverage is for a larger number of people.

Continue reading for more details on the coverages a Group travel Insurance plan offers –

Medical Coverage

Just like any other ordinary travel insurance plan, this plan also gives you optimum cover for medical and hospitalization emergencies.

Accidents can happen just about anywhere and with anyone, so to keep your whole group safe from the bulky medical bills, the insurance plan gives you cover for paying these bills on your behalf.

This provides emergency medical care when a person in your group is sick or injured on the trip. To get a fair claim, you are advised to disclose the pre-existing medical conditions of all group members.

Trip cancellation coverage

There can be many events because of which you may be forced to cancel your planned trip. Some of these reasons are: delay in flight, missed flight, accidental injury to any group member, traffic accidents, delay in baggage, wealth or natural disaster, schedule conflicts, terrorism or mandatory evacuations etc.

In such an unwanted event, the travel insurance plan gives you coverage that reimburses you up to the covered amount for advance paid trip.

Loss of Valuables

If during the trip any of your group members lose their luggage, passport, money, or other valuable items, travel insurance plan covers you for such a loss. 

Group travel insurance policy gives you coverage for more pieces of baggage because of the number of people being covered in the plan.

Evacuation Coverage

Group travel can be done for different purposes and adventure sports happen to be one of the major reasons why people travel in groups. While going for adventure sports, accidents can happen anytime. One cannot control any sudden injury or accidental death.

If anything of such sort happens to you, this group insurance policy provides you with necessary evacuation to a medical facility, or medically equipped flights to return home. This is not a medical coverage but it is a coverage that is necessary for medical transportation.

Note: if you are planning to go for any hazardous adventure sport, you are advised to upgrade you policy by getting a cover for that sport else the insurer would not be held liable for any claim afterward.

Policy’s Benefits

  • The most crucial benefit of a group travel insurance policy is that it is economically favorable. Buying group travel insurance for all the members of group proves to be relatively cheaper than buying individual policies for each person.
  • In group travel insurance policy there is a higher baggage cover because of the number of people getting covered under a single policy.

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Common Exclusions

Every travel insurance cover is different. While purchasing travel insurance policy, you must read the essential terms and conditions.

Some of the common exclusions of group travel insurance are listed below:

  • Not every travel insurance policy gives you cover for adventure sports like scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, skating, mountaineering etcetera. If you are planning to go for any such sport you must upgrade your policy by giving extra premium.
  • Sometimes age of group members can become a matter of exclusion in insurance cover. Many insurers do not give cover for people over the age of 65 or the premium would increase with the age of people getting insured.
  • The members of group must not be scattered in different countries. It becomes hard for the insurance provider to design a plan that will fulfil the demands of all the people coming from different corners of the world.
  • Other common exclusions are somewhat like that of an ordinary travel insurance plan. Such as a limited number of baggage cover or the thefts that are not reported within 24 hours or medical emergency in some cases. The company will not be liable for any pre-existing medical condition which is not disclosed properly at the time of filing up details.

Things to Consider

Before going on a vacation with your group of friends or family members, buying a travel insurance policy is as necessary as getting a flight reserved. To have a good time with your group you must never overlook the given tips:

  • Before buying travel insurance policy you should read the scheme and small print very carefully so that you can choose the most appropriate insurance policy
  • All members of the group must have harmony and complete knowledge about the insurance policy, its coverages, its exclusions and premium etc.
  • Comparing your travel insurance plan with different policies will help you get the best group travel insurance policy for your travel. So, don’t forget to compare.

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