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Gift ideas for traveller friends

Gift ideas for traveller friends

Gifting is an art and not everybody gets it right. When the recipient is a traveler friend, finding the right gift becomes a chore.

Everybody loves receiving gifts, unfortunately giving gifts isn’t that easy. You folks must have stuck up over many such “what-to-give” moments. That said, giving gifts is a habit too good to break…so don’t stop. Keep giving gifts on all occasions – small and big.

The problem becomes manifold when it isn’t just a regular occasion like a birthday or anniversary and you have to pick a gift for a globetrotter about to embark on one of their travels.

After all, it is common knowledge that they must be gifted something practical and handy that they can use while feeding their wanderlust. The best would have been of course where you can give them a gift coupon so they can buy what they want, but that’s not the point of this article. You can however advise them on how to save money while traveling.

It can be very difficult to come up with something apt and befitting for travel junkie.

Well, stop worrying. I am now going to present my gift ideas for traveler friends –

1. Scratch able World Map Poster

This has always been a must-have item for a traveler. Everybody would love to mark the places they have visited. This world map poster will give your friend a sense of achievement while scratching off the countries they have visited. Once scratched up with coin and marked in different attractive colors, this map would enliven the wall where it is hung.

2. Mini Stove

Big things come in small packets. The mini stove, not much bigger than a keychain, is perfect gift for a solo traveler who can cook up his food in whatever situation he is. This mini stove (usually 41gms-44gms) is very suitable and handy gift if your friend is camping, or going into mountains, or if he needs a plan for emergencies. It takes smallest of the place and provides maximum comfort anywhere. It is a great gift for someone who loves their independence when they are travelling.

3. Travelling Kit

What can be better than giving someone a complete handy traveling kit that includes all essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and lip balm. Although, the hotels provide these things, but what if there are no hotels and your friend is camping? Well, this kit would make him think of you every time your traveler friend washes the dust off his/her clothes or body during travel.

4. Camera Bag

Gifting a camera would, no doubt, shake your budget. Also people have their preferences while choosing a camera. So if not a camera, you can gift a camera bag that would keep their camera safe. This is the perfect gift for explorers who cannot roam around without their camera. Give them a camera bag with multiple pockets for chargers, adapters and many other techie accessories. It will be a good idea to sneakily check what camera they have before you gift them the bag – after all you don’t want your gift to be unused.

5. Waterproof Backpack

It is a brilliant idea to gift a backpack to a traveler friend. This is one the most suitable gifts for travel loving friend. Make sure the backpack has multiple pockets to keep enough items. A heavy backpack will be a pain for the body, so before picking up a backpack, wisely check its weight, size, space. When you also go for a waterproofed backpack, you just win your travel loving friend’s loyalty.

6. Selfie Stick

This is 21st century where technological innovations are rocketing through the roof. Pun intended. So be a tech savvy and gift your friend a selfie-stick. The selfie stick is a metal rod that can be as long as 3 feet, keeps your smart phone at the tip, and “CLICK!” allows you to take a snap. Your traveler friends will love this selfie stick gift as they wouldn’t have to plead someone to take their photo in front of a statue, monument, or a garden.

7. Manual Espresso Machine

There are a lot of people who run after caffeine. If your travel junkie friend is one of those people, no other gift can beat this manual espresso machine. The machine will travel with your friend as it is light in weight, easily portable and easy to use. It is a perfect gift if you want your traveler friend to have home-like-coffee wherever they are travelling. Your friend will never have to compromise with his coffee once you present him with this amazing manual espresso machine.

8. Portable Charging Station

It will be very frustrating when in the while taking a picture, a message pops up on your traveler friend’s camera screen warning “BATTERY LOW”. A portable charger is an item that doesn’t need to be plugged in. So the problem of looking for a switch board in the woods is fixed. It’s a useful accessory to gift your friend so that he or she doesn’t run short of battery.

9. Survival Foodie Kit

Your frequently travelling friend must have traveled a lot and came across 50 shades of foods. Why not gift him a portable foodie kit that would save up him taste wherever he goes? So here is this easily portable kit that includes many spices, herbs so that he doesn’t have to travel on an empty stomach. You can pick up this suitable item for your foodie travel lover.

10. Headphones

No one loves to hear noise. If you can help your traveler friend replace unnecessary noise with excellent music, it will be a welcome break your friend will love. Gift him or her a high bassed headphone, the most legit and purpose fitting gifts. They prove to be the perfect companion when you have an extra hour to spend at the station waiting for train or the bus or the airplane. This pair of headphones will give your friend a peaceful travel experience.

These are my recommendations. If you have any, please feel free to leave them in the comments section. The best gift you can give your friend about to travel is advice him on how to can get medical care while traveling.

These gifts would surely make someone’s journey more interesting. Keep gifting. Keep traveling. Bon Voyage!

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