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Who doesn’t love weekend getaways? OK, that was a rhetorical question and doesn’t need an answer. We all would love to rest at home during weekends but if given the right weekend getaways, wouldn’t mind making a go for a 2-day weekend break not far from amchi Mumbai.

Considering the hectic pace of Mumbai life, it makes sense to unwind often – especially if the drive is going to be four hours or less.

If you are in Mumbai and want to take a quick break with your family and kids or just by yourself, look no further than our comprehensive list of the best Family Weekend Getaways from Mumbai.

1. Shirdi

If you are looking for a religious family weekend getaway there is nothing better than a trip to Shirdi. Situated at a four-hour drive from Mumbai this destination can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter. The whole drive takes a bit more than four hours and per family member the cost can be up to Rs 5000. In Shirdi, you can check out the temple, mosque and also indulge in generic darshan. Best time to plan this weekend getaway with the family will be January or December.

2. Ganpatipule

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway from Mumbai but want it to be a hill station, then Ganpatipule is the best. Best time to visit is winter – from October to February. This weekend destination is situated 330 KMs from Mumbai. So, if you have elderly or kids traveling with you, it’s better to plan. Once you reach the location you and your family can check out the beach, resorts, shopping, sightseeing, temples, spa and backwaters. Cost per family member could be from Rs 1500 to around Rs 4000.

3. Ellora

Situated at a distance for 350 KMs from Mumbai, this weekend getaway is best visited in summer and winter. The traveling time may not be conducive to infants or small kids. The Ellora caves attract tourists from all over the world and present a whole lot of archeology, history, caves etc to an average tourist. There are art galleries as well for those that like to explore further. The per family member cost for a weekend visit to Ellora can be as low as Rs 1000 and also as high as Rs 6000. This weekend getaway is situated 30 km from Aurangabad.

4. Ajanta

This weekend getaway is world famous and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is situated 100 KMs from Aurangabad and 450 KMs from Mumbai. The best time to visit Ajanta is from October to May and it takes about seven hours to reach here by car. If you are traveling with small kids, we recommend you start on Friday afternoon itself. At Ajanta there are enough activities to keep the whole family engaged for more than a weekend – such as horse riding, beach, water parks, amusement parks, zoos, backwater, bird sanctuary and cave visiting.

5. Silvassa

Situated just 160 KMs from Mumbai, Silvassa is three hours of drive from Mumbai. Silvassa is your best family weekend getaway if you love wildlife. Do note that it also attracts a lot of trekkers and backpackers. Once in Silvassa you and your family can engage in trekking, garden visiting, shopping, nature trails walking, visiting the river etc. There is a lot of adventure activities as well at this weekend getaway – activities such as extreme motorbiking, boating, fishing, and water sports.

6. Panshet

Panshet is a good weekend getaway for family and kids and is situated just 200 KMs from Mumbai. The best time to visit is after the summers are over – so July to February. It is situated in the beautiful setting of Panshet Dam and Varasgaon Dam and that is why this destination is famous for its water activities. The average per family member cost for a weekend visit to Panshet can be from Rs 1000 to Rs 10000 depending on how costly the hotel is.

7. Daman

This is a very cheap weekend getaway. If you are on a budget, we recommend you start driving to Daman immediately. The best time to visit this vacation spot is between October to April. Take a drive for about three hours from Mumbai and indulge in activities such as sky-diving, dam visit, sightseeing of forts, palaces, churches etc. A weekend visit to this destination could cost you as little as Rs 1000.

8. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is situated 260 KMs from Mumbai and makes for an ideal weekend getaway for a family. One can plan a trip to this vacation spot during summers, monsoons, and winter. This nice hill station is nestled in the Western Ghats and can be reached by a four and half hours drive from Mumbai. Once here, you can enjoy horse riding, nature trails, trekking, boating, fishing, angling, mountain biking etc not to mention shopping, which is the perennial attraction. The cost per head for a weekend break can be anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 15000 depending on the hotel of your choice.

9. Khandala

Khandala is very close to Mumbai (just 90 KMs) and hence it makes for a quick weekend getaway for families, which don’t want to drive too long. Anytime between October to May is a good time – we don’t recommend a weekend visit to Khandala during the summers. Once in Khandala, all visitors can indulge in sightseeing, trekking, paragliding, or visiting gardens, checking out waterfalls, viewing from the hill tops, witnessing lakes etc. The cost is variable at Lonavala, and no point trying to predict how much a weekend break could cost.

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10. Lavasa

Located near Pune, Lavasa is one of the planned cities of the country. 180 KMs (and 3 hours drive) from Mumbai this weekend getaway is located behind the Varasgaon dam. There is a lot of water activities at Lavasa such as swimming, boating, water park, waterfalls etc. Besides you can visit the top of the hill or the lake and relax. This weekend getaway is more for relaxing than sightseeing. The average cost per family member for this weekend break may be around Rs 5000.

11. Matheran

This weekend getaway is suited to the needs of all kinds of tourists. Situated at 2000+ feet above sea level, Matheran is two hours drive from Mumbai. It is only 80 KMs from Mumbai but because of the hilly drive, the ascent is slow. The best time to visit is from October to May. This destination is lush green and provides amazing scenery, which is very soothing to the body and mind. Besides this, there is trekking, a serene waterfall to check out and the shopping for souvenirs.

12. Panchgani

After just four hours of driving from Mumbai, you will be able to reach this very popular weekend getaway from Mumbai called Panchgani. The best time to reach here is anytime from October to May – stay away during peak summer. It is 1300+ feet above sea level so provides amazing views on both sides. Once in this weekend getaway, you will be able to enjoy hiking, rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, wildlife spotting etc.

13. Alibag

Alibag is also very close to Mumbai and is a very good weekend destination for Mumbaikars. Best time to visit is from October to March. It is more popular amongst business/companies because of it being just 100 KMs from Mumbai – just the right distance for working executives. This doesn’t mean your family won’t enjoy this weekend vacation spot. There is a beach, a fort, a palace, a tomb, a temple, a church – and as if these aren’t enough, you can also shop around quite a bit.

14. Amboli

This is the best hill station break you can get close to Mumbai. Situated around 475 KMs from Mumbai, this is eight hours drive so please consult your family before planning this trip. The best time to visit is winter – from October to March. The cost for a weekend getaway here can be as high as Rs 25,000 and as low as Rs 1,000 – again depending on the transport and hotel of your choice. There are zoos, waterfalls, etc to enjoy. If you are into adventure activities, Amboli also boasts of rock climbing and trekking.

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