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Family Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Family Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

We all love working hard and playing hard – part of playing hard is taking good weekend breaks in between so you can get back to work with renewed energy. If you are in Bangalore and planning a last minute weekend getaway here are some cheap and not so cheap options. All these places are within reach from Bangalore – just a pleasant drive away.

Our comprehensive list of the best Family Weekend Getaways from Bangalore:

Weekend Getaway #1: Srirangapatna

This weekend vacation spot is situated 125 Kms from Bangalore and is just 2 hours and 30 minutes from the IT city. It is just the right kind of distance for a family weekend getaway. The average cost per family member will be anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000. In Srirangapatna, there is enough to keep every family member engaged with forts, museums, national parks and temples all around. Srirangapatna is an island fortress town on the banks of river Cauvery – the same Cauvery which has been a center of so much dispute.

Weekend Getaway #2: Belurhalebid

Please avoid this weekend getaway during summers – come here for a family vacation only between the months of October to April. Belurhalebid is 220 kms from Bangalore which means it is at the right distance for a family break. The travel time is three hours and thirty minutes and once you reach there you will be glad you choose this destination. There is something for every family member here – starting from shopping, to art galleries to forts to museums to temples. So you get to decide what you want this weekend getaway to be.

Weekend Getaway #3: Hampi

Best season to visit this weekend getaway is winter. This city of ruins is a bit far from Bangalore, but is worth the visit so we suggest you to leave Bangalore the previous Friday itself. For an average cost of between Rs 2000 to Rs 7000 per family member you can have a great weekend break. If you family loves adventures, they will love Hampi because it has trekking, and rock climbing as well. For the others, there is always the usual attractions such as the Palace, art gallery, and temples.

Weekend Getaway #4: Tanjavur

The weekend getaway to Tanjavur can work out cheap (at not more than Rs 1500 per family member). It is best if the vacation is planned in winter so you can avoid the summer sun. It is approximately 400 kms from Bangalore and hence it is eight hours drive from Bangalore. If you have kids and elderly in your family you may want to either look at another weekend getaway or plan breaks in between the journey. Thanks to the rein of the Chola kings, this place has a lot of history which you can indulge in.

Weekend Getaway #5: Mysore

The best time to visit this weekend getaway is either the monsoon season or the winter season. Just 150 kms from Bangalore this is ideal for family because the travel time is only 3 hours. Adventure lovers in your family will love this getaway because it offers rock climbing, hang gliding, trekking and nature trails. For the others in the family, this weekend destination also provides options such as shopping, gardens, museums, Palaces and temples. The elders in your family will enjoy this city of rich cultural heritage, so take them along.

Weekend Getaway #6: Mangalore

If you live in Bangalore and want a quick weekend getaway next to water, there is no better vacation destination than Mangalore. Situated at a distance of 350 kms, it takes about 7 hours to reach Mangalore from Bangalore. There is a lot of history, sightseeing, archeology, temples etc in here. But what really appeals to the travellers who come here from Bangalore are the water-related activities such as water sports, fishing visits into the water, jet ski, surfing, fishing and angling. On your way back you can also buy a lot of coffee and cashew nuts for your family.

Weekend Getaway #7: Badami

If you opt for a weekend getaway in Badami it can be a very cheap weekend getaway – within Rs 1000 per family member. The best time to visit is during winter (in the months between October to March). Badami is a bit far from Bangalore so if you don’t want to trouble your family with a lot of travel, ensure you start early. Maybe even on Friday. The young in Bangalore including the Bangalore couples will love this place because it has activities such as Archery and Rock Climbing. For the others in the family there are always the forts, history, art, temples and shopping.

Weekend Getaway #8: Hassan

If you stay in Bangalore and your family is interested in religious relaxation, this is the best weekend getaway. Here you can enjoy visiting temples, churches, ashrams and also indulge in meditation. When you get bored of all this, you can hit the market for shopping. Hassan is 3 hours drive from Bangalore (185 kms from the city). This vacation should work out cheap because the cost will only be approximately Rs 4000/family member.

Weekend Getaway #9: Waynad

Family Weekend Getaways from Bangalore
Waynad – Family Weekend Getaway near Bangalore

This is a cheaper weekend getaway than Mudumalai, with a little bit of wildlife thrown in. The average cost per family member will be Rs 3000 for the weekend. You can visit Waynad throughout the year but the best time to witness Waynad with your family is in monsoon and winter. Since this place is 275 kms from Bangalore, the drive takes a good five hours and thirty minutes. Once in Waynad, you can enjoy the various waterfalls, the national park, the bird sanctuary and also embark on a wildlife safari.

Weekend Getaway #10: Kanchipuram

If silk has always fascinated you, you will love this weekend getaway to Kanchipuram. Situated at five hours drive from Bangalore (at a distance of 280 kms) Kanchipuram is perfect for a weekend winter break with family. If you have mother or sisters accompanying you, you will be able to surprise them with a few Kanchipuram silk sarees. There are temples everywhere, and that’s why this place is also known as ‘golden city of a thousand temples’. The average cost of a vacation could end up being Rs 4000 per family member.

Weekend Getaway #11: Mudumalai

Mudumalai is on the northwestern side of Nilgiri hills. It is about 225 kms from Bangalore and translates to a five hours drive from the city. If you chose this weekend getaway it will be a wildlife sojourn for you and your family. Your family members will be able to enjoy forest walks, nature trails, and everything wildlife here. The cost for this weekend breaks also works out to cheap considering it will be Rs 4000 at max per family member.

Weekend Getaway #12: Karkala

The city of Karkala is a religious and historic pilgrim centre. It is just the right weekend getaway for Jains and Hindus living in Bangalore. This vacation destination is 350 kms away from Bangalore and hence it takes more than six hours to reach it. So be wary of taking elderly family members with you. The best time to visit will be winter else it becomes very hot – plan your getaway between October and April. The average cost for an adult family member will be Rs 5000.

Weekend Getaway #13: Coorg

Coorg is one of the finest weekend getaways near Bangalore. It is 260 kilometers away and hence the drive from Bangalore takes five and a half hours – just the drive to these lush green pastures of the Western Ghats is equivalent to a well-deserved break. It is perfect for a large or small family with or without children because there is a lot to do at Coorg. Here are some of the things the family can indulge in, in Coorg: Trekking, Shopping, Nature Trails, Angling, Rafting, Bird watching. The average cost for a family member will be Rs 6000/head.

Weekend Getaway #14: Bandipur

If you love wildlife, this is the best weekend getaway near Bangalore. The Bandipur National Park is a located in the Chamrajanagar district of Karnataka and is a perfect wildlife center. Just four and half hours from Bangalore, this weekend destination will best appeal to the children in the family and the elders. The best time to visit is from October to May. The average weekend vacation in Bandipur can set you back anywhere from Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and book the weekend getaway you found best for your family!

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