Family Holidays

Family holidays in Fiji – best time to go, places to see, what to pack

Family holidays in Fiji

Fiji or Fiji Islands is a small country in South Pacific Ocean and has some of the best things families can do together during their holiday. This stunning island holiday paradise is made up of more than 300 islands and is filled with natural beauty.

The soft white sand beaches, exciting marine life, natural wonders, the laidback locals – all of them make for great family holidays in Fiji. What’s more…the Fijian family-focused culture ensures that the kids in the family are doted upon and pampered like Kings and Queens during the vacation.

Best known for its luxurious private islands, Fiji is home to some of the happiest people on Earth. This has ensured hordes of families, newlyweds, backpackers and adventure seekers making a beeline to this network of islands for their holidays.

In Fiji your vacation is what you want it to be – either you can relax the whole day in its blue lagoons or indulge in mountain climbing or ride the surf till your heart’s content. It is your choice.

There are all kinds of resorts which offer all inclusive holiday packages for Fiji islands, and we strongly recommend that you go for a package deal while traveling with your family. Better still get a holiday package which includes your flight tickets as well.

Perfect weather for a family holiday to Fiji

We strongly recommend you plan your family vacation in Fiji during the cold season – from May to November, when the average temperatures range between 19-26 degrees. During these months, it is less humid and less prone to rain, storms and monsoon conditions. The summer is from December to May where the average temperatures are between 24-31 degrees. More about Fiji.

Having said that, the best time to visit Fiji also depends on what you are going there for. Depending on the activity, we suggest different times:

Diving & Surfing: Fiji’s winter months are the best time for the biggest breaks and the best visibility. Kandavu and the Taveuni region, the most popular diving areas are best visited during the months of May to November.

Hiking, Rainforest Trekking, Biking: The colder, drier winter months of May to November are best for these activities.

Snorkeling: This works out best when the water is warm and the surf is not as big, which means the summer months of December to May are best.

What to pack for your family vacation in Fiji

Even if you plan your family trip to Fiji during the colder months, it will still be warm. Unless you are going on a trek, we recommend light colors and light layers. Don’t miss out on sunscreen, hats and cover-ups (sarong) because you will be spending a lot of time under the sun. Your Fiji holiday won’t be complete without a visit to a Fiji village and while visiting them be considerate about clothing. It is better to wear something that reaches your knee – so pack appropriately.

If your family trip is planned in the colder months and the holiday package deal has a trek high up in the mountains, we suggest packing trekking gear for the relatively colder climate. If you are planning to snorkel do take along a Mask, anti-fog gel, and snorkel. Most resorts and hotels in Fiji will give you snorkeling equipment but they may not always be in great shape.

If your Fiji tour is planned for the months of November and April – the rainy months – we suggest packing some rain gear as well.

Additional Tips: Take off your hat when you enter a Fiji village, don’t touch any Fijian’s head (it is considered an insult) and remove your shoes before entering a Fijian home.

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Getting around in Fiji, for families

Getting around Fiji is easy and mostly inexpensive. Planes and ferries are used to move between the islands. Within the larger islands, one can use the buses for travel. The bus tickets are economical and one also gets to interact with locals during bus travel.

However, if you want your own private transport you can hire cars. The three companies offering car hire services in Fiji are – Europcar, Budget, and Avis.

Traveling by private transport is a great way to explore the unexplored parts of Fiji and at the same time get a glimpse of the real lifestyle of Fiji.

Places to see during family holidays in Fiji

Now for what all you and your family can do in Fiji.

1. Spend time in Suva with your family

Family outing to Suva Fiji
Suva is a city of broad avenues and grand British colonial buildings. It is lush green and is situated on a hilly peninsula and makes for an excellent family trip. Image:

Suva is the capital city of Fiji, and is a must-see attraction in Fiji. The city has everything to make your getaway in Fiji as exciting as possible – amazing architecture, classy restaurants, nightclubs, pubs and much more. The city has malls and shopping areas where you can find local souvenir for family and friends. If you happened to be in Fiji on Saturday, don’t miss the municipal market. It is probably the best way to have a glimpse of Fijian lifestyle.

2. Visit Vanua Levu

Vanua Levu, the second largest island of Fiji, is little less crowded than in comparison to Viti Levu. This is also a must visit attraction for your family for it has many things to do and so many things to explore. If you are an adventure-loving traveler you will love Vanua Levu because it hosts, the unexploited rainforest hiking trails. Wasali Nature Reserve is an untouched rainforest with hiking trails bound to enthrall the hiker. Your family is also bound to love the Snake Temple near Labasa, so don’t miss that.

3. Visit Taveuni Island

Family holidays in Fiji visit Taveuni waterfall
Taveuni waterfall are a spectacular series of three waterfalls nestled within the Bouma National Heritage Park. It is a must see attraction during your family outing together. Image:

Taveuni Island is a dream place for nature lovers. This cigar shape island is another must see for visiting families. Whether you are a naturist or someone who likes luxury wherever they go, Taveuni will not disappoint you. It has top class luxury resorts nestled right in the midst of unexploited nature. Taveuni is also known for dive sites such as Eel Reef and the Great White Wall. Bouma National Heritage Park offers hiking trails and world-class bird watching opportunities.

4. Explore Denarau Island

Principally located on the Island of Viti Levu, it is a remarkable place. Within the range of 10 Kms from Nadi, Denarau Island has stunning scenic views, luxurious resorts, exotic beaches, and golf courses for additional fun. Tourists will find a great range of accommodation with beautiful seaside views, swimming pools, and spa facilities. The Denarau Island caters to all kinds of tourists – those who want the best of luxury and those who want the best of budget.

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5. Visit city of Nadi

Food in Fiji is perfect for all family members
This is the Smugglers Cove Ghost Ship Bar & Grill, one of the finest restaurants in Nadi, Fiji. To create better memories during your family getaway, we strongly suggest trying out the stand-out Fijian dishes created from local produce. Image:

City of Nadi in Fiji is one of the most peaceful tourist attractions of Fiji Island. If you and your family members are short on time for your Fijian vacation and pruning your itinerary, don’t remove Nadi from your list. Nadi is the main attraction for international travelers coming to Fiji on a break. Nadi town offers delightful cuisine so do explore the numerous restaurants. Shopaholics are sure to go bananas on seeing the huge market full of clothes, gadgets, souvenirs etc.

6. Visit Kuata Island

No other place in South Pacific can feed your family’s wanderlust the way Kuata island can. The spectacular Kuata Island is in southern Yasawa and one can smell adventure in the air. Kuata Island best fits people who have an adventurous bent of mind. The accommodation at Kuata Island is best suited for the road hitters, hitchhikers, and backpackers who do not necessarily demand luxury during their trip.

7. Go to Kula Eco Park

Kids can hold Iguana in Kula Eco Park
Kula Eco Park will appeal to both adults and kids in the family. Fiji has some unique wildlife which can be seen from close at this park. In this pic: Endangered Fiji Crested Iguana. Image:

Kula Eco Park, Fiji is the environmental showplace of the South Pacific. If you and your family are planning to visit this place make sure you have a camera, a backpack, and a heart that loves exploring. Kula Eco Park is renowned for its wide range of wildlife, flora, and fauna. Kula Eco Park a great experience as it offers a free environmental education program for school children. The native Fijian birds, wild insects, reptiles are the main center of attraction in Kula Eco Park. Kula Eco Park is the only place in Fiji for the preservation of different breeds in the valley.

8. Check out Fiji Museum

Nestled in the core of Suva’s botanical garden, the Fiji Museum offers a glimpse into the archeological, historical and cultural history of Fiji islands. It has on display objects dating back centuries, which everybody in your family is bound to get excited about. Fiji Museum was established with the idea of preserving Fijian culture and it has been doing a good job so far. The Museum has many art galleries, history galleries, libraries and more. Families and single travelers who hold a keen interest in art and culture must visit the Fiji Museum. It is a marvelous place for children as well because they organize cultural and fun events regularly. These events include face painting, storytelling, games etc.

9. Have fun at Sabeto Hot Springs

Holidays in Fiji must include Mud pools
Kids in your family will go crazy while visiting the thermal mud pools. The three thermal mud polls vary in temperatures – from lukewarm to quite hot (up to 60 degrees Celsius). This family attraction is quite popular with both tourists and locals. Image:

These geothermal hot springs are also known as Fiji Mud Baths and are an out of the world experience. Some call it therapeutic natural thermal mud spa while others call it pure fun. Your family members will love being covered head to toe in rich volcanic mud. After drying off the mud in the sun, you enter one of the three muddy pools at the location and try and wash it away. This mud bath is followed up with a bath in the clear spring water nearby. Both adults and kids love the experience.

10. Visit Sigatoka Sand Dunes National park

Sigatoka Sand Dunes on the Coral Coast is aptly named because of the massive sand dunes it boasts of. These impressive sand dunes are one of the country’s natural wonders and rich in archaeological history. This is one of the few places in the world where you can indulge in sand boarding. Do avoid sand boarding during the afternoon as the dark colored sand gets hot.

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11. Check out a Fijian school

Family visit to Fiji school
Taking the kids in the family on a visit to a Fijian school exposes them to the culture of this amazing country. Image:

Most hotels and resorts can organize a visit to a Fijian school. If you are traveling with your kids, it makes for a great family outing. Most resorts and hotels embrace schools and send visiting tourists. During the school visit one can see how Fijian kids learn and how they play. Occasionally the students are also requested to sing the local songs for the visitors.

12. Get inside Naihehe Caves

Naihehe Cave is Fiji’s largest cave system. This 170-metre cave is a gruesome reminder of Fiji’s cannibal past. As you wade through the knee-deep water in these caves you will also see signs of pagan worship and tribal warfare. The trip to these caves starts with a ferry across the river on a bamboo raft, and is quite popular amongst children.

13. Visit Cloud 9, the floating bar

Cloud 9 is a floating bar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – one of a kind in the World. The bar has an internationally stocked bar, DJs and an Italian wood on offer. While you are at the bar, you can indulge in water sports – swim, snorkel, kayak etc. Do note that Cloud 9 has a different child policy depending on their age – the floating bar offers 10% off for children up to 16 years old but doesn’t allow children below the age of seven.

14. Visit a Fijian village

The good thing about Fiji is that most Fijians haven’t been corrupted by all the tourism into their country – they still live in traditional villages. When you are on a family vacation to Fiji, a trip to one of t these villages is a must. Your kids end up meeting the Fijian kids and indulge in a lot of fun activities. There is lot to learn about their customs and villagers’ way of life. This trip can also double up as your souvenir shopping if you decide to buy the locally made handicrafts.

Shopping in Fiji for families

If you look around long enough you will get the best of both Worlds in Fiji. You will find international fashion brands and shopping malls in Fiji and at the same time, you will also find local handicrafts, traditional art, jewelry etc. Which market or mall you need to go to will depend on what you want to buy.
For instance, in Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji, international brands can be spotted at Mid City Mall, in Suva and Port Denarau Shopping center.

The other popular shopping spots include Suva Curio & Handicraft Centre, ROC Market, Suva Flea market, USP Book center etc.

Usually, bargaining is not entertained but then in some markets, it is not looked down upon. We suggest you make your own decision according to the situation at the shop.

Major credit cards are widely accepted.

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