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Cheap family vacations in Japan

Cheap family vacations in Japan 2016

Japan is a country deep rooted in tradition but one that also lives on the cutting edge of the future and technology. If you are looking for cheap family vacations in Japan, you have come to the right place.

Japan is unique in many ways because here tradition and change go hand in hand.

If I say Japan is a world apart I couldn’t be wrong. In spite of facing tremendous loss during the second World War, Japan emerged from its ashes like a Phoenix and now it is one of the leading countries in every field. Whether it is technology, sports, culture, or tourism.

If you want to have some out-worldly experience, I would insist you plan a family holiday in Japan. The spirit of Japan is warm and incredibly welcoming and if you are looking for something different you will surly find it here.

Why Japan?

Japan is my personal favorite. Cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and the nearby Island called Miyajima make it for an exciting yet cheap family holiday. Japan is more suited for families because it is a very child-friendly country, which gives preferences to travellers with kids. However old your children maybe, we can assure you that they will love what japan has to offer.

More reasons on why you should take a cheap family vacation to Japan.

Food in Japan

Japanese cuisine is authentic and half of people who come to Japan come here for the cuisine it offers. Japanese pay a great deal of attention on ingredients and presentation of whatever is made in their kitchen. Have just one meal anywhere in Tokyo or eat some fresh noodles and then you will see why they all go gaga about Japanese food.

Japanese Culture

Japan has a fascinating culture. It has a culture dating back to thousands of years and on the other hand it has a society that is always looking forward for more and more growth. This country has evolved over the millennia, from the Jōmon period to its combined culture of Asia, Europe and North America. Whether you choose a geisha dance or Zen rock gardens, you will be awestruck by its beauty. Go ahead treat the children, adults and grandparents in your family by taking them on a Japanese holiday. Trust us, it can be a cheap yet effective holiday.

People of Japan

People of Japan are slightly different from the people in rest of the World – in a good way, of course. These folks are extremely humble, positive, down to earth and very hard working. They live for society rather than living for themselves and that is the major reason behind the rapid growth of Japan. On your family vacation, all of you will enjoy their company. In fact the people of Japan will make sure you create memories you won’t forget.

Outdoors in Japan

Japan’s natural beauty does wonders on its tourists and locals alike. Along with its natural beauty Japan has to offer so many outdoor activities. Hiking in Japan Alps and Hokkaidō is outstanding. The best thing about it is the extensive hut system so that tourists can go on multiday hiking. Go down south, and in Okinawa you will find the best of beaches in the World.

Best time to visit Japan

Though you can visit Japan any time of the year because there is something good in every season it’s you to decide what you want from Japan. If you want to go for skiing and snowboarding winter is best time for you. If you are looking for some festivals and want to spend time by the beaches summer is the best time for you. In fall, Japan offers you pleasant temperature and brilliant foliage. In spring, Japan is famous for its blooming cherry blossoms, if you want to witness that, spring is the best time for you to visit Japan.

Things to do on a cheap family vacation

We have listed below the top ten things you can do in Japan, which doesn’t cost you much money. Of course all these sites aren’t free, but they aren’t very costly either.

#1 A night on Mount Koya

Temples at Mount Koya are open for guests and one can spend a night here. You will get the opportunity to stay with the monks for one night and you can also join the monk and pilgrims for early morning prayers. Besides this the thing that makes Mount Koya one of the must do things in Japan is a multi-course vegetarian dinner which is serve on lacquer-ware.

#2 Ancient Sites of Kyoto

Once was the capital of Japan, Kyoto is full of history. In fact, this city is so historical that it has 17 World heritage sites including Kinkakuji and Ryoanji. There are many attractions to explore in Kyoto including its ancient sites. Watch a geisha in Gion district, witness the history in Imperial palace of Kyoto, go for a walk in Arashiyama bamboo grove and dine in Nishiki Market.

#3 Traditional Accommodation

One must not leave Japan without having the experience of living in the traditional accommodation of Japan. A night in traditional Japanese inn could be slightly costly but the hot spring bath in outdoors, multi-course meal of local seasonal ingredients, soul-awaking silence and an unforgettable experience make every penny spent worth it. This is one night you should forget that you are on a cheap family vacation, and splurge.

#4 B-Grade Gourmet in Japan

B-grade gourmet may sound weird to most of us but that’s the new hip in Japan. So much so that every restaurant in Japan wants to be recognized by B-Grade gourmet. Maybe because being different and creative matters here. Though these foods are not the mainstream food of Japan or definitely not what you watch on TV but it is cheap and tasty beyond your imagination. Go for B-grade gourmet food in Japan and give your taste buds hundreds of orgasm.

#5 Hiking in Japan

In Japan, which is also known as the country of mountains, hiking is so much fun. Kamikochi, Norikura, Fuji-San, Aso-San, Mount Fuji are few of many hiking places of Japan. Japanese are very keen hikers so wherever you will go for hiking you will find plenty of them. In some of these places they have huts so that you can go for multi-day hiking.

#6 Skiing and Snowboarding in Japan

Your adventure doesn’t stop at hiking only because Japan has to offer you much more than that – skiing and snowboarding are some of them. Japan is a World-class ski and snowboard destination with more than 500 ski resorts across the country. If you want to the best of it, then go to Hokkaido which is a small ski resort town and which has three world-class ski resorts of the country.

#7 Naoshima, the art destination of Japan

Naoshima is one of the most remarkable art and architecture destinations in the world. It is located in the Seto Inland Sea and its feel is totally different from rest of the Japanese World. Its impressive collection of contemporary art, architecture, and exhibits justified its title of “Art Island.”

#8 Tokyo, the capital city of Japan

Tokyo is everything what a world-class capital city should be. There has been many upgrades since last year and 2016 is going to be even more tourist friendly. The city which never get old and is on constant renewal and reconstruction. There are places where you can go and eat your heart out. There are pubs that will take a lifetime to explore. You will drop while shopping but you wouldn’t be able to explore the entire Tokyo markets. The old side of east Tokyo is incredible and you and your family shouldn’t miss it on their vacation. There is a costly and a cheap part to Tokyo, so be careful while you plan your accommodations in this city.

#9 Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and Museum, Japan

Situated in the center of Hiroshima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a memorial park dedicated to the legacy of city Hiroshima as it was first city which got doomed in a nuclear attack. Every year millions of visitors come to this memorial and museum.

#10 Animal cafes in Japan

Animal cafés are a craze in Japan. Your whole family including the infants, teens and adults will love visiting the animal cafes of Tokyo. Best thing about these cafés are that you can eat, drink, relax, and play with your favorite animals. There are cat cafés, dog cafés, goat cafés, owl cafés, turtle cafés and many more.

Fun facts about Japan you didn’t know about

• Till 2015, late night dancing was illegal in Japan. Since 2016 it is legal
• Japan has the highest live expectancy in the world. It has more than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old.
• In Japan there are more than 5.5 million vending machines and they sale almost everything from umbrellas to cigarettes to hot noodles and sushi.
• Japan has over 6,800 islands.
• Japanese love coffee and Japan imports approximately 85% of Jamaica’s annual coffee production.

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