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Cheap and best family holidays in Middle East

Cheap Family Holiday Middle East

A family holiday in Middle East can be awesome and cheap at the same time. In Middle East you and your family can take on the desert by storm, visit the huge malls, check out the pyramids and admire the ever-growing skyline of the various cities.

And if all these aren’t enticing enough, in certain Middle Eastern countries you and your family can at very cheap cost also indulge in funny comedy acts, children’s shows, musical concerts, illusionists, theatre acts etc.

In fact, throughout the year hotels and attractions in Middle East offer attractive packages and special seasonal promotional offers. Presenting our list of cheap and best family holidays in Middle East:

1. Egypt

Egypt is a treat to all senses from both cultural and cuisine perspective hence making it a must visit destination in a family’s travel plans. Sandy white beaches and picturesque sunsets with the Pyramids and Great Sphinx in the background are views to die for.

River Nile also brings with it its own history – a river that’s being crossed for 1000s of years. For your holiday entertainment, nothing better than a bit of belly dancing as you try the flavoured hookah.

Cairo is one of the greatest Arabian cities and is full of history you will love to be a part of. In fact, you may need one full holiday to assimilate what Cairo has to offer.

Places of interest for family: Cairo city, Aswan & Abu Simbel, The Sphinx & the Great Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, The Red Sea, Karnak, Nile Cruising etc.

Cheapest air tickets to Egypt: The to and fro airfare to Egypt will depend on the place from where you want to start your Egyptian Holiday, but it will be safe to assume that your air tickets to Egypt can be cheap at less than $600 if you book in advance.

Staying in Egypt: If you want a cheap accommodation, you won’t be disappointed to know that dormitory hostels start at around $10. Of course, there are options at all costs.

Total cost of Egypt Holiday: If you have a value for money holiday in Egypt with your family we think it can end up cheap at less than $2000.

2. Sultanate of Oman

For a cheap family holiday in Sultanate of Oman, it is best to choose Muscat as your home base because of the easy access to areas such as the shopping centers, cultural centers and not to mention the beaches.

This city boasts of 5000 years of culture so take a long enough holiday with your family to soak it all up. With Muscat as your base, you can travel to Khasab to check out the desert forts and coral reef diving it offers.
If you want to try a desert beach, Salalah in the south of Oman is the best option.

In short, Oman isn’t your normal cheap holiday – this is one of the few destinations where you can combine sea and desert activities for the best yet cheap Middle East Holiday with family.

Places of interest for family: Muscat city, beaches of Muscat, Wahiba Wilderness, Al Bustan Palace, Al Alam Palace, Bahla Fort, Muttrah, Western Hajar, Misfat Al abreyeen and the numerous museums in the city of Muscat.

Cheapest Air tickets to Oman: Air tickets for your family holiday to Oman can be really cheap if booked in advance. The best thing this, the ticket cost can be as low as $300.

Staying in Oman: To have a cheap yet good holiday you will have to stay in Muttrah Corniche in Oman where you will be able to get a night’s accommodation for $35 or cheaper.

Total cost of Oman Holiday: If you and your family manage your expenses well and don’t go overboard we think you will be able to have one of the best Middle Eastern holiday experience for as little as $1800.

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3. United Arab Emirates

If there is a country that has changed itself beyond recognition in the last 50 years, it has to be United Arab Emirates. Only 50 years back it was a small fishing village and thanks to the Petro Dollars, the country is now a gleaming Arabian country.

United Arab Emirates has two sides – the modern, developed part and the true to nature and untouched flora and fauna.

The modern side includes Formula 1 tracks, shopping malls and huge hotels to accommodate the influx of tourists. The wildlife side is represented by Sir Bani Yas Island, south of the city, which is Arabia’s largest wildlife reserves playing home to Giraffes, Hyenas, Cheetas, Arabian Oryx, gazelles etc.

For a nice and cheap beach holiday, no place compares to Saadiyat Island.

Places of interest for family: Dubai, The Grand Mosque, Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, Anantara Desert Islands Resort & Spa, Sir Bani Yas Island and the The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Cheapest air tickets to UAE: The to and fro airfare to United Arab Emirates will depend on the place from where you want to start your Middle East holiday and also which city in UAE you want to land in. Having said that, if you stay within six hours journey to UAE, starting price for your tickets could be as cheap as $250.

Staying in UAE: Staying in UAE can be cheap if you are a backpacker – as cheap as $35/night. If you prefer something better, accommodation could be the biggest expense during your holiday.

Total cost of UAE Holiday: The per-head cost of this vacation can be pretty cheap at $850 and less.

4. Qatar

Qatar is the small country off the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula. Sitting on perhaps world’s largest deposits of natural gas, this country has built itself up in the last few decades, so much so that today it is one of the richest countries in the World.

Thanks to all the money, tourism in Qatar is becoming a major industry.

Huge palatial hotels and resorts are being built, luxury properties are being erected, huge shopping complexes are being put in place and entertainment venues are also being thought of.

Places of interest for family: Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif market, Qatar National Museum, Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art, Weaponry Museum, Doha Fort, do a bit of dune-bashing in the desert, Palm Tree Island and Villaggio a spectacular shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex.

Cheapest air tickets to Qatar: If you live within 5-6 hours of flying time from UAE, you can start this Middle East holiday for return air tickets as cheap as $300.

Staying in Qatar: Good accommodation in Qatar can cost you as little as $40/night. For luxury accommodation you may have to shell out more.

Total cost of Qatar Holiday: The per-head cost of this cheap holiday can be as little as $700.

5. Lebanon

For those that love fun, beach, nature, history and outdoor activities, Lebanon is the finest holiday destination in Middle East.

Thanks to ancient civilizations such as Romans, Phoenicians, Byzantines, Othomans, Egyptians, Greeks etc the whole of Lebanon is full of historical sites you just can’t miss.
Beirut the capital of Lebanon is known as the party capital of Middle East and Tripoli, its second biggest city isn’t much behind either. If you are a foodie, you will love Lebanon more for their food & wine’s ability to awe.

This country has perhaps the best weather in the Middle Eastern region – its temperate climate bringing in sunny and hot summers and cool, rainy winters.

Places of interest for family: Jeita Grotto, Temples of Baalbek, Our Lady of Harissa, National Museum of Beirut, The Crusader Castle, Qadisha (Kadisha) Valley

Cheapest air tickets to Lebanon: If you are within five to six hours of flying time from Middle East, your return air ticket to Lebanon can be as cheap as $400.

Staying in Lebanon: Since this is a very young country, there are plenty of hostels around. The starting price for a hostel stay can be as cheap as $20/night.

Total cost of Lebanon Holiday: The total cost of your four day vacation in this Middle Eastern country can be below $800/per family member.

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