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Best vacation ideas for young gay singles traveling solo

Vacation ideas for young gay singles

Are you a gay single exploring the world all alone? Do you love catching up with young men on your vacations? Then you are one of the few lucky ones around. Yes! Congratulations on living a life King sized! Here we recommend five vacation ideas for young gay singles. Pick from these ideas and you don’t have to worry about being stared at or not finding a gay partner. These are the best cities in the world for young gay singles to go on a holiday.

What is a vacation if you have trouble finding another gay partner? Or other gay groups you can join for good quality fun. That is why of all the gay singles tour packages available today in the travel industry more than 50% of the travelers are singles. This means you will be able to meet a lot of gay singles if you do a bit of homework. Especially before you buy a vacation package for your gay tour.

What are the specialties of traveling as a group on a gay singles vacation package tour? The travel company creates opportunities for you to meet other gays in such tours. They set up Special Singles dinner night or Singles gatherings for your benefit. There are various stories of how two young gay singles have met during holidays at one of the gay destinations. Many such couples go on to build long-lasting relationships.

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We would also recommend that you work with a Gay Community Travel Agent (GLTA Member). This will help in getting more recommendations before deciding on your holiday destination. There are all gay cruises such as the LA to Mexico Halloween Cruise abroad Norwegian Jewel or the Navigator Caribbean cruise. A lot of young gay men prefer these as holiday options.

Vacations ideas for young singles gays

Gay Singles Vacation Idea # 5. San Francisco

Gay travel in San Francisco
San Francisco is very tolerant of LGBT community. In fact, there is hardly any concept of specific gay friendly hotels or restaurants. Every place is gay-friendly. Image:

San Francisco is for sure the Mecca of gay travel. It is the city that practically invented gay. San Francisco is the hub of amazing restaurants and gay-friendly hotels. Whether you are planning a weekend gateway or a long vacation, San Francisco can be one of the best destination. A very large part of the population is young and gay here. So it’s pretty easy for you to find a lot of places to hang out. You can find a lot of activities and if Gods be good a young, sexy lad too. This liberal destination welcomes everyone with open arms. So don’t think much and head towards SF. There are some amazing vacation packages for San Francisco in offer by the best of gay tour agents. So don’t miss out.

Gay Singles Vacation Idea # 4. London

Gay Travel for singles and couples in London
This photo is taken in front of Ku bar, London’s award-winning gay bar. It has been winning awards for Sexiest Bar Staff, Best Bar and Ultimate Gay Brand for 20+ years. Image:

London is home to Europe’s largest gay population. This city is not just the political, economic and cultural capital of United Kingdom. It is also the gay capital. In this popular gay destination, you will get world class gay bars, pubs and hotels. These are perfect for young gay singles hoping for good quality fun during an affordable holiday. There are many events organized throughout the year. The most vibrant, eclectic and passionate individuals of London LGTB community organize these. On your ‘pink visit’ to London don’t forget to visit Soho, East London, and The N1 Gay Mile. These places make London city one of the best tourist destinations for young gay singles.

Gay Singles Vacation Idea # 3. Amsterdam

Gay holidays in Amsterdam for Singles
Amsterdam Gay Pride takes place at the end of July to the first week of August and this is the best time to mingle with the gay community. Image:

Amsterdam is one of the most tolerant and gay friendly cities – not just in Europe but in the whole world. Amsterdam was already celebrating being gay even as rest of the world considered it an illness. Being one of the biggest gay centers of the world, it works as one of the best vacation spots for young gay singles. So much so that Amsterdam is also known as the “the gay way to Europe.” Gay Amsterdam is awesome in the months of August and October. In August there is Gay Pride– the best event to celebrate the pride of being gay. In October there is one more event Leather Pride, in which young men from all over the world come for various parties and activities. These events attract a lot of young gay crowd. They go for all-inclusive packages from gay travel companies much in advance for their solo or group tour. Since this destination attracts so many gays, the LGBTQ tours companies can offer the best of discounts on vacation packages. Don’t miss out on them!

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Gay Singles Vacation Idea # 2. Rio de Janeiro

Pick up gay singles at Rio de Janeiro
If you looking to meet other gay singles, there is no better place than the sands of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro. You will spot beautiful bronze bodies all over. Image:

While talking of travel destination for gay singles (or couples) one can’t afford to miss ‘Rio de Janeiro’. There are lots of attractions here. The sunny weather, healthy environment, fierce nightlife of clubs and parties are some. Stunning people, exotic baths, the beaches and gay carnivals are also amazing. These key attractions of Rio de Janeiro have made it one of the most popular gay single attractions in the world. The young gays prefer it because the city is full of activity. Ipanema beach, known as gay beach has attractions aplenty. Excellent gay owned restaurants, cafés, gay bars, nightclubs, parties, and baths are some. When you are in Rio de Janeiro, make sure you attend the gay carnival. Here, you get to shake your booties with the most beautiful, young people from around the world. Rio is a paradise for you. No matter what time of the year you visit Rio, you’d fall in love.

Gay Singles Vacation Idea # 1. New York City

Best bar for Gay Singles in New York
Barracuda Lounge in New York is one of the finest gay destinations for singles. Image:

When you think of gay-friendly vacation spots, New York City springs to mind as a great holiday destination. This vibrant city must be on your travel card if you want some “all young men fun”. New York City is gaining popularity amongst LGBTQ because of its embracing attitude. New York doesn’t condemn, it doesn’t judge – which is why it is a special destination for gay singles. NY City boasts of plenty of gay destinations. LGBT community center, Julius oldest gay bar, dance bars and nightclubs are amazing here. So are libraries, museums and streets flooded with shopping centers.

Two vacation spots for gay solos which deserve an honorary mention here are Gay New Orleans and Gay Provincetown.

Before heading out on your gay singles tour, do check with your gay tour operator as well. For they may know your preferences better and may suggest cities perfect for your taste.

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