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Best travel insurance plans for Australia

Best travel Insurance plans for Australia

Every year millions of tourists visit Australia and millions travel out of Australia. Whatever you may be doing, it is wiser to get a travel insurance plan. We are not saying that something unpleasant will happen on your trip but it never kills to be on the safer side.

If you live in Australia and you are traveling within Australia, if you live in Australia but are traveling outside it, or if you live outside Australia but are traveling within Australia…we would advise you to get your trip covered with travel insurance.

Traveling is good, traveling smart is even better, traveling with insurance is best. ~A wise traveler

Now that we have convinced you to buy an insurance plan for your trip to Australia or your trip out of Australia, allow us to share our ideas the best travel insurance plans for Australia.

Travel insurance plans for Australia

There are four types of Insurance plans that you can go for:

Basic travel insurance plan:

Basic travel insurance plan is best for those on smaller travel budgets but are smart enough to get a travel insurance anyway. Basic insurance plan covers what is very essential and what can’t be ignored for your health and safety.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must tell it to the insurance person at the time of buying travel insurance. That way he will share with you different quotes depending on your pre-existing medical condition.

Benefits of basic travel insurance plan

Basic travel insurance plan comes with an unlimited cover for an emergency on your overseas trip including all emergency medical assistance, medical and hospital expenses. If you face any medical condition after the date you bought travel insurance plan, it will be covered by your basic travel insurance plan.

Comprehensive International travel Insurance plan

Comprehensive International travel insurance plan is best for travelers who travel overseas quite often.

Benefits of comprehensive international travel insurance plan

Comprehensive International travel plan offers you quite a lot and covers most of the risks on your trip abroad.

Emergency medical and hospital expenses are covered by this insurance plan including loss of travel document, credit card, and travelers’ cheques (if anybody still uses them!).

Cancellation fees, the extra money you pay in case of travel delays, food, accommodation, luggage and all are also covered by this travel insurance plan.

If you take a different transport due to delay, cancellation, or diversion in your scheduled transport, the expenses are again covered in this travel insurance plan.

Accidental death, permanent disability due to an accident during travel and loss of income (after the date of insurance purchased) are also covered in this travel insurance plan.

Domestic Travel Insurance plan:

If you are traveling within Australia and you travel quite often, then domestic travel insurance plan is best for you.

Benefits of domestic travel insurance plan

In this travel insurance plan provides cover for cancellations, delays, loss or damage of luggage. This travel insurance plan also provides cover for accidental death, additional expenses, theft of cash, personal liability and luggage and personal effects.

Multi-trip travel insurance plan

If you are an avid traveler and travel quite a lot from one country to another in short span of time then Multi-trip travel insurance plan is an apt plan for you. This plan is a 12-month plan which offers you all the benefits of Comprehensive International Travel Insurance plan.

If you research hard enough you may find a multi-trip travel insurance plan with a 90-day cover or a 180-day cover as well. It covers all the risk what comprehensive plan covers for trips within Australia and outside Australia.

This plan is very cheap and affordable for people who travel a lot.

Benefits of multi-trip travel insurance plan: After paying one premium you can get all your trips covered for 12 months or six months or three months, whatever be the duration of your insurance period. To get the maximum benefit out of this plan, choose the trip duration that will cover your longest journey.

Companies offering travel insurance plans for Australia

All these Travel Insurance plans are offered by insurance companies such as Allianz Insurance, AIG Insurance, Budget Direct, 1Cover Insurance, BUPA Insurance, Apia Insurance, AAMI, Colombus Direct, Fast Cover Insurance, Virgin Australia Insurance, STA Travel, Southern Cross Travel Insurance, WestPac Insurance, World Care Insurance etc.

A few of the most popular travel insurances in Australia are – Apia Comprehensive policy, Good2Go The Works policy, InsureandGO Gold Policy, Southern Cross Travel Insurance TravelCare, Ouch Premier Plus Extras, STA Travel Comprehensive policy, Travel Insurance Cover Comprehensive policy, Express Comprehensive policy, AIG Travel Insurance etc.

Travel insurance plans for Australia: For international travelers

If you are one of those million tourists who visit Australia every year, which is also one of a dream destination of many of us, then I would recommend you to get your trip to Australia covered by one of the best and cheapest travel Insurance plan.

The same plans which apply to Australians also apply to you – just choose between basic travel insurance, comprehensive international travel insurance or multi-trip travel insurance…and get on your airplane.

Remember, the cheapest travel insurance option is not always the best option, so research, compare and then buy travel insurance for Australia. After all, you won’t want your dream trip to Australia to turn into a nightmare.

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