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Best time to visit Disneyland California Adventure Park with Family and Kids

Best time to visit Disneyland, California

You must have heard that any time is a good time to visit Disneyland California Adventure Park with your family and kids.

However, that’s not true. In fact, it is quite far from the truth.

There is the best time to visit Disneyland California and then there are the not so good times to visit as well.

You can look at all the photos of Disneyland California Adventure Park and get your family and kids excited about it but what if you land up on the wrong day of the week?

What if the attendance of other fans – that is the crowd – dampens your holiday?

One cannot deny or ignore the crowd Disneyland California attracts. In the end, it is this Disneyland loving crowd which will decide the fun you and your family will have at the theme park.

Here is the short answer to the question: What is the best time to visit Disneyland California?

Before visiting Disney land California, you should see the Disneyland crowd calendar or the Disneyland attendance chart so that you know the best day of the week to go to the adventure park.

Here is a quick reference guide to show you the best days to visit Disneyland California.

Crowd visiting Disneyland California Adventure Park

Disneyland California attendance chart

Disneyland California is the second-busiest theme park in the USA that witnesses more than 15 million visitors annually. This theme park located at Anaheim, California is 72-acres big and yet one a few days it is not big enough for the visiting crowds.

Disneyland California Adventure Park has seven exciting lands or themes – Grizzly Peak, Pacific Wharf, A bug’s land, Paradise Pier, Hollywood Land, Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. In short, it has something for both the kids and adults in the family.

Best time to visit Disneyland California Adventure Park

Family in Disneyland California
If you and your family want to enjoy your trip to Disneyland California, make sure you know the best time to visit the amusement park. If you land up when it is crowded, you won’t like it for sure. /

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland with kids, I would recommend you plan wisely. It will save you from a lot of trouble and never-ending queues. Though there is no wrong time to visit Disneyland there are times when it’s better to visit Disneyland. Some of the times we are going to suggest also work out cheaper.

Best time to go to Disneyland California: The below-mentioned slots are the best times to avoid crowds at Disneyland.

  • From first Tuesday of September to mid-November barring the 3-day weekend of Columbus Day
  • The first couple of weeks of December
  • The first week of January to President’s Day
  • From President’s Day to mid-March
  • From mid-April to the third week of May

The worst time to visit Disneyland California: There are times when Disneyland is insanely crowded. We highly recommend you avoid Disneyland California during these time slots.

  • From mid-March to mid-April when it is Spring Break Season
  • Easter week
  • Christmas week
  • Most of June before local pass holders are blocked out
  • 4th July, especially if it’s a holiday weekend or long weekend
  • During Disneyland events
  • From July to mid-August

Best season to visit Disneyland California

The crowd at Disneyland California Adventure Park is seasonal. It swells and thins down seasonally. Here is a low down on how the crowd at the Disney park in California is spread out through the year.

Visiting Disneyland California in Summer

Summer is the season when Disneyland is crowded beyond one’s imagination. It is the busiest time in Disneyland when most of the attractions will be open. This is also the time when Disneyland California unveils its new attractions.

Summer is the time when you get to see World of Colors at California Adventure and amazing fireworks that go off every night.

If you, your family and kids are interested in all these things and can tolerate crowd, then summer is the best time for you to visit Disneyland.

Do check the crowd attendance or the crowd tracker of Disneyland California to see what kind of crowds to expect.

Visiting Disneyland California in Fall

Disneyland park during Halloween time

In fall season one can easily notice a drop in the number of visitors in Disneyland. This is because kids are back in their schools. During this period, the Halloween decoration at Disneyland is still to be done.

If you are looking for a lighter crowd, then fall before Halloween is the best time for you to visit Disneyland Adventure park. For the first few days after Halloween, Disneyland California Adventure park gets crowded to full capacity.

If you are eager to see Disneyland California Adventure park with all the Halloween visiting it in the second half of the fall makes better sense.

Visiting Disneyland California in Winter

Disneyland looks fabulous in winter when Christmas brings with it amazing decoration and fireworks.

If you prefer festive air and the cheerful crowd and don’t mind long lines visiting Disneyland California during Christmas and New Year is best.

Before and after Christmas the crowd at the Park is moderate and lines are short. If your family and kids want to see Disneyland with all its Christmas decoration, this is the best time to visit.

The only drawback of the winter season is the rain. However, during rain the indoor rides become popular.

Visiting Disneyland California in Spring

During March, April, and May when it’s spring in California and spring break in schools, the crowd in Disneyland reaches its peak.

Best reason to go to Disneyland in spring is the weather. In spring, it is not too hot or too cold and usually no rain. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

If you are planning a spring visit to the Disney land Adventure park in California, do check on the Disneyland crowd predictor or forecast.

How to save money on Disney vacation

Best time for Disneyland park in California

Disneyland Adventure park in California has everything to offer to everyone. First, decide what are you expecting from the trip and choose the time of visit accordingly.

If you intend on saving money during your Disney vacation, you need to plan early. Disneyland California Adventure park does not reduce its tickets rates during the slower tourist season but you can get good discounts on hotel rooms.

Plan your trip during value season

In January, February, mid-October to mid-November and the first several weeks in December hotel rates are moderate. Same reduced rates exist during the period of March through June, excluding mid-April and late August to early October.

During this period Disneyland’s resorts offer different pricing and room rates are least expensive. This is a sure shot way to save money for your Disney vacation.

Buy Annual Pass to save money

If you are planning to visit the park for over a week, then purchasing an annual pass to Disneyland Adventure park is the best way to save money during your Disney holiday. All pass holders get lots of discounts on various items.

Opt for Special Packages

Disneyland Adventure Park in California offers its visitors special discount packages. Once these offers are available they are listed on the Disneyland website so keep an eye on it.

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