Romantic Holidays

Best holiday places for romantic couples in UK

Romantic Places in UK

Romantic holiday destinations are in demand amongst couples because they enhance the romance quotient in the relationship and help nurture it. It has become a regular habit amongst couples to seek out romantic destinations and head out – even if it is just a weekend getaway.

Below we provide the best holiday places for romantic couples in UK. If you feel there are a few more romantic places in UK, do leave them in the comments section and we will add them in the next update.

1. Brighton – for the colorfully romantic

Vibrant, colourful, and fun – Brighton has all the trappings of an excellent romantic holiday place. There are two sides to Brighton – the cool beachside and the energetic city side. The couple needs to decide which side it will be for the moment. There is always something or the other to do here. When you aren’t lazing at the beach, you can try out the city attractions and when you are tired doing that you can visit the markets for some silver shopping or some antique jewellery.

Romance Rating: 9/10

2. Devon – for the romantic foodie

Devon is known for two things – great food and even better outdoor views. It is a spectacular and diverse county best for romantic couples on holidays. Everything that a love-lost couple may aspire for is available in Devon – starting from sandy beaches, stunning greenery, national parks, historic monuments and extreme sports for that adrenalin rush and finally excellent fresh food.

Romance Rating: 8/10

3. Yorkshire – for the sweet romantic

This is the largest county in whole of England and is known for its sports loving people. The other thing Yorkshire is known for is it’s liking for good food and good drink. As a romantic couple looking for some fun, the Yorkshire folks will accept you – after all they are sweet people. Yes, that’s right Yorkshire is home to some of the best English desserts. While ordering for beer in Yorkshire, do remember that it is a bit bitter. Everything said and done, it is still one of the best romantic holiday places in UK.

Romance Rating: 7.5/10

4. Norfolk – for the quiet romantic

If you like to take it easy and you just want to be left alone with your partner on your romantic holiday, this is the best place. It is countryside. It is sleepy. The energy levels are intentionally kept low and the best thing you can do you’re your partner is cycling around the town or going on a walk tour. Norfolk has some of the finest British beaches at Great Yarmouth, Cromer and Holkham.

Romance Rating: 8/10

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5. London – for the die-hard romantic

London is definitely the most romantic places in England so if you are from UK and haven’t been to London yet, just pack your bags and leave right away. Thanks to millions of people London hosts, it is a melting pot of all cultures. Having said that, London has a culture of its own which is best understood if you walk around the city during your holiday. Just hold the hands of your partner and keep walking to know the true London.

Romance Rating: 8.5/10

6: Cornwall – for the romantic walker

Every mile of the 300-mile long coastline of Cornwall is accessible by foot and is filled with things and places to excite the romantic in you. There are gorgeous gardens, surfing spots, boat trips on the river and the most romantic of them all – the cliff top walks. Cornwall is also full of festivals which suits the taste of romantic couples – the surf festivals, the live music festivals, arts festivals etc.

Romance Rating: 8.5/10

7. Cotswolds – for the romantic still living in the past

The villages in Cotswolds don’t belong to the world you and I are from. The hundreds of honey-colour limestone villages in a beautiful rural setting make this place one of the best romantic places in UK. If you are in love, you just can’t stop yourself from cycling around these villages and admiring the serene nature of the scenery and the people in this place. There are bustling farmers’ markets to soak in the local culture. This place is also strewn with coffee houses for the romantic soul. To throw in a bit of thrill, don’t miss visiting the Cotswold Discovery Centre, a 1790 prison on the edge of Northleach.

Romance Rating: 9/10

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