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Best hike trails in USA

Best hike trails in USA

We get asked a lot “Which is the best hike trail in US?” – There is no one hike trail which can be the correct answer for everybody. Depending on what you want to do and what your hiking likes and dislikes are, our answer will vary. This is why we compiled a list of the best hike trails in USA – for the hardcore hikers and for the casual family hikers.

1. Benton MacKaye Hike Trail, USA

Benton MacKaye Hike Trail
A painted sign gives the distance to Maine from Georgia on the Appalachian Trail. Kelly vanDellen /

The Benton MacKaye Trail in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina in US is one of the finest hike or trek trail. It is also known as the BMT Hike trail. The BMT trail starts and ends at Appalachian Trail and crosses it just before it enters Great Smoky Mountains National Park, thus making a figure eight for trekkers or hikers to follow.

Length of the Hike Trail: The trail is 500+ kms long but you can choose how long you want to hike.
Best time to go on hike: Never go in summer. All other weathers are good for a hike at Benton Mackay Trail.
Tips from other hikers: There is fishing on the way, so pack your fishing equipment if you like.

2. Continental Divide Hike Trail, USA

Continental Divide Hike Trail
This beautiful hike trail runs through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA. Patrick Poendl /

The Continental Divide Trail, in Wyoming, Colorado is also known as the CDT. This hike trails the huge Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to the wild wild Montana. The Continental Divide Trail is a very rough hike trail and only experts can enjoy it, what with tough roads, incomplete sections, and sometimes even bushwhacks are required. This trail also goes through the Yellowstone National park and the Glacier National Park.

Length of the Hike Trail: 3650 kms long
Best time to go on hike: Beware of snow, which can block most parts of this hike trail for most part of the year. The trick is to start from New Mexico in spring season and reach the Canadian side before autumn.
Tips from other hikers: Follow Continental Divide Trail Society’s recommended route to avoid tedious and less fun sections of the hike trail.

3. Shipwreck Coast Hike Trail, USA

Shi Shi Beach, Washington
The Shipwreck Coast hike trail passes through the Shi Shi Beach in Olympic National Park, Washington. Stas Moroz /

Shipwreck Coast Hike Trail is on the Shi Shi Beach in Washington and is the easiest for a family trek/hike outing. Along the walk there are various small pools of to poke at for fun. The good part of this trail is that this route isn’t lined by resorts teaming with tourists. If you plan your hike during low tide you can also see a lot of sea life which gets exposed in the low tide pools, which is great for children if they have tagged along. If you are lucky you may also hear the barks of Sea lions and seals and maybe even spot whales on the horizon.

Length of the Hike Trail: The length of this trail is 20 miles from Rialto Beach to
the Lake Ozette Ranger Station – just the right distance to make it a perfect family hike adventure trip.
Best time to go on hike: August and September are the best times to go on a family hike here but it can rain anytime. So be ready for hiking in the rain.
Tips from other hikers: There are a lot of raccoons on this hike trail so when you settle down for the night, take care of your food. Sunbathing and bodysurfing is also not recommended here.

4. Hayduke Hike Trail, USA

Hayduke Hike Trail
Since this hike trail is extremely challenging and dangerous and only experienced hikers / backpackers in peak physical condition should attempt the Hayduke Trail. Kravka /

Hayduke Hike Trail in Utah, Arizona is best for the hardened hikers who won’t mind staying in the wild for months on end. Of course even amateur hikers can go through smaller sections of this hike trail – it is the desert rats who will have maximum fun on this trail. Hayduke trail also crosses six different national parks before it runs its course. This trek trail has its high and low points – the highpoint being as high as 3480 meters on Mount Ellen and as low as 550 meters at Grand Canyon.

Length of the Hike Trail: This trail is 1300 kilometers long.
Best time to go on hike: In summer this hike trail is too hot and in winter snow won’t let you hike. So the best time is the spring season and the fall.
Tips from other hikers: On this trail you don’t need to be worried about stocking your food and water because this trail it crosses many highways.

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