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Best family weekend getaways from Karachi, Pakistan

Weekend getaways from Karachi, Pakistan

If you live in Karachi, you perhaps know that this coastal city of Pakistan has a lot for tourists. But, are you visiting Karachi on a weekend getaway with family and friends? Then do make sure you have seen everything that Karachi has to offer. If you are a tourist in Karachi, we recommend you explore the below-given list of attractions in Karachi:

Karachi’s most popular beaches: Seaview Beach, Manora Island Beach, Sandspit Beach, Hawke’s Bay Beach, Paradise Point Beach, and the French Beach.

Karachi’s most popular Museums: National Museum of Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force Museum and Pakistan Maritime Museum.

Other popular attractions in Karachi: Bagh Ibne Qasim, Clifton Fish Aquarium, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Empress Market, Hill Park, Jehangir Kothari Parade, Karachi Safari Park, and Karachi Zoo.

The family attractions mentioned above are a must see in Karachi. After you see all these, you can embark on our recommendation.

Best family weekend getaways from Karachi

Weekend Getaway near Karachi #1 – Bhambore

Weekend getaway from Karachi - Bhambore
Image: Sindhidunya.com

Named after Bamboo Raja from 10th century, Bhambore is more than 2100 years old city. This city is in the Sindh Province. Bhambore has great historical significance and is also an archaeological site. It is only 64 kms east of Karachi and takes upto one and half hour to reach. If you are planning a family weekend getaway from Karachi, you must consider Bhambore as your spot. If you have kids, it is even better because at this getaway they can witness the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Don’t miss out on seeing the Bhambore Museum. It holds many specimens of the age-old civilization and other artifacts.

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Weekend Getaway near Karachi #2 – Haleji Lake

Weekend getaway from Karachi - Haleji Lake
Image: Chuttiplanner.com

Once a small lake and now the Asia’s largest bird sanctuary, Haleji Lake is about 70 KMs from Karachi. This place is heaven for bird lovers as one can see different species of birds from November to February. Once you visit with the Haleji Lake, you can add some aquatic fun to your weekend getaway with family. The water park is the perfect place for this. It is only a few minutes drive from the lake. Do note that there is no option to stay overnight, so it can only be a one day trip from Karachi.

Weekend Getaway near Karachi #3 – Ranikot Fort

Weekend Getaway from Karachi - Ranikot Fort
Ranikot Fort is the World’s largest fort and can make a good family Weekend Getaway.[/caption]Also known as ‘The Great Wall of Sindh’, Ranikot Fort is the World’s largest fort and the purpose of building this huge fort is still a mystery. Ranikot Fort is 259 KMs from Karachi and takes about it takes about four hours to reach. If you are going with your family, I would suggest you to go there for picnic and fun. But don’t go with the plan of an overnight stay. In case you do want to stay, it is better to stay at Hyderabad for the night. If your trip to Ranikot is with friends, we recommend staying nearby itself. For then you can camp with music, cooking and all.

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Weekend Getaway near Karachi #4 – Keenjhar Lake

Weekend getaway from Karachi - Keenjhar Lake
Image: Dawn.com

122 Kms from Karachi, Keenjhar Lake is Pakistan’s largest man-made freshwater lake. It is about 24 km long and 6 km wide. It could be an amazing destination for a family weekend getaway from Karachi, Thatta and Hyderabad. Keenjhar Lake is a very beautiful place for picnic and bird watching as you can see thousands of birds in winter. You can go for swimming, and boating or decide to just relax. If you want to spend more time with your family, stay overnight at the Keenjhar Lake Resort or in Desert Hawks Resort.

Weekend Getaway near Karachi #5 – Hyderabad

Weekend Getaway from Karachi - Hyderabad City

Hyderabad is sixth largest city of Pakistan and is it’s only 164 kms away from Karachi. It is quite a popular weekend getaway destination for Karachi folks. Hyderabad has a lot of attractions to see, many activities to do and various type of foods to go for! Hyderabad Fort (Packo Quila) is must-see for visitors. Rani Bagh, the most famous park of Hyderabad, Sindh Museum, Badshahi Bungalow and Indus River are few things that you must not miss. Resham Ghiti and Shahi Bazaar are great places for shopping. You can get a huge variety of bangles, jewelry, electronic items and much more in these shopping hubs. If you are a foodie you must visit The Bombay Bakery in Hyderabad.

Weekend Getaway near Karachi #6 – Thatta

Weekend Getaway from Karachi - Shah Jehan Mosque
Shah Jehan Mosque in Thatta, Pakistan. Image: Wikipedia.org

Situated 98 KMs east of Karachi, Thatta is the ancient city of Pakistan. Famous for its centuries-old monuments and archeological sites, Thatta is heaven if you are a history buff. Main attractions of Thatta are Makli Hills and Shah Jahan Mosque. Makli Hills is one of the largest necropolises in the world with more than 125,000 tombs of Sufi saints. Other main attraction of Thatta is Shah Jahan Mosque. Shah Jahan built this about 350 years ago. This beautiful mosque still holds its charm with grace. There are many bazaars where you can go shopping with your family. Though the distance between Karachi and Thatta is only 100Kms, there is a marked difference in the cuisine. So don’t miss to try.

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Weekend Getaway near Karachi #7 – Kirthar National Park

Weekend Getaway from Karachi - Kirthar National Park
Image: Pktravel.pk

Kirthar National Park is home to two wildlife sanctuaries – Hub Dam Wildlife Sanctuary and Mahal Kohistan Wildlife Sanctuary. It is only 48 kms away from Karachi and you can reach there in one hour or so. If you choose this place for your weekend getaway, you would get to see a lot of wildlife animals here. Varieties of flora and fauna here are amazing too. Best time to visit Kirthar National Park is during winters because the summers are too hot.

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