Family Holidays

Best family holidays in South Africa

Family Holidays in South Africa

South Africa is the perfect family holiday destination. It is surprising that nobody lists South Africa in the list of child-friendly holidays but it is – I know because I have been there and seen the people & culture of South Africa.

You should also know that this African country respects family values a lot and this is visible in the way resorts have created facilities for kids. The staff handle them quite well – the way you take care of your kids talks a lot of the values one has grown up with.

While South Africa is a child-friendly family holiday destination, it does have two issues to address – that of distance and cost. Since majority of the tourists that come to the luxury safaris or luxury beaches or expensive resorts of South Africa are from North America and Europe it is safe to assume that the long haul flights are a dampener.

Even if the families planning their holiday in South Africa are willing to take the long haul flights, there is the cost of long travel – especially for kids, which can get exorbitant. These two issues notwithstanding, South Africa still is one of the best destinations for a family holiday.

The people of South Africa are friendly, especially with children, they have a great culture to showcase, they have great wildlife, best food around the continent, amazing climate.

They just about have everything to make their country the best holiday destination for folks with kids. South Africa is perhaps the only country, which is developed, retains its culture and has enough of wildlife to interest a wildlife lover.

The other reasons why South Africa is an ideal family holiday destination is the fact that it has accommodations to suit all budgets and activities to attract all age groups. If you are looking for a cheap holiday in South Africa you will get that too, for the tourist economy of this country is the best that one can aspire for.

All you need to do is plan ahead and get a good all inclusive deal.

For the best family holidays in South Africa, do continue to read.

Plan your holiday in South Africa

Safari in South Africa
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When you plan, be realistic. South Africa is a big country and one can’t cover the whole country in just a week-long vacation – especially when one is traveling with the family and kids. Best is if you just focus on one or two areas for your holiday and try and get the best out of your tour to South Africa.

I would strongly recommend that if it is your first holiday in South Africa you include these two places in your tour – Cape Town area and Kwazulu-Natal. These are the best parts of South Africa.

Though South Africa is very child-friendly, some hotels may have different children-specific policies, which means you need to check in advance before you land up for your holiday. If you don’t quite like hotels, you and your family can get a villa or an apartment and stay there for the period of your vacation.

Large families find renting an apartment or a villa as the best way to cut down costs. If you are lucky, your villa may already supply you with a cook and a safari guide. You can also drive around the country with your family and children – completely up to you.

Will my children be safe in South Africa?

South Africa is a safe country so rest assured and plan your South African holiday if you haven’t already. Best is if you take certain set precautions against the mosquitos and you will be safe.

The food is perfect and cuisine does provide a lot of options for the kids. The water is safe and doesn’t carry any diseases for your kids, which you need to be wary of. Just carry the usual safe-keeps such as sunscreens, mosquito repellents etc to ensure there are no surprises during your family holiday.

Also please advice the kids (and adults too!) that they should be careful while walking in the bushes because of poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions for your don’t want any emergencies when on a holiday.

One of the best advices I have got for my South African travels has been: ‘Don’t do anything which looks or sounds like a bad idea.”

Can I take children on Safari?

Kids in Safari
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Of course yes. In fact the more children you can take on a safari the better because we want the future generations to love wildlife as much as we do.

Though we won’t advice you to carry a child below the age to five on a safari – there is only one reason and that is scary enough – the crying of a child mimics that of an injured animal and may attract a predator.

Do note that the Safari guides in South Africa are the best around and very child-friendly as well – so they leave the judgment call to you. If you are confident about your children, then take them along.

Some of the Safari lodges may even have special programs or activities for kids to keep them occupied while you are on a safari.

Best South African resorts for family holidays

Taking your kids to a family resort in South Africa for a weeklong holiday (or maybe even a longer holiday) is an excellent way to bring the family together. As already mentioned earlier, hotels and resorts in South Africa are very child-friendly and children of all ages are welcome here. In fact, just in case your kid is being paid for, you may even get a special discount for your kid in your all inclusive South African holiday package. We strongly recommend the below-given resorts in South Africa for your family holiday:

1) Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa, Port St Johns

2) Cabanas, Sun City

3) Champagne Sports Resort, Winterton

4) Fish River Sun Resort, Port Alfred

5) Forever Resorts Swadini, Limpopo

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