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Best countries for solo travelers and backpackers

Best countries for solo travelers and backpackers

Most of us love traveling. Some of us prefer it with the group and some of us prefer to go solo. I am the kind who loves to travel alone. I have had friends for whom travelling alone has changed their perspective of life. They have become different human beings because travelled alone for 15 days or more.

When you travel alone, more than anything else, you get to know yourself better. You get to know your strength and weakness. You get to know your bending and breaking points. You get to know how quickly you can lose your cool when things don’t go according to your plan and how long you can remain calm in trying conditions.

Traveling alone requires a lot of planning and research. You just can’t pack your bags and hit the road whenever you want. Though you can do it but jumping into solo travel without any travel won’t be a good idea.

For your solo travel plan the first thing is to know the best countries where you can travel alone. I have made a list of the best countries for solo travellers and backpackers, do check it out –

Solo Travel in New Zealand

#1 Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best countries in the world for solo travellers or people who love to travel alone. Its friendly and open-minded people make it so easy to get along with on your solo trip to New Zealand. After reaching New Zealand, just hit the road, which takes you to the adventure capital of New Zealand: Queenstown. Queenstown is probably one of the best places in New Zealand for solo travellers. Limitless possibilities of adventure make Queensland a paradise for adventure seekers. You will definitely find some of very friendly and cool backpackers like yourself in Queensland, New Zealand.

Solo Travel in Costa Rica

#2 Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you will never get bored or wil never feel alone – such is the hospitality of this country. It hosts the most fun loving and happiest people of the world. Locals of Costa Rica are world famous for always being in a celebratory mood. These qualities make it one of the best countries in the world for solo travellers. Costa Rica is also a hit among the solo travellers because this happy country is far away from political unrest, riots, communal fight, and all. You will be amazed to know that Costa Rica has no army.

Solo Travel in Chile

#3 Chile

Chile has been in the list of veteran solo travellers for decades. Its amazingly colored streets, very fine restaurants, excellent transportation services and supercool and friendly locals make Chile one of the best places in the world for solo travellers. In Chile, the best place for solo travellers is Santiago. Safe and easy to navigate, Santiago is an authentic South American city. Bellavista quarter is the most trendy and hip place in Santiago, where you can find bars, artistic graffiti. Locals are very friendly and inviting so be ready to get an invitation or two to a family asdos (barbeques).

Solo Travel in Dublin

#4 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is famous for showcasing Irish warmth and hospitality at its best. Dublin is an amazing destination in Europe whether you are going solo or with a company, you will surely fall for this charming city. It is as safe as any European city but don’t forget the usual safety measures.

While you are in Dublin don’t miss to explore Dublin’s rich culture and history, which helped Dublin earn the proud title of UNESCO City of Literature. Apart from this, visit and explore traditional Irish pubs and indulge in some intellectual conversation with locals over a pint of Guinness. It will be more fun than it seems because locals of Dublin are awesome hosts and really know how to make someone feel at home.

Solo Travel in Reykjavik

#5 Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik is the center of culture and life of people of Iceland. This is the adventure hub of Iceland and attracts lots of solo travellers, backpackers, and adventure enthusiastic. Explore the city’s natural wonders and spectacular sites such as whale watching, The Blue Lagoon, and many more. Reykjavik is home to half of the island’s population and is very expensive in comparison to usual solo travellers destinations. This makes Reykjavik a not so budget-friendly solo travel destination.

Solo Travel in Vietnam

#6 Vietnam

Vietnam is a small country with some of the happiest people on the earth. Colorful and safe street life, warm and welcoming locals, and exotic food make it one of the best places in world for solo travelers. While you are in Vietnam, do not miss to explore Hanoi’s massive Dong Xuan Market in order to have a close look of Vietnamese culture. Vietnam is very inexpensive and affordable. If you want, you can spend months here and you won’t get bored.

Solo Travel in Bangkok

#7 Bangkok:

Also known as Venice of the east, Bangkok is beautiful, welcoming, and safe. Whether you are traveling in a group or traveling alone, you will find Bangkok full of fun and endless charm. Experience the Buddhist culture by spending some time in the temples of Bangkok. Bangkok is comparatively cheap and it’s an ideal place for long vacation. Explore the waterways, witness the architecture, savor the mouth watering local cuisine, and wind up your days by relaxing in Bangkok.

Solo Travel in New York

#8 New York, USA

New York City has always been welcoming to solo travellers and backpackers. Big apple has so many things to offer that it will take you several months to explore it all. New York is safe and very easy to get around. Public transport is one of the best in world. Finding a place, which will be light on your pocket, is a big task in NYC. Other than this it is cheap and definitely one of the best places in world for solo travellers. Chances are very high that you end up with some very good and fun company on your solo trip to NYC.

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