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Best beach holidays in Mexico

If you are looking for the best beach holidays in Mexico, you have come to the right place. Our traveler friends who have been to Mexico have provided us with inputs which helps up write this article on the best beach holidays in the best of locations – Mexico.

Before you proceed any further, do not forget your sunscreen and straw hats for you are going to need a lot of that in your next holiday. One word of warning for your next vacation – if you are going to sit under a coconut tree, watch out..some of them fall off when you are least expecting them to.

If you are interested, we also have the complete list of beaches in Mexico. If you are interested only in the best beach holidays in Mexico, keep reading –

1. Playa Zicatela Puerto Escondido

Playa Zicatela is a long beach attracting a lot of surfers from all over the World for their surf holidays. It is also the site of annual surfing competitions in August and November. If you are not an expert swimmer we won’t recommend getting into the water at this beach.

Address: Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Best beach for: Romantic couples and surfers
Top restaurants in Playa Zicatela Beach: Alaburger, Almoraduz Cocina Mexicana de Autor, Portus Fresh Food & Beach Club
Best attractions nearby: Laguna de Manialtepec, Dolphin and whale watching

2. Playa de los Muertos, Puerto Vallarta

Playa de los Muertos, Mexico
Los Muertos pier is one of the centrepieces of an ambitious Downtown Puerto Vallarta renewal plan. Meunierd /

Playa de los Muertos is the main beach in the city Puerto Vallarta. If you love crowds, this is just the beach holiday destination for you. The south end is the gay beach while the northern end sees more locals and families. At this beach too the sunsets are amazing and the view looking out to sea is breathtaking. Do not forget your sunscreen. There are a great many restaurants nearby and loads of souvenir shops.

Address: El Centro (Off Calle Olas Atlas), Puerto Vallarta 48380, Mexico
Best beach for: Romantic couples and families
Top restaurants in Playa de los Muertos Beach: Pancho’s Takos, Kaiser Maximilian, Xocodiva
Best attractions nearby: Zona Romantica, Olas Altas, Banderas Scuba Republic

3. Nuevo Vallarta Beach, Nuevo Vallarta

The beach in Porta Valarta is long and spacious. If the rough sea gets to you, try choosing a shady spot under the numerous palm trees. The sunsets at this beach are stunning and make for a great beach holiday for romantic couples as well as families. If you walk the beach in September (in the morning or evening) you will spot numerous turtles who come ashore to lay eggs. Our traveler friends have also pointed out that this beach is very clean.

Address: Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Best beach for: Romantic couples, families and kids
Top restaurants in Nuevo Vallarta Beach: Manao Cebicheria, Frida Restaurant, Prime 159
Best attractions nearby: Grand Odyssey Casino, Vallarta Adventures

4. Balandra Beach, La Paz

Balandra Beach, La Paz
Balandra beach is located about 30 minutes north of La Paz. Best way to reach there is by car or bus. MIGUEL ZETTER LOPEZ /

If you are a family with children, the Balandra beach is the perfect family holiday destination. Since the water is very quite and shallow, your kids will love swimming. The white sand of this beach sparkles in the sun & the water is warm – just the right setting to let your hair down. The location is also just perfect – 20 minutes from the center of La Paz. If you love snorkeling try out the rocky areas on either side of the south end of the bay.

Address: 11 Baja California Sur, Balandras, La Paz, Mexico
Best beach for: Families and kids, elderly in the family, also some water activities
Top restaurants in Balandra Beach: Tailhunter Restaurant, La Fuente, The Bagel Shop
Best attractions nearby: Club De Playa El Tecolote

5. Playa Delfines, Cancun

This gorgeous beach has beautiful white sand and clear blue waters for swimming. If you like history, do check out the Mayan museum close by. A lot of our traveler friends find this to be a very clean beach. The not so confident swimmers can also dip their feet in the water because lifeguards are always on duty in this beach. Don’t miss out on taking your photo below the Cancun sign.

Address: Boulevard Kukulkan | Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500, Mexico
Best beach for: Families, Romantic Couples, Kids,
Top restaurants in Playa Delfines Beach: The White Box, Restaurante Benazuza, El Conquistador
Best attractions nearby: Museo Maya de Cancun, El Rey Ruins, Iberostar Golf Club, Cancun

6. Paradise Beach, Cozumel

Paradise Beach, Cozumel
Paradise Beach in Cozumel is Mexico’s best beach for having fun in the sun or taking a break in the shade. The best part – there is no entrance fee. CAN BALCIOGLU /

The paradise beach can be what you want it to be. It offers a lot of activities as well as a lot of avenues to just relax. There are a wide variety of inflatable water slides, snorkeling, and numerous other water toys. The best place to snorkel is off our pier where you can see lots of fish and other marine life. If you don’t want to indulge in all the activity you can climb a coconut tree or lie down in your hammock.

Address: Carretera Costera Sur Km 14.5, Cozumel 77600, Mexico
Best beach for: Kids, Families, Romantic couples
Top restaurants in Paradise Beach: King Burrito express, Money Bar, SkyReef Cozumel
Best attractions nearby: Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park

7. Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas

If you are in love and are looking for a beach holiday in Mexico with your partner, there is no better beach than Playa del Amor. It isn’t without reason that its called the Lover’s Beach. The good thing about this beach is that unlike the other beaches in Mexico, here you won’t find unwelcome vendors coming to you to sell their wares. Be careful and don’t wander into the Divorce beach, which is a short walk from the Lover’s beach. The few things not to be missed in this beach are – relaxing on Hammocks strung over the water as the waves rolled in and rock you, the old shipwreck (ask your local guide for it), and the glass bottom boat.

Address: Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas 23410, Mexico
Best beach for: Romantic Couples
Top restaurants in Playa del Amor Beach: Hacienda Cocina y Cantina, La Roca, CaboRey Luxury Dinner Cruise
Best attractions nearby: El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (Lands End), Pelican Rock, Hiking on Mt. Solmar

8. Akumal Beach, Akumal

Akumal Beach in Mexico is also known as the ‘Turtle beach’ because of the numerous turtles you can find here. If you love a white sandy beach lined with coconut trees and crystal-clear waters you should try out this Mexican beach. Marako85 /

The Akumal beach is pristine and the water is clear…so be guaranteed of an amazing beach holiday at this Mexico Beach. It gets crowded during the day but it is to be expected…that it is the third best beach in Mexico. A swim in this beach will ensure you see a good number of sea turtles. In fact, all of the swimmers also end up spotting fish, octopus, barracuda etc when they get near the reef. If you are going to the reef and need diving equipment, rent it out from the dive centre – it works out cheaper.

Address: Akumal, Mexico
Best beach for: Outdoor activities, Families, Kids,
Top restaurants in Akumal Beach: Turtle Bay Bakery & Cafe, El Ultimo Maya, La Buena Vida Restaurant
Best attractions nearby: Akumal Dive Center (if you want to snorkel), Budha Gardens Spa (if you want a massage)

9. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

The Playa Norte has wonderful white sand and the water is very clear, calm and turquoise. In fact, as far as your eyes can see … it will be water. It’s gorgeous and the perfect tropical beach one imagines after reading about them in story books. Since the water is calm, best is to wear some floaters and just float around the water. If you don’t care much for water, during this beach holiday you can tie a hammock to a tree and read or sleep in the shade.

Address: north end of Isla Mujeres, Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Best beach for: Romantic couples, Families, kids,
Top restaurants in Playa Norte Beach: Ruben’s, Dopi’s, Nash’s Tapas Bar Indo-Mex Bar and Restaurant
Best attractions nearby: Snorkeling at Garrafon de Castilla, Hacienda Mundaca (the Mayan homes and small zoo)

10. Playa Paraiso, Tulum

Playa Paraiso, Tulum
The Mayan ruins are close to the Playa Paraiso so don’t miss it. DC_Aperture /

The Playa Paraiso is a beautiful white sandy beach with the turquoise blue Caribbean sea. The soft sand is gentle on your feet so you can leave your flip-flops at home. The coconut trees whisper in the breeze at this beach so remember to listen. Since this is the best beach holiday you can have in Mexico, this is usually crowded. Do check on the timing before making plans for your beach holiday at Playa Paraiso.

Address: Near Tulum, Carretera Boca Paila Mz 3 Lote 2, Tulum, Mexico
Best beach for: Kids, Families, Romantic couples
Top restaurants in Playa Paraiso Beach: Mezzanine Thai Restaurant & Martini Bar, Bar Adelita, Playa Azul Tulum Restaurant
Best attractions nearby: Mayan Ruins of Tulum, Mayan Beach, Edventure Tours

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