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Best all inclusive luxury resorts in Caribbean for family holidays

Luxury botique resorts in caribbean

Boutique luxury resorts in the Caribbean make for excellent family holidays. Thanks to all the personalized service these luxury resorts make you feel like a King and a Queen, far away from the masses.

If it’s a remote island paradise it works out even better. You would get whisked away in a boat or helicopter to the dramatic location of one of the Caribbean islands.

If you prefer to extend the luxury, it can even be a private island in the Grenadines, where the most strenuous things you have to do is a swing in your hammock under a palm tree. With so much luxury waiting to be discovered, let us share with you the best boutique luxury resorts in the Caribbean for family holidays.

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Best boutique luxury resorts in Caribbean

Caribbean island: Grenadines

Grenadines are an island chain that is part of Saint Vincent and Grenada in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a secret hideaway, the Grenadines is a ‘must’ on your family’s holiday wish list. From private secluded beaches to unspoiled landscapes, the Grenadines are perfect for hiking, swim or explore at your leisure.

Palm Island Resort, Caribbean – Best All Inclusive Luxury Resort in Grenadine

Set on a private island with 5 white sand beaches, Palm Island Resort in the Caribbean offers many cycling and walking trails. You could also head down to the ocean for swimming, snorkeling, diving or a whole array of other water sports including kayaking. If you don’t feel like sweating it out, you can always find yourself a quiet beach or bay. If you would rather spend the day on the beach, how does sipping a cocktail while lying on the swinging hammocks beneath palm trees sound? Booking yourself a spa treatment is the ideal way to finish off a lazy day in the sun.

Caribbean island: Grenada

Grenada is better known as “Spice Island” and you are sure to experience the incredible Caribbean cuisine if you plan a holiday in this lap of luxury. Its cuisine apart, the Caribbean island of Grenada is also famous for its breathtaking beaches and scenery.

Spice Island Resort, Caribbean – Best All Inclusive Luxury Resort in Grenada

Set on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach, just three miles from St George’s, Spice Island Beach Resort is just right for family holidays. This resort is what we call ultimate luxury. Not only is it an all-inclusive resort with its own golf course, there are many activities to keep you entertained such as tennis, cycling and non-motorized water sports including snorkeling, kayaking, and Hobie cat sailing.

This family-run boutique hotel makes you feel at home, and hosts a restaurant and bar offering authentic local cuisine, calypso, reggae and steel bands. A music-loving family can’t escape the lure of this boutique resort.

Caribbean island: Tobago

This laid-back island is said to have inspired the classic Robinson Crusoe and is a truly relaxed secluded getaway. Besides winning numerous awards for its remarkable eco-friendly initiatives, Tobago also boasts of very warm people. Once your family and kids have visited Tobago, they are bound to come back – such is the magnetic pull of the folks in this Caribbean island. They are relaxed, warm and welcoming. If the warmth of the people won’t get you back, its picturesque beaches would.

Coco Reef Resort & Spa, Caribbean – Best All Inclusive Luxury Resort in Tobago

Coco Reef Resort & Spa in the Caribbeans is a top-of-the-line boutique luxury resort which must find its way into your family’s holiday plans. This resort is known for its golden private beaches edging Calm Ocean. This resort is perfect for both families with kids and couples wanting to combine a relaxing escape with amazing dining and service. If it helps this family resort is close to the airport too.

Caribbean island: Aruba

Aruba is also known as the land of perpetual sunshine. Located in the deep southern Caribbean Sea, Aruba is an exotic paradise you shouldn’t miss. This island is a member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and you will love the Dutch culture at full display here. This Caribbean island is a cultural melting pot with more than a hundred different nationalities living in its relaxed environs.

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Caribbean – Best All Inclusive Luxury Resort in Aruba

The Manchebo Beach Resort in the Caribbean lies bang in the middle of Aruba’s widest white sands beach and is just right for both family holidays and couple vacations. The three á la carte restaurants serve up the best food in the world. And the cocktail parties are never ending. There is enough to do for every member of the family. At the end of the day, you can live it up with a massage from the beach-side exotic Caribbean-Balinese style spa. Do participate in the Yoga classes they offer.

Caribbean island: Nevis

Nevis is close to St. Kitts in the Northern part of the Caribbean. It’s spectacular geographical features add to its mystique. It is believed that even the Caribbean people find Nevis laidback – yes, that’s how good it is for a family holiday. The Nevisians have always wanted to keep their paradise off the radar but the seasoned travelers have always given in to the lure of this magnificent Caribbean island.

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Caribbean – Best All Inclusive Luxury Resort in Nevis

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Caribbean is a boutique resort known for its exceptional service. It has been consistently voted by the travelers as one of the top hotels in the Caribbean on by The resort is on a white sand beach, amidst lush green coconut groves. This luxury resort has an old world charm about it, which you are bound to love. If you and your family prefer a relaxed vacation, this is the boutique resort to opt for. After all, not holidays need to be packed with activities. Some holidays deserve to be just holidays!

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