Arun T

Travel Enthusiast & Site Admin

Arun T is the quintessential adventure-seeker, constantly chasing the next adrenaline rush. His love for extreme sports has taken him skydiving in the clear skies and scuba diving in the deep seas around the world. Arun believes that each destination has its own unique thrill to offer, and he’s determined to experience them all.

His adventurous spirit not only pushes him to the limits of physical endurance but also helps him connect with like-minded thrill-seekers globally.

Favorite travel movie: Wild
Next destination: Austria


Cities visited: 15

vacations taken: 11

Attractions seen: 28

Next trip: In 90 days

Sites created: 3

The celeb I would like to travel with

Chris Hemsworth

Traveling with Chris Hemsworth would be a truly unique experience due to his adventurous nature and charismatic presence. His passion for fitness and the outdoors means you might find yourself hiking through rugged landscapes or surfing big waves—activities that are both exhilarating and deeply connected to nature.

Chris Hemsworth