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Adventure sports travel insurance plans


Not everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday is to relax on a serene beach and count the blessings. Some of us who love to live life on the edge prefer to spend vacations indulging in adventure sports.

Extreme adventure means extreme risk and to cover yourself from the extreme risk you need an adventure sports travel insurance.

Adventure sports travel insurance plans are designed for people who travel so that they can try new adventurous activities.

What are adventure and extreme adventure sports?

There are a lot of activities, which fall under the category of adventure activities or adventure sports. Some of them are extreme adventure sports due to the amount of risk involved.

It is not mandatory to buy a travel insurance plan before trying any such activities but it is advisable to do so in case of any mishap.

Following activities are known as adventure sports activities and these activities are covered by almost all adventure sports travel insurance plans:

Bungee jumping, caving, paragliding, hot air ballooning, abseiling, jet skiing, hang gliding, heli-skiing, inline skating, rappelling, scuba diving, skydiving, snorkeling, snowboarding, snow skiing, piloting a non-commercial aircraft, snorkeling, wildlife safaris, whitewater rafting, windsurfing, jungle zip lining, mountain biking, parachuting, bobsledding, surfing, trekking, high diving, rock climbing, shark cage diving, potholing and many more.

All these or any sport of this nature are known as adventure or extreme adventure sports.

There are many insurance plans designed for an adventure junkie. People living on ‘razor’s edge’ are highly advised to purchase this extreme sports travel insurance plan, as there are inherent dangers involved.

Since you have decided to buy an insurance plan, you must opt for the plan that is best suited for you. Your insurance plan must cover the sports for which you are going, the necessary medical emergencies and other accidents.

Know adventure sports travel insurance plans

Adventure sports travel insurance plans are different from regular travel insurance plans. These plans are expensive with pay high premiums. Before purchasing an adventure sports travel insurance plan, be clear of the following:

1. What sport will you be participating in?

2. Is that sport covered?

3. What’s the maximum coverage amount?

4. Can you participate in more than one adventure sport?

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What coverage do you need?

As an adventure junkie, you should look for following coverage in your adventure sport travel insurance plan:

1. Medical coverage

Adventure sports are risky and anything can happen during your trip. To save yourself from heavy medical bills and hospitalization charges, medical coverage should be your first priority.

2. Evacuation and repatriation coverage

While participating in an extremely dangerous adventure sports activity, things can go wrong. We see a lot of news where such activities turned out to be fatal for people. In case of such unfortunate happenings, your insurance provider will do the needful and ensure coverage.

3. Accidental death and dismemberment

Before purchasing adventure sports travel insurance, make sure they provide AD&D coverage. This policy will ensure that the beneficiary is paid the benefits in case the death is an accident.

Summarizing adventure travel Insurance

1. You must never assume that your standard travel insurance will ensure coverage for adventure sports. Read the related terms and conditions with care.

2. For optimum cover for any dangerous sports, you may even need a hazardous sports rider or specialist.

3. Travel insurance and extreme travel insurance are completely different things. Before buying an adventure travel insurance plan, be specific about what sort of sports you are going to try during your trip.

4. The premium for adventure sports travel is higher than usual travel insurance premiums.

5. Your priority should be to get a plan that covers maximum activities in your budget.

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