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Advantages of all inclusive honeymoon packages – benefits for newly weds

Couple enjoys benefits of honeymoon package

Smarter couples decide to go for an all inclusive package on their honeymoon. Why? Because it makes perfect sense and they are just smart folks.

Imagine the number of decisions you have had to take in the last six months to one year – for your wedding. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Now, why would you want to add more logistical headache to the list? Why would you want to look at all the cheap flight options and all the all resort options for your honeymoon yourself?

Check out all the advantages of all inclusive honeymoon packages –

1. No logistical headache

You don’t need to go into every detail of your honeymoon. You just need to land up at the airport with your spouse for your special week or ten days, and enjoy it. Simple. All inclusive honeymoons usually mean a pick up from your doorstep to a drop at your doorstep after the honeymoon is over.

2. Wait! You may be able to marry here too!

One of the biggest advantages of all inclusive resorts is that they offer a quiet corner to get married if you want to. Of course, this makes sense only if you don’t have the burden of inviting your family and friends to your wedding. If you want your wedding to be a private affair, look no further than an all inclusive honeymoon package.

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3. Ultimate pampering

Pampered honeymoon couples
Couples who choose to go for all-inclusive honeymoon packages get pampered. Phil Date /

All inclusive honeymoon packages bring with them luxurious accommodations, world-class dining and wining options, a range of activities for the newlyweds and highly trained staff to take care of you. Nothing is left to chance so that you can just sit back and enjoy your honeymoon.

4. Fixed honeymoon budget

You may have just spent a lot of money on your wedding and want to be just that bit careful about your honeymoon expenses. We aren’t asking you to go cheap. We are only saying that an all inclusive honeymoon package is an awesome way of staying within a budget because everything is paid upfront. You will never have to pay extra for the drinks by the pool, daily activities, live entertainment, in-room service, and more. This will help you focus all your energies on creating a pure set of memories on your honeymoon.

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5. Focus on your honeymoon

All inclusive package helps focus

Most resorts which offer all inclusive honeymoon packages are adults only. This means, you don’t have to worry about kids and have your honeymoon the way you want. If you have kids, don’t despair, there are kid friendly all inclusive hotels as well. The beauty is, these resorts have staff and programs to keep the children busy while the adults can have a honeymoon.

6. Private pleasures

Privacy is advantage of all inclusive package

The accommodation in all inclusive resorts is top of the line, which means you don’t even need to get out your room if you want to. So, while you are searching for your all inclusive honeymoon package, do check if they have a private pool, a deep soak bath tub, a Jacuzzi or a swim in pool entry to your room.

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7. Right amount of privacy

What is a honeymoon where people will surround you? This is a huge advantage of all inclusive deals – you get your relative privacy and seclusion from rest of the world. When you need it, at the press of a bell or a call away servicing staff will emerge out of nowhere for that Martini you want.

8. Wide variety of food and drinks

Honeymoon breakfast
Free food is one of the major advantages of all inclusive honeymoon packages. If you love food, you must opt for an all inclusive package. Maridav /

All inclusive hotels/resorts generally have more than three restaurants to cater to international tastes in cuisine and décor. The same is true with bars in such resorts – they are almost always more than three. Some may even have ten restaurants and ten bars – to offer you a different experience every time you step out of your room.

9. All activities are free

All inclusive resorts have a variety of activities for individuals and honeymooning couples to keep them busy. In a deal which isn’t all inclusive, one tends to spend a lot of money for such activities. But in a special package, all the renting of equipment (for Scuba diving or snorkeling for instance) and the services of the staff come free during such activities.

10. No surprises while you have fun

When you are holidaying on an all inclusive package, there are no chances of any surprises because everything has been determined earlier. Once you finish your honeymoon and start your life together, there are going to be many surprises. So avoid them on your honeymoon. 😉

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