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4-day tour of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan 4-day tour

Embark on an unforgettable 4-day adventure through Azerbaijan with our all-inclusive package. Explore Baku’s rich history and vibrant culture, visiting iconic landmarks like Old City Baku, Maiden Tower, and Shirvanshah Palace. Immerse yourself in natural wonders at Yanardag Fire Mountain and Gobustan Mud Volcanoes.

Duration: 4 days
Timing: 9 am to 11 pm/ 10 am to 11 pm
Cost of tour: ₼1300($764)
Guide Languages: English, Turkish, and Azerbaijani

Itinerary of the 4-day tour

Day 1: Arrival in Baku- Night Tour

Upon arrival at Baku Airport, you will receive a meet-and-greet service. 

Your tour guide will then escort you to your hotel. 

After checking in, take some time to relax and unwind. In the evening, embark on a Night Panoramic Tour, starting with a visit to Highland Park for breathtaking views. 

Admire the iconic Flame Towers and pay respects at the Alley of Martyrs. 

Conclude the tour with a stroll along the illuminated Baku Boulevard before returning to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 2: Old City and Modern City Urban Excursion

After transferring to the Old City, explore its historical landmarks, including the Old City Gates, the architectural marvel of Shirvanshah Palace, and the iconic Maiden Tower. 

Transitioning to modern Baku, stroll through vibrant Nizami Street, admire the Fountain Square, and explore Baku Boulevard. 

Stop for shopping at Daniz Mall, then delve into contemporary architecture at the Haydar Aliyev Center. 

Finally, discover vintage cars at the Classic Car Museum before returning to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 3: Abserson tour- All in one

Begin your day by departing for Gobustan, where you’ll explore ancient rock art at the Open Air Rock Museum. 

Delve into Azerbaijan’s natural history at the 3D Bio Museum before witnessing the unique phenomenon of the Mud Volcanoes. 

Experience the significance of the historic First Oil Drill and immerse yourself in the culture at the Bibi Heybat Mosque. 

Continue your journey to explore the Ateshgah Fire Temple and Yanardag Fire Mountain. 

Conclude the day with some leisure time at Ganjlik Mall before returning to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 4: End of tour

The itinerary concludes with a transfer to Baku Airport for departure.

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Key places visited in the tour

In this 4 day tour of Azerbaijan, explore the city’s highlights, including the enchanting Baku Boulevard-a serene promenade offering respite from the urban hustle- and the Heydar Aliyev Center, which epitomizes architectural innovation and cultural splendor, symbolizing the nation ‘s progressive spirit and artistic heritage.

Highland Park

Highland Park in Baku, Azerbaijan, offers panoramic views of the city and the Caspian Sea. Perched atop a hill, it provides a serene escape with lush greenery and benches. Whether day or night, it promises a memorable experience for all.

Flame Towers

The Flame Towers, iconic landmarks of Baku, Azerbaijan, dominate the city’s skyline with their striking modern design and illuminated facade. These towering structures symbolize the nation’s energy reserves and offer breathtaking views of the Caspian Sea.

Alley of Martyrs

The Alley of Martyrs in Baku, Azerbaijan, stands as a sad tribute to those who lost their lives in the country’s struggle for independence. This serene memorial features rows of graves and monuments, offering visitors a poignant reminder of Azerbaijan’s tumultuous history and the sacrifices made for freedom.

Baku Boulevard

Baku Boulevard, stretching along the Caspian Sea waterfront, captivates travelers with its charming promenade with palm trees and vibrant gardens. Offering stunning views of the sea and the city’s skyline, it’s perfect for strolls, cycling, and enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

Old City Gates

The Old City Gates, nestled within Baku’s historic center, is a gateway to Azerbaijan’s rich heritage. These ancient entrances, dating back centuries, invite travelers to step back in time and explore the labyrinthine streets and storied landmarks of Baku’s Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shirvanshah Palace

Shirvansah Palace, a UNESCO-listed gem in Baku’s Old City, showcases the grandeur of Azerbaijan’s medieval architecture. Dating back to the 15th century, this majestic complex features intricate carvings, ornate domes, and royal chambers, offering travelers a glimpse into the country’s rich historical legacy.

Maiden Tower

The Maiden Tower, an iconic symbol of Baku, stands tall against the city skyline, shrouded in myths and legends. Dating back to the 12th century, this ancient structure offers panoramic views of the Caspian Sea and invites travelers to unravel its mysteries through its intriguing architecture and history.

Nizami Street

Nizami Street, Baku’s bustling thoroughfare, captivates travelers with its vibrant energy and eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and boutiques. Named after the famed Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, this pedestrian-friendly street is a shopping haven, offering everything from luxury brands to local souvenirs amidst charming architecture.

Fountain Square

Fountain Square, Baku’s vibrant heart, entices travelers with its lively atmosphere and dazzling array of cafes, shops, and entertainment venues. Adorned with ornate fountains and surrounded by historic buildings, this bustling square is a favorite spot for locals and tourists to gather and unwind.

Daniz Mall

Daniz Mall, located in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a premier shopping destination offering a diverse range of international and local brands. Spread across multiple floors, this modern shopping complex boasts a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking retail therapy and leisure activities.

Heydar Aliyev Center

The Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, stands as an architectural marvel designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Its fluid, futuristic design represents the country’s forward-thinking vision. This cultural hub hosts exhibitions, concerts, and events, showcasing Azerbaijan’s rich heritage and contemporary achievements to visitors worldwide.

Classic Car Museum

The Classic Car Museum in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a haven for automotive enthusiasts, showcasing a stunning collection of vintage and rare automobiles. Visitors are transported back in time as they marvel at meticulously restored classics, ranging from iconic models of the past century to unique and rare finds. This museum offers a fascinating journey through automotive history, providing insight into car design, technology, and craftsmanship evolution.

Open-air rock museum

The Open-air museum offers a captivating exploration of music history amidst stunning natural surroundings. Visitors immerse themselves in the evolution of rock, showcased through outdoor exhibits and interactive displays. With its scenic backdrop and diverse collection, the museum provides an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts and nature lovers.

3D bio museum

The 3D Bio Museum merges technology and biology education, featuring lifelike 3D models for interactive learning. Visitors explore biology’s wonders through engaging exhibits, fostering curiosity and understanding of the natural world.

Mud volcanoes

Mud Volcanoes, nature’s oddities, eject mud, water, and gases due to underground pressure. They form surreal landscapes and offer insights into Earth’s processes. These sites attract adventurers and scientists and provide habitats for rare species, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Bibi Heybat Mosque

Bibi Heybat Mosque, a historic landmark in Azerbaijan, showcases stunning architecture and cultural significance. Rebuilt in the 1990s, it honors the memory of a revered religious figure. Surrounded by scenic views, the mosque attracts visitors and worshippers alike, symbolizing spiritual heritage and community.

Ateshgah Fire Temple

Bibi Heybat Mosque, a historic landmark in Azerbaijan, showcases stunning architecture and cultural significance. Rebuilt in the 1990s, it honors the memory of a revered religious figure. Surrounded by scenic views, the mosque attracts visitors and worshippers alike, symbolizing spiritual heritage and community.

Yanardag Fire Mountain

The Atashgah Fire Temple in Azerbaijan, dating back to the 17th century, was revered for its eternal flames and attracted pilgrims of various faiths. Today, it stands as a testament to religious diversity and cultural heritage.

Ganjlik Mall

Ganjlik Mall, situated in Baku, Azerbaijan, stands as a modern retail and entertainment hub. Its diverse range of shops, dining options, and recreational facilities offers visitors a vibrant and dynamic shopping experience in the city’s heart.

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