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Why Australia is one of the top destinations in 2018


If you are wondering where to go travel in 2016, I would I highly recommend you Australia. And if you are wondering why Australia is one of the top destinations in 2016, please keep on reading.

Australia is one such place, which you must visit before you die and 2016 is just perfect year to visit Australia. This amazingly beautiful country is heaven for travelers.

Why Australia is one of the top destinations in 2016

Go alone or with your family or with friends, go in summers, or in winter, go for few days or few weeks or for a month, go for some reason or without any reason, just go Australia. Go Australia for its tranquil beaches, thrilling wildlife, surreal deserts, and jaw dropping scenic beauty. Go Australia because it has one of the best BBQ traditions in the world. Australia has everything which makes it an ideal destination.

Beaches of Australia is the best

Visit Australia in 2016 for its beautiful serene beaches. Australia is blessed with over 50,000km of coastline and some of the best beaches in the world. All around the world, Australia is renowned for its magnificent beaches and once you spend some time in one of many beaches in Australia, you will see what they talk about when the talk about beaches in Australia. Some of the best beaches in Australia are: Cable Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Burleigh Heads Beach, 75 Mile Beach, Noosa Main Beach and the list is too long to write down all the names here. 😉

Wildlife in Australia is nothing but sheer thrill

If you are an adventure seeker you must visit Australia sooner or later sooner will be better. 😉 Visit Australia in 2016 for its famous for its lush green tropical rainforests. In Queensland, home of ancient forests, there are forests, which are one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world. It is an awesome place to witness sheer wildlife in Australia, including millions of birds, green islands, steamy hot springs, and tropical waterfalls. One more thing that you should not miss in Queensland is Daintree National Park.

Wineries of Australia are exceptional

Australia has some of the finest wineries in the world and it has been producing wine since 1788. This beautiful country has more than 60 wine regions, which produce award-winning wines for OZs and the world alike. Wine valleys in Australia demand same amount of appreciation and dedication as the wine itself. You just can’t ignore them while you are in Australia. Spend some time in testing award-winning wines Hunter Valley or in Barossa Valley in South Australia, which is particularly famous for its Shiraz. These wineries are intoxicating enough to give you a high.

Australia has world class surfing spots

Australia is a paradise for true surfers with some of the best surf spots in the world. If you are one of those true surfers, you must visit Australia once in your life. Surfing is a part of Australian culture and even six years old surfs like a pro. Byron Bay in New South Wales is the perfect place for soul thrilling surfing in massive waves. Other than this you can opt Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast in Queensland and Bells Beach in Victoria, all are equally mesmerizing. You will find plenty of Surf schools within the range of beaches ready to help you and tech you if you are a beginner.

The Great Barrier Reef

If I try to sum up The Great Barrier Reef in word, I would say “unbelievable”. It is the only living thing on earth, which is visible from space. The Great Barrier Reef has over 3000 individual reefs and 900 islands including an abundance of marine life. It contains an incredible diversity of life. Various species of Whales and dolphins and sharks are visible here. This is nature’s greatest gift to Australia, which you must see once in your life. The Great Barrier Reef is dream of every diver in the world and I can assure you taking a dive in the reef could change your life forever.

Best time to visit Australia in 2016

Australia has a wide range of climates like any other continent but different seasons at different time than others. It completely depends on you when do you want to visit Australia and will be the best for you. If you want to go to Australia in spring then you should go in September-November when it’s spring in Australia and weather is lovely.

If you want to visit Australia in summers than you should plan your trip in December- February when it’s summer in Australia and weather is pretty hot.

If you want to visit Australia in autumn than go ahead in March- May when the weather is pleasant and lovely.

If you want to visit Australia in winters than you should go there in June- August when it’s cold in Australia still it’s not that cold like our usual winters.

Top destinations in Australia

Australia is a huge continent with plenty of attraction to offer and plenty of destinations ready to be explored. Here are some of the top destinations, which you should not miss on your trip to Australia:

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is kind of place you fall in love with the moment you set your eyes on. Whether is it stunning sunset view from Sydney Harbor or the view of Sydney Harbor from the Opera House…it will leave you no less than stunned. The city is filled with beautiful parks, awesome surfing spots, and lot of free stuffs to do. When night falls, this shimmering city of Australia looks completely mesmerizing.

Perth, Australia

If you are visiting Australia, do not forget Perth. It may not be as hyped as Sydney and Melbourne but surely has its own charm. Perth has one of the world’s largest city parks, fresh seafood, clean and less crowded beaches. Best thing about this city is its young and energetic locals.

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is one of the most famous attractions in Australia. This giant sandstone rock is believed to be sacred by Aboriginal people. You got to see it to believe this magnificent rock who changes color with from morning to night.

Some facts about Australia

  • Australia has one of the oldest civilization
  • Australia has the second-highest Human Development Index(HDI) in the World
  • Area wise, Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country
  • Australia has more camels than koalas and Australia exports camels to Saudi Arabia
  • Australia has over 10,000 beaches

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