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Which cruise line is the best in Singapore?

Best Cruise from Singapore

Singapore is the gateway to Southeast Asia – and is the port of call for many cruise routes. This gives a family or couple in Singapore the best holiday option – to choose a cruise holiday of their own for memories of a lifetime.

In short, Singapore is a cruising hub from where you can opt to travel in routes which will take you thro’ the old world charms or the modern day attractions. If you pick up a cruise from Singapore, you are likely to see lush green tropical rain forests, vibrant open air markets, historical ancient cities and miles of beaches. Some of the best locations you can visit if you get into your cruise from Singapore are – Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Phuket, Langkawi, Port Blair or Ha Long Bay.

In fact, people on a cruise who travel through Singapore also find it as a great place for a one or two day stopover. Perhaps because Singapore is the last of the few city-states still left in the world – encompassing all the diversity of a country into a city. Thanks to its strict laws Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities around, and that is why we suggest that you follow the local laws when your cruise ship lands in Singapore for a stopover.

We have listed below some of the best cruises from Singapore. This list of best cruises is applicable for both families with kids and couples. As for the answer to your question “ Which cruise line is the best in Singapore?”, we suggest, try them all and find out for yourself.

Singapore Cruise # 1: Azamara Journey
If you choose this cruise, you will be able to spend longer port stoppages, that is whenever the cruise stops in a port you will have more time to enjoy the local flavors, shopping and attractions. You can also visit destinations such as Beijing, Osaka, Bali, Georgetown and more.

Singapore Cruise # 2: SuperStar Virgo
If you choose this cruise, you can visit sunny and sandy places such as Phuket, Redang, Langkawi and many more.

Best Cruise from Singapore
The best cruise from Singapore? It is actually a question of preference.

Singapore Cruise # 3: Mariner of the Seas
This is similar to SuperStar Virgo just that with more attractions for every family member, on the ship. If you choose this cruise, you will be able to visit places such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Penang and more.

Singapore Cruise # 4: Seabourn Pride
Seabourn Pride gives you an opportunity to extend your Singapore dollar by making a trip to Indian city Port Blair. Besides that, you can also visit Halong Bay, Langkawi and more.

Singapore Cruise # 5: Silver Shadow
This cruise ship is the epitome of luxury and ends up pampering anybody who gets onboard. This cruise visits destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Lombok, Hong Kong, Bali etc.

Singapore Cruise # 6: Costa Atlantica
This cruise visits places such as China, Malaysia and South Korea, thus making it more of a discoverer than a vacationer.

Singapore Cruise # 7: Celebrity Millennium
This is also a cruise, which pampers you no end with lots of activities which you will enjoy onboard. The destinations you will end up visiting on this Singapore cruise are – Boracay, Yangon, Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh.

Singapore Cruise # 8: Sapphire Princess
This cruise brings together the right mix of excellent accommodations, exquisite dining and adventurous activities to make the cruise a memorable holiday for all. The destinations this cruise goes to are – Hong Kong, Bangkok and Bali.

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