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Travel insurance plans for families


Travel insurance plans for families are very important because it covers your family during your trip.

Going on a vacation with your family would definitely require a foolproof planning. A family vacation can turns out to be a great family vacation if you have already bought the travel insurance plan with a reliable insurance company. We definitely don’t say that some ill fate might occur to you but a wise advice doesn’t cost a penny!

If you are travelling outside your country or within the country we would advise you get your family trip covered with travel insurance to avoid the outcomes of any mishap.
Since we all love travelling we cannot ignore the risk that are involved here. Of course there are certain risks and unforeseen troubles are involved in travelling.

A family travel insurance plan gives insurance to senior citizen and to children below the age of 21. Such insurance plan all the travelling family members and it is generally cheaper than buying single plans for every individual.

Types of travel insurance plans for families


Such a travel insurance plan will provide you with the facilities that you just cannot ignore like your health and safety. In basic travel insurance plan the insurer is liable to cover all the medical expenses of the insured family members. While taking this plan you must tell your insurer if there is any pre-existing medical condition for the members who are being insured.

BENEFITS: This plan will cover your medical emergencies occurring on your vacation. The insurance company is liable to bear the expenses of your medical emergencies in case your children fall sick or there is an accidental death.


This type of travel insurance plan is best suited for the family that is going to a place within the boundary of their country. This plan covers all the risks that may happen to occur within the geographical borders of country.

BENEFITS: This travel insurance plan provides optimum cover for the medical emergencies on a domestic tour. Not just medical emergencies but other benefits are also included in this plan. If you miss your flight or train, the company will be paying the lump sum amount. Extra accommodation charges due to delay in trip, loss and theft of baggage and tickets are also covered under this plan. The plan is apt for a family travelling going by road, rail or air, within the country.


If you are planning to take your family on a foreign tour, you must definitely look for this insurance plan as this plan covers necessary claims for the unforeseen risks that are likely to occur in a foreign country.

BENEFITS: There are common mishaps like loss or theft of baggage, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, loss of passport and other valuable documents, hotel cancellations, delay in flights and extra charges paid henceforth. Such an unforeseen event can occur on your tour. Optimum risks are covered in this plan like accidental death in a foreign country, permanent disability on any adventure trip, or any such medical expenses are duly borne by the travel insurance company.


There are times when you plan to take your family on a vacation more than once a year. In such a case here is an amazing way to save your money on insurance policies. Rather than buying new insurance plan before every vacation, you must purchase a multiple trip travel insurance plan. Whether it is a skiing vacation in winter or a sun and sand vacation in summers, you can spare yourself from spending too much on different plans for every vacation. (You can purchase a suitcase from the money you saved!)

BENEFITS: People are going on frequent vacations within a year are most likely to buy this insurance plan.

There are different insurance plans that come up with many benefits that include emergency medical expenses cover for multiple trips up to a specific time period; financial failure and holiday protection are included in this travel insurance plan.

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