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Travel insurance plans for backpackers

Travel insurance plans for backpackers

Travel insurance plans for backpackers are as important as the trip itself. Backpackers travel insurance plans are plans which are specially designed for backpackers. These travel insurance cover extended trips for 12 months.

There are millions of people who go on such trips where all they have to do is make their mind and hit the road, no matter where it goes. It is known that backpacking are kind of travel which is preferred by folks who are carefree and risk takers. That’s the reason their trips almost always turn out of more days than it was expected or estimated by them. No two ways about it that backpacking is an interesting travel type but it also goes without saying that it has many risks involved in it. Backpacking has a lot of risks into it because of the sheer nature of its uncertainty. Sometimes even the traveler itself doesn’t know where he is going and when his trip will end or how long this trip will last.

Travel insurance plan for backpackers

Before leaving your home and going around the world, it is highly advisable to buy travel insurance which is meant for backpackers only. Something that’s customized for the kind of travel you are interested in.

What is travel insurance for Backpackers?

Backpackers travel insurance covers one extended trips of travelers usually for 12 months. Some insurance companies provide you insurance for the extended period of 24 months according to your demand but you need to pay extra sum of money for that.

Do not get confuse between backpackers travel insurance and annual or multi-trip insurance. Both insurance types cover your trip for whole 12 months but they are different, Annual trip also provides you cover for all the trips you take in the time period of 12 months but it put a limit on every individual trip. In backpackers travel insurance, this is not the issue and probably that’s the best thing about backpackers travel insurance.

Why buy backpackers travel insurance?

Backpackers travel insurance has so many benefits which insure you cover for so many countries on one extended trip. It means once you have backpackers travel insurance you do not have to apply, buy or organize cover for each country separately.

Backpackers travel insurance also covers for a bunch of adventure activities as well. But you should check with your insurance provider if your adventure activity is covered or not.

On your extended trip you may want to work also somewhere during your trip, it is also covered by backpackers travel insurance. Paid, voluntary and manual works are covered by backpackers insurance, read all the conditions and instructions carefully to make sure the type of work you are going to do is covered.

One thing you should not forget that generally, backpacking is for young people, chances are you may face refusal for backpackers travel insurance if you are at or over a certain age.

Exceptions of plans

Going by the coverage it offers, backpackers travel insurance is the best type of insurance for backpackers but like everything in the world it has some exceptions or exclusions too. Some of the exceptions are:

# War zones are not covered by backpackers travel insurance plans. If you are traveling to any such countries where there is a war going on or the situations of war are there, your insurance will become null and void.

# If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you may be refused backpackers travel insurance plan. Even if you manage to get a backpackers travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions, you will have to pay higher premium.

# Your backpackers travel insurance will cover some of the adventure sports but not all. So before buying a backpackers travel insurance read all the terms and conditions and list of adventure activities carefully to be sure of that your activity is covered.

Travel tips for backpackers

Backpackers may seem like a totally careless bunch of people but if you do not want your trip to be a disaster or unpleasant you should follow these tips:

# Apply for tourist visa in advance, for all you know some countries may not let you in if you do not have a tourist visa

# If you are planning to travel such countries where there is a high risk of malaria or any contagious diesis, you better get your vaccinations in advance.

# Make sure you make copies of all your important papers, including your travel insurance.

# Since you are a backpacker and you have no idea how long your trip will last, try to be savvy with your spending money.

# Make a list of important numbers in case of any emergency.

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