Tips for women travelling alone in India


If you are reading this article, it indicates few things. First, you are a travelling woman who wants the stamp of all the countries on her passport. Second, your next destination is India. Third, you are travelling alone. Needless to say, the fourth thing we know about you as a traveller is the fact that you love doing your research – and that’s why you are reading up on the dos and don’ts for women travelling alone in India. Well, my lady, you are at the right place.

Presenting some tips to be kept in mind when you are travelling alone in the different parts of India. Do note that these tips are applicable anywhere in India – starting from Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai to Kanyakumari.

Some of these tips may be applicable for men travelling alone as well. So just because you are a man and landed on this page, don’t ignore. Carry on reading our tips for women travelling alone in India.

Tip # 1: Always carry a long scarf with you. It will save you from sun, dust and unwanted attention. This tip is applicable both for women and men.

Tip # 2: Book your accommodation in advance to avoid getting conned by local agents.

Tip # 3: If you are going to take a public transport, make your choice carefully. If it’s a long journey, go via train and make your reservation in advance. While making reservation opt First Class AC car or Second Class and ask for upper berth as it is safer in comparison to lower berth.

Tip # 4: If you are travelling via bus, never board an empty bus or a less crowded one.

Tip # 5: Whether you are travelling (by bus/car/train/flight) or just staying at your chosen accommodation during your holiday, don’t ever eat or drink anything offered by strangers. Politely refuse.

Solo Woman Traveller in India

Being a solo woman traveller in India is easy if you follow some simple rules.

Tip # 6: If you are sensing that someone is trying to do something unusual with you or trying to harass you, raise your voice and let people know about the individual. Creating a fuss in public transportation will shame the guy and you will get the co-passengers’ support.

Tip # 7: When you will go to market or for shopping you may face rude comments, groping and brushing against your body. Apply the same trick here also – create a fuss, gather crowd and if things are getting dangerous, call 100 for police support. In Delhi, you should call 1091 – the women helpline number. Most of all, be brave and don’t give in.

Tip # 8: Be patient while shopping. Don’t buy anything on face value from local market. The more patience you display the better bargains you will get.

Tip # 9: Don’t walk alone at night unless you are sure and your local guides have confirmed that the place is known for its nightlife. Walking alone late in the night on lonely stretches equals inviting trouble.

Tip # 10: Being friendly with locals is good but don’t blindly trust them. It can cost you dearly.

Tip # 11: Keep a self-defence weapon with you. A small knife or a pepper spray will do.

Tip # 12: Though what do you want to wear is entirely your choice but dressing up a bit carefully won’t harm you. Since you are/will be travelling alone in India I would recommend you to dress modestly, and not so flauntingly.

Keep all these tips in your mind while travelling alone in India because I don’t want your experience in India to become an unpleasant one. India is an amazingly beautiful country and in order to cherish its beauty, unique culture, mouth-watering food and a lot of attractions, you must be careful and well informed.

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