Seven tips to find the cheapest air or flight tickets


Travelling by air was never cheap. In fact, today flight ticket costs form a major chunk of your travel costs and is one of the major deciding factor on when and where you will travel. Today, finding the right flight (which is cheap) is as important as deciding the date of travel, the place of travel and even the companion with whom you will be taking the flight.

The rise in air travel costs has been due to various factors – the high costs of jet fuel, the increasing managing and maintenance cost of airplanes, the increasing competition and even the huge marketing costs these flight operators incur due to the high competition. Since all these flight operators operate at high costs, none of them can reduce their costs and start offering the cheapest air tickets.

In some countries, due to many airlines closing down, with many routes taken off the flight map and with many travellers flying by air, these travel companies have less and less incentive to reduce the prices.

So, what are the tips to find the cheapest air or flight tickets? Well, the trick is in following our recommendations for the cheapest air tickets around. Here goes –

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #1: Keep your travel destinations flexible

People who love travel don’t mind the destination. We strongly recommend that you start planning your travel without a destination in mind. We always use tools such as Kayak Explore or Google Explore to find out the destinations where one can reach with cheap air or flight tickets. If you want more options, you can also take a look at to find the destinations with cheapest air fares.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #2: Keep your travel dates flexible

Unless you are flying for business and your meeting appointment can’t change, you can pretty much decide the time and date to travel. The best trick for getting cheapest air or flight tickets is to keep your dates flexible and book on the days when the cost of a ticket is really cheap. The cost of a air ticket gets decided by various factors – weekend or weekday? Upcoming holiday? What season is it? The tickets are not cheap during summers. Do note that on Wednesdays and Thursdays you are likely to get a cheaper ticket because lesser number of people want to travel by air during those days. If you hold yourself and decide to buy your air tickets after a huge holiday season, the tickets tend to be cheaper.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #3: Alternative routes also make tickets cheap

This is a tip not suitable for people who have limited time for their travel. This also not suitable for travellers with kids or elderly for whom being in transit is a headache. But, for all others this is a great tip to buy cheap air tickets. The idea is to be flexible with the routes you take. For example, if you want to go to Amsterdam, you will have the option of flying directly from your place of origin or break your journey into two or three stops. This means, you can perhaps reach Munich and then from there take a budget flight to reach Amsterdam (maybe by landing in Eindhoven). This breaking up your travel can sometimes reduce your travel costs by as much as 40%. To try this out you just need to use the cheap air tickets explorer build by Kayak and Google, which we had shared earlier in the article.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #4: Buy air tickets on budget airlines and to secondary airports

A good part of your ticket costs are paid for offering you a great user experience while you are travelling and to pay the airports being used for taking off and landing. This is where the budget airlines kick in – they try and cut down the costs on both the fronts. They give you the bare minimum flying experience and they also take off and land from smaller airports to cut down on the airport usage fee. For example, budget airlines would use Eindhoven instead of Amsterdam in Netherlands or use Long Beach airport instead of the costlier Los Angeles airport. We strongly recommend that you use a budget airline and that too enter a city via a smaller airport to find the cheapest air or flight tickets. If you are flying within Asia, AirAsia offers the cheapest air tickets.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #5: Join a frequent flyer program

If your objective is to get the cheapest air or flight tickets possible, joining a frequent flyer program is a slow and steady option. It is generally very complicated to understand how these programs work, but once you have understood the value to be obtained is huge. In fact you will be able to garner flyer miles even without flying – by just using the right credit card affiliated with the airlines.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #6: Not all flight search engines have the same algorithm behind them

Please remember that flight search engines are in the business of making profits. Needless to say, the budget airlines which give away cheap air tickets, don’t give away much to these search engines. This means, these cheap air tickets vending budget airlines don’t get as much priority in their search results. Unfortunately, all the travellers have a few select travel sites they visit during their air ticket booking. If you are an Indian, you may land up on or or if you are an American you may land on or and make your purchase. Unfortunately, what you see there may not be the cheapest air ticket for the destination you intend to travel to. We strongly recommend using a flight search engine which makes money via advertisements and not by affiliating with any airlines. Besides, the air ticket booking sites don’t cover every airline. If you are travelling internationally chances are you may miss a local, domestic flight operator which would have otherwise been cheaper. Want to know this great tip to find the cheapest air or flight tickets? Just check out Kayak Explorer and/or Google Flights Explorer and you will get all of the flights listed.

Cheap Air Tickets Tip #7: Use ITA Matrix to finalize your air ticket

Most people land up at the usual and well-marketed flight search engines. Unfortunately, these have a lot of flaws from a traveler’s perspective. They are built to maximize the profit for the company and hence end up showing you not so cheap air tickets. This is why whenever you are researching your air tickets purchase you should try out ITA Matrix, which can help you identify cheap air tickets.

The only issue is that you won’t be able to book from ITA Matrix. Instead, you can explore and identify the cheapest air ticket which you want to book and then visit the airline’s website and book it yourself. If you are planning to give your air ticket booking to an agent, you can pass on the booking and fare codes from ITA Matrix to your agent and he (or she) can do the rest. Needless to say, the ITA Matrix is the most dependable and trustworthy flight search engine to find the cheapest air tickets.

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