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Tips to plan best summer adventure holiday package for Greenland

Best summer adventure holiday package for Greenland

Summer holidays in Greenland are full of adventure, so explore all the possible adventure activities and plan best summer adventure holiday package for Greenland right away. Greenland is the world’s largest island and very few people inhabit it making it a peaceful holiday destination. It is a rough, mountainous, cold land with a massive sheet of ice everywhere. Iceland in its Southeast to the West and Svalbard in Norway to the Northeast are closest neighbors of Greenland. Despite all this, Greenland is a great summer adventure holiday destination for people from all over the World.

Greenland is not on everybody’s travel map, and as for adventures in Greenland, the lesser said the better. But that’s because only the bravehearts can think of an adventure summer holiday in Greenland. Having said that, it is also important to note that at present the tourism in Greenland is on an upswing. Travelers have started to have holidays in Greenland during the summer vacations and during the Christmas holidays – the two most preferred time slots.

While your family can have good summer fun in Greenland if you plan a vacation with them, do note that it is not for faint-hearted travelers. Don’t you book a summer holiday package for Greenland if you don’t love adventure.

Best approach to reach Greenland

Greenland is a place, which plays hard to get. Winter or summer, it is not easy to reach Greenland. Flights are limited, weather is unpredictable due to which the limited flights get canceled often. If you are planning a trip to Greenland in winter, keep lots of time for planning it. Summer holidays in Greenland are a tad better because there is a certain amount of predictability to the weather.

Reaching Greenland can happen in two ways – cruise ships and commercial airlines. Airlines are a faster and better option to reach Greenland while the cruise ships are slow, and can be tiring as well. In fact, the good thing about Greenland vacations is that your adventure begins well before you reach the country. Air Iceland operates regular flights from Reykjavik Domestic Airport to Kulusuk in Greenland and the Capital Nuuk in West Greenland. Air Iceland also operates seasonal flights to Narsarsuaq in South Greenland. Air Greenland operates regular flights from Copenhagen.

Summer adventure holiday package for Greenland
Greenland during Summer Holidays is beautiful and you won’t regret having planned a summer holiday.

Best ways to get around in Greenland

Greenland is a rugged place and if you are to travel within Greenland doing so under the summer sun is easier. There are not many roads between the towns and in winter even these roads can get messy. There are three ways to travel within Greenland – in summer or in winter – and they are: boats, helicopters, and planes.

Why summer is the best time to visit Greenland

Seasons are diverse in Greenland. Each season has its own charm and attraction. Summer is the season of Midnight Sun and so there are numerous things to experience in Greenland. Floating icebergs, whales swimming along with you, beautiful flowers around you, and many more things you can experience in summers in Greenland. Summer is also the great time for hunting and hiking and indulging in other adventure activities. If a summer vacation in Greenland doesn’t look possible, you can check out our tips to plan the best winter holiday package for Greenland

While it is completely up to you what you want to see in Greenland, we suggest you book a summer adventure holiday package for Greenland.

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Plan best summer adventure holiday package for Greenland

We are now going to list out all the Greenland attractions you must include in your summer vacation package to the largest island country. You can book these Greenland summer attractions by yourself once you land there or ask your tour operator to plan it all together for you – which is what we recommend. For now, check out the list of items you must include in your holiday package –

#1 Midnight sun in Greenland

It may sound bizarre but it is a reality in Greenland – midnight sun exists. You can experience the midnight sun phenomenon in the north of the Arctic Circle where in summer the days are endless and where the sun never hides. When you will be in Greenland, while witnessing never-ending days, something inside will change within you. From that day, you will start looking at life from completely different perspective.

#2 Mountaineering adventures in Greenland

One of the most adventurous things to do during summers in Greenland is mountaineering. If you want to get a fair idea of how this planet earth was before civilization happened, you must go for mountaineering in Greenland. There are many destinations for climbing and mountaineering in Greenland, few of them are as follows. We won’t recommend this if you were planning your winter holiday package, but hey if you have the balls who are we to stop you from having a little adventure –

1. Stauning Alps, Greenland– Located in the North Greenland National Park, it is a perfect place for climbing and mountaineering and you need have an expedition permit to access this area.

2. Cape Farewell / Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland- Located in South Greenland, it is a perfect place for climbing if you want good granite rock. It is one of the most popular climbing areas in Greenland, easily accessible from Europe in one day.

3. Schweizer Land, Greenland- It is a permit free, popular climbing area in Greenland. It is located very near the international airport in Kulusuk.

4. Watkins Range, Greenland- Located behind the Blosseville coast, this area has the highest mountains in Greenland. It is one of the most visited mountains areas in Greenland.

#3 Icebergs in Greenland

Holidaying in Greenland can’t be complete without witnessing icebergs, so please add it in your itinerary. In summer, these melt and float around. Most of the time these get included in your adventure vacation package but no harm in double checking with your tour agency.

#4 River Fishing in Greenland

River fishing is a fun thing to do in summers of Greenland. If you plan to book a Greenland holiday package during summer vacations, don’t miss out on river fishing. When the arctic char migrates up the rivers in huge numbers to reproduce, it is the best time to trap them in fishhooks. River fishing in Greenland is a little different from other place in the world. The wilderness around as you sit down to fish gives it an adventurous touch. There are many rivers in Greenland where you can find arctic char for fishing.

#5 Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland

It is one of the most magnificent sites in Greenland. Ilulissat Icefjord will help you get a glimpse of the beauty with which God created the World. You will come out of this trip feeling happy about yourself and your summer holiday. These huge ice sculptures are a sight to watch for everybody in the family so please get these included in your summer adventure holiday package.

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#6 Arctic wildlife in Greenland

Greenland is the home of Polar Bears, Musk Oxen, Arctic Foxes, Hare, Eagles, Caribou, Lemmings, Ptarmigan, and the rare Arctic Wolf. You are more likely to see wildlife if you plan your Greenland trip in summers. The waters of Greenland also have quite a lot to show off what with Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Fin Whales, Greenland Whales and many species of Seal ruling the Greenland waters. Watching the arctic wildlife from up close, knowing there is nothing that stands between you and them is an adventure.

#7 Flight seeing in Greenland

If you want to see the scale of Greenland – unexploited and true to nature, do include Flight Seeing in your vacation package. You will be taken high up in an airplane and you get to see the stunning scale of Greenland from above. This comes at a cost, so negotiate well with your tour operator and check the prices before including it in your holiday package.

#8 Whale Watching in Greenland

If you love whale watching, do get it included in your summer holiday package. Greenland is home to several species of whales, and it you can choose to either watch them from the shores or from a boat. We recommend a boat – though it will be costlier it will better of the two experiences.

#9 Hot Springs in Greenland

Many of the areas in Greenland have hot natural springs, which you must experience on your summer trip to Greenland. If you are a health freak, do ask your operator to include it in your summer holiday package to Greenland known to have medicinal properties.

#10 Coastal Ferry in Greenland

As the ice around you is melting in the summer, it is great fun to take the only coastal ferry in Greenland – Sarfaq Ittuk. The slow pace helps you take in the grandeur of Greenland. We recommend this is kept as the last part of your adventure holiday in Greenland so that you can relax before you hit the road again to get back to your regular life. This ferry sails between Qaqortoq (South Greenland) and Ilulissat (North Greenland) from April 1 till early days of January. The full route takes four nights northbound and three nights southbound.

Did we miss out on any of the Greenland attractions? If there is something we can add to our list of the best summer adventure holiday package for Greenland, do leave a comment.

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