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Gay friendly destinations in Mexico for gay couples and singles

Gay friendly destinations in Mexico

Mexico welcomes everyone with open arms and a warm smile. Mexico doesn’t judge – you can be a gay, a lesbian or just another queer and you will be welcomed with the same love reserved for straights. Mexico offers plenty of destinations for gay couples and singles making it one of the most gay-friendly cities in the World. The legalization of gay marriages in Mexico City has given a second wind to gay life, and the amazing gay-friendly beaches all over the country have only increased its allure. So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the best gay-friendly destinations in Mexico for gay couples and singles.

Best gay friendly destinations in Mexico for gay couples and singles

Traditionally there have been five gay friendly destinations in Mexico – Cancun, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Acapulco. In recent times the resort region town of Huatulco, Veracruz, Mazatlán, and Mérida have gained popularity amongst the gay community.

Despite the conservative influence of the Catholic Church, Mexico is increasingly becoming broad minded about sexuality. Gays in Mexico don’t attract discrimination or violence, which has made it a perfect holiday getaway.

1. Cancun, Mexico

best destinations in Mexico for gay couple and singles vacations

Cancun is Mexico’s number one destination for gay couples and singles and they are welcome with open arms in this sizzling city. Clear blue water, miles after miles of white sand beaches and friendly locals who refuse to judge you on the basis of your sexuality – you will find all these and more in Cancun. Cancun is also an easy place to get to if you are coming from North America. Cancun has a great nightlife and has many gay dance clubs and bars where you can go with your partner or even in search of a partner. You will not be disappointed for sure.

Most friendly place to stay: Cancun has the proud reputation of making its same-sex couples feel at home, wherever they go in the city. When it comes to a perfect place to stay in Cancun, most of the gay couples or singles choose Villas Tacull, a Boutique Hotel. Villas Tacul is a small exclusive resort, which has 23 separate villas surrounded by 12 acres of lush green gardens. Address of Villas Tacul is: Boulevard Kukulcan, Km 5.5, Cancun 77500, Mexico

Best gay-friendly restaurant: La Parrilla is one of the best gay-friendly restaurants in Cancun, Mexico and it is one of the best places in Cancun where you can find exotic Mexican food at a reasonable price. The other popular gay friendly restaurants are Restaurante Natura, La Pasteleteria-Crepería, Perico’s, Labna, La Joya etc.

Recommended bar for gays: Karamba Bar used to be one of the coolest gay-friendly bars in Cancun but is now closed. The other popular gay-friendly bars in this city are: 11:11 Club, Club 69, and Picante Bar.

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2. Mexico City, Mexico

Best gay friendly destinations in Mexico for singles and doubles gays

Mexico City, the largest city in the world. The capital city of Mexico is a hot hub for gay travelers. The city has a huge population of gay and lesbians. The presence of trendy restaurants, sizzling nightlife, and affordable luxury hotels ensure this place is a major attraction for gay travelers. Calle Amberes (to Paseo de la Reforma) in Zona Rosa is the epicenter of gay and lesbian scenes with dozens of gay bars, discos, and clubs. In other neighborhoods as Rome, Condessa and Polanco you will find gay clubs, gay friendly restaurants and cruising. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that Mexico City’s annual Gay Pride Parade attracts millions of gays and lesbians from around the world.

Most friendly place to stay: Mexico City is a great place for gay travelers and finding a gay friendly place to stay is not a problem. El Patio 77, the first eco-friendly bed and breakfast in Mexico City is one of the best hotels for gay travelers. The address of El Patio 77 is: Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta 77 | San Rafael District, Mexico City, Mexico City 06470, Mexico. Some of the other gay friendly hotels in this city are: Condesa Haus, Sighseeing, Vacation Specials, PassportMX, The Red Tree House etc.

Best gay-friendly restaurants: Mexico City has plenty of restaurants, which offer you great food in a gay-friendly environment. El Califa, Papa Guapa and Quintonil are few best gay-friendly restaurants in Mexico City.

Recommended bar for gays: Mexico City is blessed with some very classy and cool gay-friendly bars of Mexico. These bars are a perfect place for those who want to have chilled out and relaxing evening in Mexico City. El Viena, Tom’s Leather Bar, Alba33, Bb Show Bar, Bota’s Bar and Kinky Bar are few places where you can go with your partner.

3. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Most gay friendly cities in Mexico for gay travel

Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s most gay and lesbian-friendly resort town for decades. Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible and gay-friendly clubs, bars, restaurants, resorts and hotels can be seen everywhere in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta has been a well-known Mexico travel destination for many years for national and international gay travelers. Warm tropical weather and year round warm beach climate is very attractive to gays from all over the World. Puerto Vallarta has all the stillness of a classic holiday, without compromising on any of the modern conveniences. Younger and older gays…Europeans, Americans or Australians gays…you will find everybody at this cosmopolitan mix known as Puerto Vallarta. No wonder that Puerto Vallarta is also known as “San Francisco of Mexico.” Gay Guide Vallarta

Most friendly place to stay: Casa Cupula is one of the best places to stay for gay travelers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is one of the finest places for gay travelers who are seeking luxury and relaxation in their vacation. Single or not, you will find this luxury boutique hotel charming in either cases. The address of Casa Cupula is: 129 Callejon de la Igualdad, Puerto Vallarta 48399, Mexico. The other hotels which besides acting as accommodation also act as amazing gayguides are – Almar Resort, Amaca Hotels and Spa, Blue Chairs Beach resort, Hotel Belmar etc.

Best gay-friendly restaurant: La Palapa is one of the best gay friendly restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Great food, attentive staff and friendly locals make it one of the best gay-friendly restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. The other famous restaurants in this gay destination are: Apaches Bistro, Archie’s Wok, Barcelona Tapas, Cafe Bohemio, Coco’s Kitchen, El Arrayan, El Mole de Jovita etc.

Recommended bar for gays: Cc Slaughters is one of the best gay-friendly bars and has a dance club with sexy crowd and music. The other top notch gay bars and clubs are: Paco’s Ranch, Kinky Karaoke Bar, Grand Odyssey Casino etc

4. Guadalajara, Mexico

Best gay friendly resorts, pubs, and nightlife spots in Mexico

Guadalajara, the second largest city of Mexico is one of the hot spot for gay travelers. Very close to Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara has a grand gay scene with a long list of gay friendly bars, clubs, hotels, resorts and what not. For gay and lesbian couples this is an ideal place for a romantic getaway. The nightlife in Guadalajara is something you must experience. Gay bars, gay cafes, gay clubs and full-blown gay nightclubs keep the heat up until the dawn.

The gay scene in Guadalajara is divided in two parts – the expensive luxury side and the affordable side. The historic center attracts the working class gays while Avenue Chapultepec, which has a more sophisticated vibe is for those who love luxury.

Most friendly place to stay: Casa Alebrijes Hotel is one of the best gay friendly places to stay in Guadalajara, Mexico. Comfortable beyond your imagination and very friendly staff make it one of the best gay friendly places in Guadalajara. Casa Alebrijes Hotel is located at Libertad 1016 | Centro Historico, Guadalajara 44100, Mexico. Some of the other top accommodations in Guadalajara are Hg Hotel, Hotel Clarum 101, and The Sabilas.

Best gay-friendly restaurant: We highly recommend Chez Chouchou as it is one of the best gay friendly restaurants in Guadalajara. You will love its exotic food and friendly ambiance. Some of the other top restaurants which welcome gays well are Queer Nation, i Latina Restaurante, Equilibrio and Restaurante Recco

Recommended bar for gays: Babel Gay Club is one of the best gay friendly clubs in Guadalajara. This sexy club is the best place to show some moves to your partner. The other must visit bars and pubs in Guadalajara are – California Bar, Club YeYe, Dolce Veele Cafe and Bar, El Condado Country Bar and L’Osho Beer Snack Music.

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5. Acapulco, Mexico

Gay capital of Mexico and gay friendly city in Mexico

Acapulco has a Hollywood history, an awesome nightlife, economical drinks and a gorgeous bay with deep blue water – just the right drinks for a gay hotspot in Mexico. Acapulco is very friendly to gay and lesbians and has always been their one of favourite destinations within Mexico. With the booming gay scene in Acapulco, this resort town is giving good competition to Mexico City and Guadalajara. White sand beaches, cheap but classy alcohol and glamorous nightlife – all these are the perfect combination for an awesome romantic getaway. Gay-owned hotels and bars are in good numbers and its long known gay culture creates a friendly and welcoming ambiance for gay travelers.

Thanks to its resurgence as a tourist spot, the city is experiencing a fast growth of gay nightlife options. The older part of town, also known as “Tradicional” or “Nautica” offers cheap gay holiday options while the south end of the bay offers high-end hotels and resorts for luxury gay holidays.

Most friendly place to stay: Casa Condesa is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Acapulco during your gay vacation. Very friendly and helpful staff does their best to make you feel at home in Mexico. Casa Condesa is located at Bellavista 125 | Fracc Farallón, Acapulco 39851, Mexico. Other hotels near the gay beach and gay nightlife are Calinda Beach, Fiesta Inn, Fiesta Americana and El Presidente.

Best gay-friendly restaurant: Zolache is one of the best gay-friendly restaurants in Acapulco, Mexico. More than anything else, the biggest strength of this restaurant is its food which lures hundreds of guests every day. The next best restaurant is Zibu, overlooking Pichilingue Bay.

Recommended bar for gays: Acapulco is long known for its sizzling nightlife. Demas is the best gay club and bar in Acapulco. This place is famous for its sexy strippers and very attractive staff. Some of the other clubs and bars popular in Acapulco are Picante, Cabaretito Beach, Pink, Prince, Relax and Zoom.

6. Huatulco, Mexico

Gay friendly destination Huatulco

Huatulco is the name for resort area Bahías de Huatulco, which consists of Tangolunda (town with luxury gay resorts), Santa Cruz (town with affordable gay hotels), and two other towns called La Crucecita and Chahué. The gayest part of this region is La Crucecita with all gay friendly resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants.

If you like your gay holiday destination to be quite and less crowded, look no further than Huatulco in Mexico. There is no traffic, no crowd and no queues.

7. Veracruz, Mexico

Gay friendly Mocambo beach
Mocambo beach in Veracruz, Mexico. Image:

Veracruz is a city in the Mexican state by the same name. It has a visible and active gay community which for long have been conducting pride marches every year. Some of the best gay friendly bars in Veracruz are Bar Paraiso, Boudoir Lounge Bar, Cabaret Night Club, El Rincon De Osorio and La Soberbia Bar.

8. Mazatlan, Mexico

Gay Friendly Mazatlan in Mexico

Mazatlan, a thriving port city and resort getaway, lies across the Gulf of California from the tip of Baja. This city has miles and miles of beaches which are perfect for holiday as a single gay or as gay couples. If you intend to meet some local or international gay travelers all you have to do is head towards Zona Dorada, the club-and-hotel area. Zona Dorada is also known as the Golden Zone.
To meet new gays or for some gay-clubbing, check out some of the finest gay friendly bars in Mazatlan – Passion Club, Pepe Toro etc. Pepe Toro is Mazatlan’s oldest gay club and a must visit for any gay passing by.

9. Mérida, Mexico

Merida for gay singles and couples

Merida has a very active gay scene which is why in recent times it has started featuring in numerous gay holiday packages being created by travel agents. The climate is tropical making it an all-year destination. If you are interested in history, its location is a huge plus point – it is close to Mayan ruins of Chitzen Itza.

Some of the finest gay hotels in Merida are Casa Del Maya Bed and Breakfast, Ochenta y Dos, Villa Verde Merida, and Posada Santiago Guesthouse. For your nightlife don’t miss out of these bars – Bar Rafaris, Jorge’s Cantina Imperial, La MalQuerida Cantina, PK2 etc.

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