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Cost of holidays in Gaborone, Botswana – affordable, budget and luxury

Cost of holidays in Gaborone

Gaborone is just the right city in Botswana for an amazing holiday. Gaborone ends up being the perfect choice for all occasions – a family vacation with kids, an adventure getaway with friends, a romantic layoff with your partner or just an affordable backpacking trip. For a break-up of cost of holidays in Gaborone continue reading.

Average cost of holidays in Gaborone

Cost of your holiday in Gaborone will depend on a lot of factors, the most important of which is your choice – do you want to opt for affordable options or do you want luxury. Either way, we have shared below an estimate of what your expenses can be during your holiday in Gaborone. Do note that these rates keep changing depending on the season, as well as the demand for the holiday destination.

Cost of accommodation in Gaborone

Your boarding and lodging expenses in Gaborone will vary depending on the city you are staying in. However, based on information obtained from various travelers who have holidayed in this city, we know that a cheap hotel will put you back by USD 14, a moderate hotel will cost you under USD 28 and a luxury accommodation won’t be less than USD 70. Our tip: If you return to your hotel only to sleep, we recommend spending the bare minimum on your room to keep your cost of holidays in Gaborone down.

Cost of food in Gaborone

During any vacation one of the significant costs one incurs is that on eating and drinking – starting with breakfast in the morning and ending with drinking at night. While your expenses food will vary from restaurant to restaurant, on an average an inexpensive meal will cost you around USD 5. If you plan to indulge in fine dining during your holiday in Gaborone, for a meal of two your bill can be around USD 28. A bottle of wine can cost you USD 9 while a half liter domestic beer will be priced at USD 1. If it is too early to start drinking, a regular sized cup of Cappuccino can be bought for USD 2. A bottle of water in Gaborone is usually sold for half a dollar.

Cost of entertainment in Gaborone

During any vacation one visits theatres, cinemas, etc to soak in the local culture. A visit to a theatre to watch a movie or a play requires an outlay of USD 4.5. Or you if you are on a health holiday you may visit a Yoga center or a gym for getting your fix of endorphins and may end up paying USD 9 for a week’s access. If you are into partying and clubbing, visiting an affordable club in Gaborone will cost you around USD 45.

Cost of transportation Gaborone

During your vacation in Gaborone you are bound to incur transportation costs. A one-way ticket in the local transport will cost you 30 cents while a cab will charge you USD 1.5 for a mile. If you are planning to rent a self drive car, be aware that to buy one gallon of petrol (gasoline) you will have to spend USD 2.8 per gallon (a gallon = 3.8 liters).

Average market / shopping prices in Gaborone

If you go out for shopping in Gaborone, we suggest you visit the non-touristy markets for moderately priced shopping. Here is a small list to give you a sense of the costs in this tourist destination –
Cost of a pair of socks: USD 2
Cost of a hat: USD 4.5
Cost of a Tshirt: USD 9.5
Cost of a pair of jeans: USD 47
Cost of a lady’s dress: USD 26
Cost of a pair of running shoes: USD 65

Our tip: However far you go from touristy locations, locals can always identify a tourist. Therefore, we recommend shopping for only curios and souvenirs to keep the cost of holidays in Gaborone down.

If you have some inputs on cost of holidays in Gaborone, please leave your comment below and we will add it to this article.

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