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Cheap family holidays in Spain 2017

Cheap family holidays in Spain

If you are looking for cheap family holidays in Spain you have decided on the right country for Spain is a country to fall in love with. Yep, and it happens really fast as well.

There are countless reasons for why you should visit Spain in 2017. Be it the Royal Palace of Madrid or Picasso Museum of Barcelona or the spectacular architectural beauties of Murcia, Spain is the country that will never disappoint your wanderlust.

Spain has always been a famous tourist destination for people across the globe. The rich cultural and geographical diversity of Spain makes it popular among tourists. There is hardly a thing that you’ll not enjoy in Spain. The natural beauty present in Spain takes one’s breath away. At one side of the country there are huge snowy hills and mountains, on the other side there is the beauty of Spanish deserts. Green marshlands, and charming sand beaches are other eye catching natural attractions in Spain.

Cheap family holidays in Spain 2017

Before we move on the cheap family holidays in Spain for this year, lets us tell you something about this popular tourist destination in Europe, also known as the land of La Tomatina Festival.

Best Time to Visit Spain in 2017

Best time to visit any country or place depends on your expectations from the trip. Spain is no exception to this rule. This is why I have decided to break up your expectations for a cheap family holiday according to the seasons Spain has to offer. You decide what will be the best time to take the adults and children in your family on a cheap holiday to Spain in 2017.

Spanish holiday in Summer

Best thing about visiting Spain in the temperature. Unfortunately that’s also the worst part of visiting Spain with your family during summers – for at some places it can become burning hot. July and August are the main season for international tourists. Madrid and Saville become really hot during in July and August so the prices come down. So if you are looking for a really cheap holiday in Spain you’re your family, this will be the time to target. This is also the time to visit this country if you want to get bronzed.

Spanish holiday in Winter

If you are kind of person who prefer a not so crowded holiday, winter is the best time to visit Spain. In winter, Spain is less crowded and offers more events than summer. You can also get great deals on hotel room bookings – making it a much cheaper family holiday. Most events which are signify Spain take place during the January to April period.

Top things to do in Spain in 2017

This year, there are a few things which are must-do if you take your family to Spain on a long holiday. Don’t worry, despite these must-do things your vacation will continue to be cheap. Anyway, without enjoying these attractions your family’s trip to Spain will be incomplete.

Flamenco Show: Flamenco is a traditional form of genuine Spanish art and it has been existing with the same charm and glory in its true form: Singing, dancing and music.

See Burgos Cathedral: You can find Spain’s finest gothic cathedral in a small city Burgos which is destined to be the European city of culture in 2017.

San Sebastian Gourmet Food: Emerging foodie destination in the whole Europe, San Sabastian is the culinary capital of Basque region. Don’t forget to eat here.

Segovia: Segovia is home to one of Spain’s most breathtaking ancient monuments: Roman Aqueduct or the Soaring Aqueduct. As of 2017, it is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This should definitely make it to the itinerary of your family holiday.

Bodegas Ysios: This designer temple of wine is one of the world’s most amazing architectures. You got to see it to believe it. The tours to this place are pretty cheap as well.

Museums in Madrid: Madrid has three major museums which are dedicated to art and here you can find the work of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Wow your family in 2017, show them the real masters of art.

Las Alpujarras: Located in the southern folds of Sierra Nevada, Las Alpujarras is a range of picturesque mountain villages and it’s a delightful area to explore on foot. Don’t miss to add this to the itinerary of your family holiday.

Ibiza: Holy grounds for clubbers, Ibiza is a must visit place in Spain. This party island attracts around six million tourists every year. In 2017 this number is expected to grow more.

Toledo: Toledo is very small town of great historical and cultural significance which is filled with churches, museums, and mosques.

Top Spanish cities to visit during family vacation

Granada, Spain

The Alhambra, in Granada city are huge marvelous palaces which are a must see. Hence when in Spain a visit to Granada becomes a must. These palaces reflect the Islamic culture of Middle Ages and the beautifully carved buildings will take your breath away. People from across the globe visit this place and admire the architectural beauty. These palaces, minarets, pillars, towers, walls and gardens are the amazing buildings that will force you to book your tickets for Spain again.
When you are done with admiring the beauty of these minute carvings, you’ll end up galloping the extremely marvelous and serene terrace gardens in Generalife, which reflect the peaceful atmosphere of rest of the Alhambra. The good thing about all these attractions is that the entry is all very cheap.

Barcelona, Spain

One of most happening and sporty cities of Spain, Barcelona is hit by tourists all around the year. The huge, gracious buildings in the city of Barcelona are rich in stone carvings and fabulous architectural designs. Barcelona has many other main tourist attractions. For instance Sagrada Familia or the holy family church, which while writing this article (in 2017) is still unfinished and yet pulls tourists by millions. Other fascinating buildings by Antoni Gaudi, a famous architecture, grab the attraction of everyone because these buildings are a great view to look at.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the finest cities of Spain and actually never sleeps. It takes your breath away for good reasons. Madrid is proud home to Western Europe’s largest royal palace, three of world’s greatest art museums and the boldest gay pride parade. Visit Madrid and get lost in its medieval charm and elegance. Dine on one of the many outdoors terraza or join locals on tapas and drinks in some corner bar. Dining here won’t be cheap, but hey…once in a while it is alright to spend money on your family. Start your night with a flamenco that will touch every string of your heart and continue till 6 a.m. – it is the best way to kill a night in Madrid.

Seville, Spain

If cities had personalities then Seville must have one hell of a passionate, beautiful and reckless personality. That’s how Seville is. Like any Spanish city, Seville has its history too. According to mythology, it was founded by Greek god Hercules and if its jaw-dropping beauty is to be believed…this could be true. Go to Seville in summer when its yellow and sandstone buildings look magnificent while drenched in the warm sun. Don’t forget to see Cathedral de Seville, one of the largest churches in the world. Dine in Con Tenedor, one of the finest restaurants in Seville which is famous for its creativity with food. La Pepona is for wine lovers as it has the largest selection of wine in the whole of Spain.

Things you should know about Spain

Since you are interested in a cheap family vacation in Spain, you should know these interesting facts about Spain:

– Official name of Spain is “Kingdom of Spain”

– Spain produces around half of the world’s olive oil

– Population of Spain is around 47 million

– There are more Spanish speakers in USA than in Spain

– You can room around naked in Spain and no one will say anything because nudity is legal

– Spain has 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

– Spain was neutral in both world wars.

– Spain is the thirteenth largest economy of the world

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