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As you may have heard, any time is a good time to visit Disneyland California Adventure Park. You must have also heard that with whom you go just doesn’t matter. Well, the second statement is true but the first is far from reality for you need to know the best time to visit Disneyland California.

It’s true that Disneyland California Adventure Park is the epitome of fun and excitement but it’s also true that only obstacle between you and fun is the crowd at one of the finest Disneyland adventure parks. One cannot deny and ignore the crowd that Disneyland attracts. In the end, it is this Disneyland loving crowd which will decide the fun you will have or not have there.

About Disneyland California Adventure Park

Disneyland California is the second-busiest theme park in the USA that witnesses more than 15 million visitors annually. This theme park located at Anaheim, California is 72-acres big, which means it is really a huge park.

It has seven exciting lands or themes – Grizzly Peak, Pacific Wharf, A bug’s land, Paradise Pier, Hollywood Land, Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. In short it has something for everybody in the family.

Best time to visit Disneyland California Adventure Park

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland with kids, I would recommend you plan wisely. It will save you from a lot of trouble and never ending queues. Though there is no wrong time to visit Disneyland but there are times when it’s better to visit Disneyland. Some of the times we are going to suggest also work out cheaper.

Here I am going to tell you about some of the times when it’s best to visit Disneyland not because it will save your money but also because it will give you little extra time to spend with your kids.

Least Busy Time @ Disneyland California: The below mentioned slots are considered to least busy at Disneyland and you should not ignore them before planning trip with your children:

  • From first Tuesday of September to mid-November barring the 3-day weekend of Columbus Day
  • The first couple of weeks of December
  • First week of January to President’s Day
  • From President’s Day to mid-March
  • From mid-April to third week of May

Very Busy Time @ Disneyland California: There are times when Disneyland is insanely crowded and if you don’t want to face the crowd you must avoid visiting the land of Disney during these slots:

  • From mid-March to mid-April when it is Spring Break Season
  • Easter week
  • Christmas week
  • Most of June before local pass holders are blocked out
  • 4th July, especially if it’s a holiday weekend or long weekend
  • During Disneyland events
  • From July to mid-August

Now lets take a look at the seasonal trends of crowds in Disneyland. I’ll give you breakup season by season… Summer, Fall, Winters, and Spring.

Different seasons at Disneyland California

SUMMER @ Disneyland California: Summer is the season when Disneyland is crowded beyond ones imagination. It is the busiest time in Disneyland when most of the attractions will be open and Disney opens their new attractions in summer only. Summer is the time when you get to see World of Colors at California Adventure and amazing firework that go off every night. If you are interested in all these things and can tolerate crowd, then summer is the best time for you to visit Disneyland.

Fall @ Disneyland California: In fall one can easily notice the fall in number of visitors in Disneyland when kids are back in there school and Halloween decoration is still to be done. If you are looking for lighter crowd, then fall before Halloween is the best time for you to visit Disneyland because first few days after the Halloween Disneyland gets crowded to the extent of its capacity. And if you are eager to see Disneyland in a different look and decoration then after Halloween is the best time for you.

Winters @ Disneyland California: Disneyland looks fabulous in winters when Christmas brings some awesome decoration and fireworks. If you prefer festive air and cheerful crowd and don’t mind long lines at all then Disneyland during Christmas and New Year is best for you. Before and after Christmas crowd is moderate and lines are short so it’s good for them who are looking for that kind of time. Only drawback of winter season is rain but not to worry, they have indoors rides too.

Spring @ Disneyland California: During March, April and May when it’s spring in California and spring break in schools, crowd in Disneyland reaches to its peak. Best reason to go to Disneyland in spring is weather, which won’t be too hot or too cold and usually no rain. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

So, in short Disneyland has everything to offer to everyone. First decide what are you expecting from the trip and choose the time of visit accordingly. After finalizing the time you surely want to check with your pockets and an inexpensive trip to Disneyland requires advance planning. First thing, Disneyland California does not reduce its tickets rates during the slower tourist season but you could get good discounts on hotel rooms.

How to save money at Disneyland California Adventure Park

Value Season: Generally in January, February, mid-October to mid-November and the first several weeks in December rates are pretty moderate and same rates during the regular season of March through June, excluding mid-April and late August to early October. In this period Disneyland’s resorts offer different pricing and room rates are least expensive in value season.

Annual Pass holders: If you are planning to visit the park for over a week, then purchasing an annual pass to Disneyland is the best way to plan an inexpensive trip to Disneyland as all passholders get great discounts on various stuffs.

Special Packages: Disneyland offers its visitors special discount packages and once these offers are available they are listed on the Disneyland website keep on checking there for latest offers on rooms and tickets.

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