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Best places to see and stay in Liberia

Best places to See and Stay in Liberia

Liberia, the once beautiful and tourist friendly country, is now trying to get back to normalcy. After being torn apart by the civil war, the peace accord of 1996 has brought in some stability in the region. As a result, tourists – starting with business & solo travellers – have started visiting Liberia.

While there is a bit of war left in the remote regions of the country, Liberia can still make a great holiday destination thanks to its picturesque landscapes, friendly and hospitable people and amazing rainforests. This article will help you with the best places to see and stay in Liberia –

Best places to see in Liberia

Liberia has a lot to offer to its tourists, starting with the Sapo National Park. The Sapo National park is home to huge African elephants, leopards, zebras, Liberian mongooses, African fish eagles, African golden cats, African civets, and Liberia’s national symbol…the Pygmy hippopotamus. Sinoe River and Putu Mountains surround Sapo National Park from all sides.

Sapo National park, Liberia
Wherever you stay in Liberia, do visit Sapo National park at least once. This is one of the best places to see in Liberia.

National Museum of Liberia is in the capital city of Monrovia, and displays cultural artifacts and other historical items depicting Liberia’s heritage. If you are a visitor with any interest in African culture, this becomes a must visit.

If you have time you should also visit Firestone Plantation – the World’s largest rubber plantation. Firestone plantation is just 65 kms from the capital city of Monrovia.

If you want to explore untouched African beaches, look no further than Robertsport. If you surf, do try out this beach because it has three surfing points – Fisherman’s Point, Cotton Trees and Cassava Point.

Surfing in Robertsport Liberia
If you are a surfer you will love the three surfing spots in on of Liberia’s finest beaches – Robertsport, Liberia.

Best hotels to stay in Liberia (for business & pleasure)

If you are travelling to Liberia for business or a vacation, we recommend five top hotels for a safe and sound stay. After all, it is better to pay more and be safe than be sorry later. These hotels are suitable for all kinds of travellers – business & solo and couples.

Hotel #1 – The Cape Hotel, Monrovia

If you are looking for world-class hospitality, comfort and cuisine look no further than The Cape Hotel, Liberia. Businessmen who have stayed at this hotel have rated it the best when it came to friendly atmosphere and cleanliness. The restaurant too is diverse with a large enough menu to keep things exciting for long stays. At the Cape Hotel in Monrovia, besides the staff, the management is very responsive as well. The Internet is free and strong signals reach your room. The breakfast buffet is excellent with a wide variety for all kinds of palate.

Address of The Cape Hotel: Mamba Point, UN Drive, Monrovia 1000, Liberia
The Cape Hotel is best for: Business travellers, solo travellers, families and couples
Room Tips: Rooms in the back building tend to be smaller, rooms in the top floor have better view.

Hotel #2 – Royal Grand Hotel, Monrovia

At the Royal Grand Hotel, the staff really takes pride in what they do and render the best possible service. The rooms are clean and comfortable and there is a lot of choice when it comes to food. The breakfast buffet has found a special mention in many business traveler’s review. There is a beautifully decorated Thai/Japanese restaurant on the 4th floor, which provides enough variety for longer stays at the hotel. The Royal Grand in Monrovia also comes with a coffee shop. If you are a vegetarian you may end up complaining because a few vegetarian travellers have found fault with vegetarian food spread. If you are a smoker, you may not get a smoking room – to smoke you may have to get out of the hotel.

Address of Royal Grand Hotel: 15th Street Sinkor | Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia, Liberia
Royal Grand Hotel is best for: Business travellers, solo travellers and families
Room Tips: Get a room on the first floor for the best WIFI experience, If you prefer better views over better WIFI, go for the third floor

Hotel #3 – Mamba Point Hotel, Monrovia

The business and non-business travellers who have stayed at Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia have always sung praises. The rooms are comfortable and clean which is what one can ask for. The Internet is free and fast, and signal reaches all the rooms equally. As for food, the terrace restaurant in Mamba Point Hotel is excellent and even if you are bored you have the choice of walking to the two other restaurants just outside of the hotel. There is cable TV in each room.

Address of Mamba Point Hotel: UN Drive, Monrovia, Liberia
Mamba Point Hotel is best for: Business & solo travellers
Room Tips: Rooms in the front come with an ocean view, ask for a top floor for a complete view of the beach and the ocean.

Hotel #4 – Bella Casa Hotel & Suites, Monrovia

Location is the best thing about the Bella Casa Hotel – it is situated on the Sinkor Street, the main street in Monrovia. If you request in advance, this hotel provides airport transfers (for a fee) which makes it very convenient. The rooms are large and clean and the hotel staff cater to all kinds of customer whims and fancies. If your business or vacation has brought you to Liberia for a longer stay, this can be the best hotel because of its location – both the supermarket and the Golden Beach are 10 minutes walk away. Some travellers have found the hotel to be dark, so prepare accordingly.

Address of Bella Casa Hotel & Suites: 2nd Street Sinkor, Monrovia 1000, Liberia
Bella Casa Hotel & Suites is best for: Business travellers and solo travellers
Room Tips: Rooms in the back of the hotel tend to be quitter, for longer stays it helps to pay extra and get a better category room

Hotel #5 – Atlantis Beach Hotel, Monrovia

At the Atlantis Beach Hotel, the rooms are large and comfortable. Each room comes with a good, private WIFI connection which makes life of business travellers easy. Most balconies come with a view of the ocean. Food at this hotel is great with plenty of choices, and the fact that the restaurant overlooks the ocean makes it all the more appealing. For business travellers, who tend to stay longer the gym comes in handy. If you need to speak to the hotel owners, you can find them at the bar every evening listening to their customers and fixing things around.

Address of Atlantis Beach Hotel: UN Drive, Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia
Atlantis Beach Hotel is best for: Business and solo travellers
Room Tips: If ocean view rooms are available go for it, ask for a room in the higher floors if you need more sunlight

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