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Best Dubai holiday packages for family

Best Dubai Packages for Family

It isn’t without reason that Dubai is called the jewel in the Arabian desert. Its mega buildings, man-made islands and huge shopping centers really make it the best family holiday destination. With the Dubai-Europe and the Asia-Dubai sector being really active, there are some amazing Dubai holiday packages for family that are out there in the market.

Though Dubai’s economy started off with oil, now it is based on the huge tourism industry, which flourishes in the city. Over the years Dubai has built so many nice attractions for adults and kids alike that it has become the destination that people are always looking for when it comes to all inclusive family holiday packages. The travel agents haven’t been far enough – they have started to offer the best of Dubai deals these days. In case you have decided to bring your family and kids to Dubai, do keep in mind to try out all of the below mentioned attractions. We assure you that your children will love it.

If you get an amazing all-inclusive Dubai package or you don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Dubai is a place to be with your family – if not for anything, at least for the shopping experience it provides. In fact, Dubai has everything that a man (or woman) needs and can be one stop destination for any kind of family holiday. Don’t believe us? Check the list below.

Here is the list of attractions you need to include in your package to make it the best Dubai Holiday package for family:

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 1: Hatta Mountain Safari

This is an escape into the Arabian wild, which features huge mountains, lush green vegetation, and pristine clear water. Once the thrilling safari is over you and your family and children can head to the ancient fortresses and clay village adjacent. For lunch, no better place than Hatta Fort Hotel.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 2: Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can have a hot air balloon ride in the morning or evening – either way you can enjoy the sun setting or rising in the morning. The views are amazing, even as you float above the sandy dunes of Dubai – with your family if they agree to come with you on the balloon.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 3: Overnight Desert Safari

Your family and kids won’t forgive you if you finish your Dubai Holiday package without a desert safari. The trick is to camp in the night in the deserts in the safety of the Bedouin camps and enjoy the safari either in the night or early morning. Don’t miss the dune bashing – don’t worry! Off-roading on dunes is affectionately called dune bashing. Before you book, check if your all inclusive deal with your resort includes a sumptuous BBQ dinner, a belly dancer and a bit of falconry – all three are a must in a Dubai holiday. You can also do the same desert safari without the overnight stay if you want it to be a bit cheaper.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 4: Dubai Cruise

You can also hire a yacht and go around the Palm Island Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, World Islands and Dubai Marina. The cruises are available on a sharing basis as well, which means they can work out cheap. We assure you the journey will be relaxing and will add a bit of luxury to your holiday package.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 5: Fjords of Musandam

Take a normal vessel to go and visit the Fjords of Musandam. In case you didn’t know, a Fjord is a deep, narrow and elongated sea or lake-drain, with steep land on three sides. The scenery is breathtaking so remember to enjoy it with your family and kids. Of course, you can take your camera along so your friends and relatives back home can also enjoy the glorious looking Fjords. If you are lucky you may even spot a dolphin on the way.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 6: City Tour

Dubai is a real melting pot – both traditional and modern people come together to run the traditional and modern sides of the city. Dubai is a city which is constantly on the move changing each second of the day. Don’t miss the mandatory photo outside Burj Al Arab with your family and children. Make sure a trip to the
Gold souk, Spice souk, Dubai Dancing Fountain and Dubai Mall are included in the deal.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 7: Sharjah City Tour

There is no point coming to Dubai and not visiting Sharjah, the cultural capital of UAE. If you are a cricket fan you know Sharjah too well, but if you aren’t let me tell you that it is only 30 kms from the city of Dubai and well worth visiting with your family and kids since you are anyway on a holiday. Once in the city, do check out the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, try out the Blue Souk, visit the King Faisal Mosque and the Pearl Monument. Because of the transport your travel agent may not include this in your package, but insist and get it included in your all inclusive package.

Best Dubai Packages for Family
Best Dubai Packages for Family

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 8: Aquaventure: Atlantis Park

If you love water this is just the attraction in the world you should visit with family and kids. Amazing water thrills, not just the best in Dubai but the best in the world. Besides sliding down the huge Ziqqurat, you can also go on a river ride of over two km full of rapids – every new turn will be thrilling, as something unexpected will happen.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 9: The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Who doesn’t like aquariums – insist with your travel agent and get this added to your all inclusive package. More than 20 marine life exhibits will lure you away to the world of sea life as you explore the underwater tunnels with nice story telling. The interactive Aqua theatre show is a must for kids.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 10: Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Even if you spend the whole day here, you and your children won’t be able to finish every ride that Yas Waterworld has to offer – about 45 of them. The rides are available up to Level 4 so that every kind of adrenalin junkie can take the test. Four of the rides available here are special, so please make sure you take your kids on them because you won’t get them in any other water park in the world. While you are at it, you can also surf on the world’s largest sheet wave.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 11: Yellow Boat Ride

This is a 90 minutes boat ride for a relaxing experience – it is more of siting on the deck and watching the waters as they flow by or lifting your eyes and experiencing the sights of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the royal palaces and the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 12: Ski Dubai Snow Park

Ski Dubai is a man’s attempt to beat nature and win. In the heat and bustle of Dubai, they have created a sub-zero temperature experience. This exists above the mall of the Emirates and the ski park includes five slopes.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 13: Burj Khalifa SKY (Level 148)

The Burj Khalifa is the Guinness World Record holder for hosting the ‘Highest Observation Deck’ in the world that is on the 148 floor of the building. At a height of 555 meters or 1820 feet you can look down at the whole of Dubai and enjoy. Kids love this experience, so please take them along. In fact, the outdoor terrace of the building is the highest man-made vantage point on Mother Earth.

Dubai Holiday Attraction # 14: Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

Bateaux Dubai is a glass-enclosed boat so you can enjoy the sights and yet can be kept away from the heat. The engrossing cruise on Bateaux Dubai is a very nice way to take in the city from outside in. All the while partaking the freshly prepared gourmet cuisine from the kitchen in the boat. We can assure you that you will feel relaxed and the entertainment on board will also keep you engaged.

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