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Best beer drinking festivals of Germany

Best beer drinking festivals of Germany

Beer festivals are popular around the world but beer festivals of Germany win hands down any day – they are just the best. One can’t discuss beer festivals without mentioning Germany and a trip to Germany is incomplete without attending at least one such festival. Germany is one of the largest brewer of beer and there are brands and tastes to suit all kinds of beer lovers.

It is no surprise then that you will find at least one beer festival going on when you are in Germany. If no, please alter the dates of your travel to Germany to suit one of the best beer drinking festivals of Germany (list shared below).

Before we share with you the best beer drinking festivals in Germany, you should know the art of attending some of the best beer drinking festivals in Germany.

Art of attending German beer festivals

– Be aware that 99% of all beers in Germany only contain water, hops, malt and alter yeast. This is because of a 500 year plus old law that beer only contain these ingredients. European Union removed this law in 1987, but most still follow the rule.

– Be aware that in Germany, it is considered cooler to be drinking craft beer. In recent times microbreweries have exploded in Germany and especially in the Berlin area.

– While Germany produces one third of the World’s beer varieties, they lag behind in beer consumption. While at the beer festival don’t expose your ignorance by going ga-ga about how the Germans drink so much beer.

– Every German pub will have a local beer and a Pilsner available for beer patrons walking in. If you don’t know name of the local beer, don’t ask for a beer by name for you might get a cold stare.

– While the Americans and the English have the same beer glass for all kinds of beers, Germans use different types of glass for different beer. Don’t refuse a beer being offered in Germany just because you didn’t like the glass it is being served in.

– Like in every country, different beer in Germany gets served with different percentage of alcohol content. Be aware of what is the percentage so you don’t get up the next day with a hangover

– In Germany, not all beer is brown. So if response to your request for beer the guy hands you a different colored beer glass, don’t end up saying: “I asked for beer!” For instance, Berliner Weisse is a cloudy, white beer.

– Unlike in USA or India, in Germany…it is OK to drink beer in public. You will look really stupid if you tried to cover your beer in a brown paper before taking a sip in public.

– Since Germans are avid recyclers every beer bottle has a deposit, which can be redeemed. So don’t throw away your beer bottles when you are Germany.

Best beer drinking festivals of Germany


Oktoberfest is the World’s largest beer festival which attracts more than 6 million people annually. Oktoberfest is mother of all beer festivals which lasts for 16 days from late September to first weekend in the October every year since 1810. By each passing year Oktoberfest is getting bigger and better and vibrant and if you don’t want to miss this traditional festival of Germany, do your reservation in advance.


Best known for its endless fun and entertainment for 17 days from the last week of September, Cannstatter Volksfest attracts more than four million beer lovers from around the world each year. Locally known as ‘Wasan’, this festival has a lot more to offer – fun rides such as roller coasters, water coasters and many more which fascinate visitors of every age. The other attraction of this German beer festival is the annual Volksfest parade that goes through the beautiful city streets.


Started in 1997, Berlin Beer Festival is an awesome festival for the people who want to taste beer from all over the world. Though Berlin Beer Festival lasts for three days only its uniqueness makes it one of the best in the world. In this festival one can witness about more than 300 breweries from 90 plus countries offering more than 2000 types of beer.


Freimarkt is the oldest civic fair of Germany after all it was first organized in 1035 A.D. Some things get better with time and that holds true for the beer festival Bremen Freimarkt too. Fun rides, carnival, street party and amazing food make it more than just a beer festival and that’s what attracts more than four million visitors to North Germany. Along with all the rides, food, and beer this festival also has a fantastic market. So when are you going to North Germany for some mouthwatering smoked fish with fine beer, and say “Ischa Freimarkt!”


Locally nicknamed as Berch, Bergkirchweih is an annual Volkfest (beer festival and travelling funfair) which takes place in Erlangen, Germany. Started in 1755, Bergkirchweih is considered to be the 5th season of the year in Erlangen which is quite true because this is the time for fun, dancing, beer, getting lost and being good hosts to more than a million visitors – which is ten times the local population. This authentic beer festival goes on for 12 days.


The Kulmbach Bierwoche is the only beer festival of Germany which is exclusively dedicated to only beer. In this German fest there are no rides, no carnival, no parade – only beer. Started in 1939, Kulmbach beer week takes place in Bamberg region which has the highest concentration of beer manufacturers in the world. Of course it’s not only about beer and drinking. The fest also offers a wide range of food which is mostly meat and sausages. Kulmbach beer week runs for 12 days in from last week of July.


People of Munich really know how to celebrate life to its fullest and their love for beer says it all. Starkbierzeit means “strong beer time” and it justifies its name by all means. Every year when snow melts in Munich and spring arrives, local breweries produce their strongest beer to celebrate the good times and good things in life. Root of this beer fest go back to the time when Paulaner monks who started making an extra strong beer to sustain themselves during the Lenten fast. Started in 1627, Starkbierzeit is held in every March for two weeks.

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