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Best beaches of Australia for families, kids, surfers

Best beaches of Australia for families, kids, surfers

Australia is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. Just so you know Australia has over 10,000 beaches and it will take near 27 years to cover all the beaches. It’s huge, isn’t it? Of course it is.

There are so many beaches in Australia that one can get easily confused while on a beach holiday in Australia. To make it easy for you we have listed down the best beaches in Australia. The idea is to save you some time during your Australian beach holiday by taking you straight to the best beaches available.

This list of the best beaches in Australia is in no particular order. Take a read, and see which Australian beach catches your fancy.

#1 Turquoise Bay Exmouth, Exmouth, Australia

Turquoise Bay is one of the best beaches in Australia. It lures millions of visitors and beach lovers to Australia every year. Turquoise Bay of Australia will give you a paradise like experience. Its large stunning scenic beauty will take you to another world. Beautiful, crystal clear water and fantastic spots on the beach will give you an experience that no other place can offer. You can lose yourself in the laps of these natural surroundings. By the Bay side, there are various activities such as swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

#2 Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Yet again, Whitehaven Beach is one of the best beaches in Australia. Many beach experts consider it the most beautiful beach in Australia. Stretched to an area of 7km on Whitsunday Island, the beach has an exotic appeal. Clear aqua waters and pristine sand of Whitehaven Beach mesmerize every visitor to this Australian beach. The Whitehaven Beach is ranked high as the world’s most eco-friendly beach and hence offers an amazing experience to the folks on their beach vacation. You will forget all your worries when you will see the extremely serene, aquatic beauty of this beach landscape.

#3 Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Named after its perfect, wineglass-shaped curve, Wineglass Bay is a flawless crescent of dazzling white sand and sapphire colored sea set against pink and grey and granite peaks. All these things make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Located in the Freycinet Peninsula, Wineglass Bay is a place worth visiting when you are in Australia. This beach is just three-hour drive away from Hobart and it is a perfect place to spend whole day here. Take your lunch and a bottle of wine for the perfect beach picnic.

# 4 Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

Manly beach is one of the best beaches in Australia. Situated just a 30 minute ferry ride away from Circular Quay, this beach is paradise for surfers. “Only seven miles from Sydney and a million miles from care” that’s is a common saying among the people on Manly and once you are here you will realize why they say so. This delightful beach of Australia is an awesome place for family outing and picnic or just to spend some quality time with friends and family. There are plenty of fun activities to do on the Manly beach such as surfing and diving.

#5 Cable Beach, Australia

Famous for its breath taking natural phenomenon of staircase to the moon, the exotic Cable beach of Kimberley is capable of giving you the most memorable day of your life. Spread across the area of 22 kms the beach has pure white sand and Turquoise water. There are a great number of magnificent things to do at this beautiful beach of Australia. You can have an exciting camel ride during the sunrise or sundown along with your most loved ones. The beach gives a gorgeous and romantic experience of life because of its clear turquoise water at daytime and staircase to moon at the some nights.

#6 Burleigh Heads Beach, Australia

The beach renowned for its surf break, the Burleigh heads is one of the best beaches in Australia and it is mostly famous among the tourists who are taking family holidays. Burleigh heads is best suited for all the surfers and swimmers group of folks. If you are planning to have a family vacation or a trip with your children and family, you shouldn’t go anywhere other than Burleigh Heads. The Burleigh Heads has an adjacent park nearby that makes sure the patron enjoy their stay at the beach. The stunning park offers amazing facilities and comfort to the beach loving tourists. Though this Australian beach is always crowded if as an individual you seek privacy, you can get that as well at Burleigh Heads beach.

#7 Bells Beach, Australia

Located near Torquay in the southern coast of Victoria region, this beach has an international reputation as one of the best surf beaches. The place is amazing and worth visiting either in the water or out. If you are travelling with your family and friends, do not miss out on the fun this beach can offer. The Bells beach is a great spot to watch the local surfers out in the water. In here you can also indulge in a bit of fishing. The best part of Bells Beach is that you are more likely to hear waves and loud speakers than ‘bells’.

So are you planning your Australian beach vacation in 2016 itself? Or will the beach holiday be scheduled for 2017?

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